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  1. "Vanishing Point" was in the Underground schedule at one point (to air with "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry") but had to be removed. We weren't able to get them for the time we wanted them (I think they were already sold?) but possibly sometime later, hopefully.
  2. Hi everyone, I was just made aware of this thread today! Thanks for all the suggestions, they are really great! I'll try to let you know about a few of these... "Beyond The Valley of the Dolls" - one of my favorites, might have some S&P issues with the nudity and stuff but still working on that for sure "El Topo" - would LOVE to play this and "Holy Mountain" -- trying to find distributor and stuff (if there are no S&P issues with this too) "Mom and Dad" is a great suggestion - would love to play this I've also wanted to show "Polyester" - it's probably one of the JW we might able to get away with, content wise...hopefully we can work this one in next year...same with "The Forbidden Zone" "Panic In Needle Park" would be amazing to play, although I think it's good enough for prime! We were trying to see if we could air some of the Andy Warhol films last year - still working on that, maybe I would kill to air "Titicut Follies" or any of the Wiseman stuff (I'm a huge fan) - those might be good for prime too, actually... "Fritz The Cat" was originally in the schedule for this season but we had to take it out due to S&P issues. I think "Last House on the Left" was as well, and was taken out for the same reason. "Black Sunday" is a great suggestion - it played once in Imports about six years ago and I would love to have it for Underground. Also, we're showing "Reefer Madness", "Marijuana", and "The Cocaine Fiends" all together in May for Underground so stay tuned! Thanks everyone for the suggestions -- keep 'em coming!!
  3. Hi there, Love "Blood Feast"! We've always wanted to air Herschell Gordon Lewis movies on Underground - I think there might be S&P issues, however, with a lot of them. Still maybe trying to work that out for the future... Thanks!
  4. hello...hello? anyone here?
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