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  1. Water, jarhfive. I remember water pistols during the downpour when DAMMIT Janet and Brad hold the newspapers over their heads. Mind you, this was ages ago in a galaxy far far away. I was oldish at the time...maybe 30-ish....and went with my brother and his girlfriend. This brother thought the 'it's only a flesh wound' scene of one of the Monty Python movies was the funniest thing since sliced bread, so although I adored MP, I was hesitant on RHPS since I thought my brother 'out there'. I ended up loving it, although I never did go again. I never knew there was a phenomena until I saw i
  2. Oh Geniebeanie, that is a great story! Did you get your 'A'? john, thanks for sharing. Yes, isn't this a great group? Freewheeling and not subject to censorship from the moderators.
  3. Oo oo oo.......why indeed? I'm curious john, if you wouldn't mind sharing, what age group you are in? 25-30, 40-45, you don't have to be specific, if you don't care to be. I'm 56 and loved, loved, loved it. Tim Curry looked better in makeup than I do, and I almost cried at "I'm Going Home". Loved the theater experience (only went once) when the audience yelled at the guy doing the time warp: Get A Neck, plus many other unprintable phrases. Hmmm, maybe I am sappy, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, so much so that I got the soundtrack.......and the VHS......and the book.
  4. Nooooooo..........Rocky Horror had a sequel?? I am soooo glad I have never seen it and never will. Geniebeanie, did you ever go to one of those midnight showings where the audience acted along with the actors? What fun. Oh, and as to the question, it always pleases me to say, over and over again, Sound of Music.
  5. What a hoot that movie was, surlyc! It was You Never Can Tell and is on my list somewhere of movies I'd like TCM to show. I have it partially taped from 'used to be good' AMC. Peggy Dow was the actress -- she and Dick were amazingly good as animals reincarnated as people. A user in imdb agrees with me: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0044223/
  6. That is an interesting observation, ayresorchids. By the way, what a steamy topic for these boards! On continuing to think about this, it occurred to me that I found Astaire asexual. On the other hand, I found Gene Kelly and his dancing to be completely and utterly erotic. Funny. I wonder, has anyone done a thesis on this? Sounds like a good topic.
  7. deborahwakid11, compared to ANYTHING opening recently, Plan Nine From Outer Space is akin to Gone With The Wind. And you make another good point. As much as I didn't see sex appeal in Fred, so what? He provided another service. His dance scenes with Ginger were pure poetry. His rendition of 'Heaven' was lovely. The dance with the feathers flying all over the place was wonderful. So, I apologize to Fred. You were as important to cinematic history as Charlie Chaplin, and at least I can watch your movies.
  8. moviejoe79, for me, as I said, I liked the Fred and Ginger movies, but they were always ABOUT Fred. I never got the impression they were anything but a showcase for him. I think back and the only other actor who stood out was Edward Everett Horton. Yes, he was indeed a delight, but they seemed to be a vehicle for Fred. Weren't they? As to him being a good ladies man, nah, he seemed to be full of himself. His head was too big. And he had no, zero, zip sex appeal. I'd rather have gone with Edward Everett Horton than Fred, and I didn't find EEH attractive. As to smoking, I loved it when
  9. How funny, brackenhe. I heard all my life how my father hated Ginger Rogers! Wonder what caused this dislike? I like her, and enjoy watching the two of them, but don't love their movies, no. And yes, Astaire was never believable as a ladies man.
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