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  1. HBO Max has some classic content curated by TCM. It’s not as good as the full channel, but I doubt it will ever be offered as a standalone service https://www.hbomax.com/hub/classics-curated-by-tcm
  2. Awesome! I have been debating buying the blu-ray of this and am happy to see it on TCM along with the films. In this documentary, Mark does not do much if any of the narration so that should be good news for all those with a problem with his voice.
  3. I think all the TCM hosts are great. Alicia is the real deal and if you read her books or listen to her Podcasts I think anyone would agree. Robert will always be missed and will never be replaced but I think the team in place right now is terrific.
  4. So, does anyone ever respond to messages in these technical forums or is it just for show?
  5. I posted a message in the General Discussion forum and then remembered this forum existed. Safari used to work fine with the old forums but does not work well now. Most things need to be double-clicked and occasional preview windows show up with a single click. Chrome on IOS works as expected as far as I can tell from what little I tested.
  6. I wondered the same thing. Chrome on iPad behaves much better than Safari, but Safari used to work just fine here. As a programmer myself, I’m all too aware that writing web pages that work perfectly on all browsers can be a challenge but I thought the modern frameworks had solved most of those issues.
  7. Can the layout be tightened up a bit too? Lots of empty space and only 5 forums fit on a page now where there were probably a dozen before.
  8. Is anyone else having difficulty navigating the forums since the change? I always use my iPad and find that simply clicking a forum or a message isn’t enough and I have to click again. On messages, a single click will sometimes bring up a small preview screen of the message. I never had these issues before. I even had to double-click the Start New Topic button to post this. Is it just me?
  9. You need to have an account with a cable or satellite service provider.
  10. I don’t use the two words interchangeably. I don’t like to think I am being pretentious when I say film vs. movie. I will say film when I think something is a more serious or well-regarded work. Calling “Citizen Kane” a movie seems to trivialize it. If I say “my father was a great man”, is that the same as “my dad was a great guy”?
  11. I don’t think they marketed this film very well. My wife is a big Garland fan and was surprised to hear it was “now playing” during a commercial last night. While at the same time we have known about Downton Abbey for months and I would guess there is a lot of crossover in those audiences. It’s a shame as I hear Renee gives quite a good performance.
  12. What I think this will focus on is having characters with disabilities being portrayed by actors with those disabilities. I know of a couple recent examples with deaf actors playing deaf characters in movies. It’s a thorny topic in many ways. I think it’s a great aspiration for a film maker to do this as I doubt there are many parts available to a disabled actor depending on their situation.
  13. Thanks! It looks like the dates slipped a week from their earlier plans.
  14. The Documentary Genre forum is a bit of a ghost town so I thought posting here would get more notice. Just a heads up that this doc is playing tomorrow (Monday 9/23). The IBDB page lists about 65 cast members but I find no ranking which seems strange for a 2018 film. “An investigation into the way media portrayals impact the actual inclusion of people with disabilities in society.” is the description. TCM has programmed several films to go with the documentary for 9/23 and 9/30.
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