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  1. thanks to the moderator for merging the other two threads. Judging by the responses I'd venture to say this move is not being received enthusiastically. Also appears that TCM is either not listening to it's subscibers nor providing much information. Thanks for the responses as it seems I am not alone in my disatisfaction regarding TCMs decision.
  2. I've been a longtime subscriber to the guide and just received notification that it is ending in August 2017. Subscribers will be reimbursed in a pro rated manner. In it's place TCM will be sending an email link to an online one. Some of us, like me, like to thumb through the small booklet while saving some of the pages as I did with Robert OsBorne's write-ups. Going to a computer and then have to print a weekly schedule or other pages is not only inconvenient but get's expensive with the price of printer cartridges these days. Unfortunately, I don't have a cell phone that is glued to my
  3. way to many to list but here is a recent acquisition;
  4. I'm sure you have found the answer to this by now but just in case; The ones you get In Person are the best ones BUT don't necessarily trust someone saying they got it in person. EBay is the worse place as they have more forgeries and non authentic ones on the planet. As a former member of their fraud unit it goes without saying that well over 80% are fakes. They aren't the only ones as the list goes on and on. Even reputable places screw up so always make sure you check the "guarantee". You have to do your own homework or trust places that have extensive exemplars. Will those places be
  5. An authentic one sold at heritage auction for $3250.00
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