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  1. I hope that "Summer Under The Stars" can encompass Fay Wray in an all day tribute...it would be fitting.
  2. I believe that the official title for this song is The Kashmiri Song. It's on a CD called "Hollywood Sings: Stars of The Silver Screen" on the label ASV Living Era.
  3. tcmprogrammer - Any chance that we'll see the restored reels to Gold Diggers of Broadway on TCM when the other Diggers movies are shown on 6/21?
  4. I agree about listing the shorts in the schedule, classicsstarlets. I've been taping TCM specifically in between movies just in case. Would you be interested in selling your Vitaphone shorts laserdisc set to me?
  5. I think studios should start with re-releasing all the stuff that was on laserdisc that never was available on VHS. There are some great laserdisc-only box sets that are now very hard to find like the Vitaphone and MGM short collections, Dawn of Sound, and the Jolson and Garbo collections. I heard the Jazz Singer (the original) is still scheduled to be released on DVD, but no date is known. The same is true with Gold Diggers of 1933. Both will include bonus clips - Singer will have Jolson's first long-lost Vitaphone short, and Diggers will have recently restored previously lost footage
  6. I forgot the title but it was with The Duncan Sisters. The first sequence had a song about graduation, then the second part of it looked like a reworking of their Topsy and Eva minstrel act.
  7. It would be nice if TCM would have a regular program of Vitaphone shorts. As it is, they're on at odd times between movies. Does anyone have either of the Vitaphone short Laserdisc box sets that were out some years ago? They're VERY hard to find...I'd love to have volume 2 especially. I hope the set will be re-released on DVD.
  8. Well, the short was starring the Duncan Sisters - Rosetta and Vivian. It might be one of them you mean.
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