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  1. There is also a documentary. She was a private person, but not a recluse. She had friends and family visit and would sometimes be spotted out shopping or walking.
  2. So sad to hear this. I’ve used this picture as my avatar for a long time mostly for Jean Seberg but Belmondo will be missed.
  3. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” Ok, maybe I shoe-horn that in when not exactly appropriate, but still, it’s a favorite of mine.
  4. This might be the dumbest post I’ve ever read.
  5. Rear Window is my pick. The Birds is a personal favorite but I know it isn’t his best. I think I’ve seen all his films except perhaps some early silent work as he was my first serious interest in film as he must be for so many.
  6. I watched it last night. It was fine, Dreyfus was fine but I didn’t buy them as a couple. The little girl was the best part. I’m sure I have seen most of it before, but I don’t think I ever sat thru it from beginning to end. It does surprise me he won an Oscar for it.
  7. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Mr. Hanks. I mean he does have a couple Oscars for Best Male Actor to comfort him. With the right role, writer and director he can be great but all too often he is in crap. For every Saving Private Ryan there is a Joe vs. The Volcano.
  8. I always see John Wayne as John Wayne in almost every role. Jimmy Stewart, Tom Hanks, and a few more are the same. It’s not really a criticism for me as I am huge fans of all of them but it takes a special role for me to get lost in the character they are playing. What film would you say John is the most unlike John Wayne?
  9. Watch the last 15 minutes of Captain Phillips. He can act, but most of his roles only require him to act like himself. Like John Wayne did.
  10. For me, it’s probably The Blues Brothers. It played on WGN all the time and I probably have seen it 20 or more times.
  11. There were a couple posts recently asking why TCM doesn’t show many of Robert’s intro’s so I thought this might be of interest. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/afi-launches-virtual-gallery-of-robert-osbornes-tcm-intros-exclusive
  12. While you wait for TCM to do another film class, this fills the void nicely: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/literature/21l-011-the-film-experience-fall-2013/
  13. I’m not sure that fits the more sophisticated image that I think TCM tries to cultivate. I have a strong nostalgia for going to the drive-in and still try to attend our last theater nearby once or twice a year. I even have a drive-in speaker and stand rigged up to play those cheesy ads that would play between features. I just don’t think it would be a fit for TCM.
  14. Not bad for his first film. He was a film critic and thought he could do better. I think it is also his best film but there are a few I haven’t yet seen.
  15. I think this is one of the reasons some young people are put off by older films. Being B&W or silent is their first reason (or excuse), but the acting plays a role (pun intended). After Brando and the whole Actor’s Studio movement changed the craft, some older film acting looks almost campy in comparison.
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