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  1. Gottagetmynameontop, gottagetmynameontop, Mustgetmynameontop, mustgetmynameontop.
  2. Sorry, Snarfie, didn't get to your post 'till just now. Nicely sized -- but I want one 6 feet high, with my head put in place of Joan's. Yes, you can delete whichever you need to. Thanks again for all of the pics of my hunk boyfriend.
  3. Thank you, talkietime, your explanations are quite clear and helpful. The Panasonic DMR-ES35VS is the one I will be getting. A thing I never realized -- DVDs of shows are waaaay expensive! The X-Files is, well, out there! Thanks again.
  4. Tully Marshall? My Tully Marshall, whom I first cottoned to in Ball Of Fire?? How funny that you recognize him, jdb1. And welcome back! Still more funny -- all of the birthdays are of the 'type' that I like, a la Warren William or Basil Rathbone, tall, thin, Roman nose -- Arliss, Von Sydow and Marshall all.
  5. Birdy, sounds like you too are a neophyte. talkietime, can I assume that 'chasing playback' means that the Panasonic DMR-ES35V can --play DVDs, in addition to --record to DVDs from television, and --convert to DVDs from already taped VHS tapes. CNET did not give the ES35V as good a rating as the ES30V, but the ES30V is nowhere to be found. I can't find it in the writeup, but can VHS tapes also be played via this machine? Thank you.
  6. I can understand that, patful. Similar to the way Laurel and Hardy creep me out (Chaplin is completely off the radar) with their hair prickling dim-wittedness and ickiness with women. Eww.
  7. Absolutely agree about Lizabeth Scott. She is one of my film noir heroes, and I thank her most profusely for her body of work.
  8. Para todos ustedes: Margarita Carmen Cansino http://claudia79.tripod.com/early.html
  9. Wow, I apologize. Still doesn't sound like Fred, whom I assumed had the personality of a coat hanger. But there you go.
  10. That was the one, thanks mongo! I remember a tall blonde coming into the asylum where Lou went by mistake, with a man ahead of her and telling Lou: --he's a pump, pump him; he's a pump, pump him. Lou: all right, I'll pump him. And the guy spits water into his face. They did the Niagara Falls sketch there too. Darn, I love vaudeville. Yes, Costello included a few folks from his movies in his television show. And who knows, they might have been in radio with him too.
  11. Yup, I mentioned them a long time ago somewhere on this site. Not sure if acrobatic tap is what they did, but whatever it was, it was amazing. I was always a big fan of Hines, Hines and Dad as a yout, and loved the dancing step where the dancer leaned forward, all the while dancing like mad. Amazing men.
  12. I bet all kinds of elephants were harmed during the making of this film.
  13. And it gets worse: Breaking News >> Rat Poison Found in Tainted Pet Food http://www.foxnews.com/ So, where does a pet owner go to protest?
  14. Sigh, it's like talking in a vacuum. Yes, filmlover, isn't it just sometimes? There would be less meat left in this thread than a victim of the shark in Jaws. Excellent line, but those of us who hate post 1959 movies have been beaten down by those who respond to each and every posted comment and have finally convinced those of us with a brain to give up. Finally, you are quite correct. Even though I agreed that the Karen Black teevee movie was good, there is just one comment to this person: ---what part of Turner CLASSIC Movies don't you understand? There is enough crap on
  15. Wow, I remember that one, thomasterryjr! That was the one where the little creature with the spear -- a stolen pagan idol of some kind? -- came to life and went after Karen, she of the spooky eyes, and killed her? Creeped me out big time. That and the episode of the Night Gallery, with my beloved Rod Serling, that starred Joan Crawford, who bought the eyes from a poor person in order to see for a night -- and that night happened to be when a blackout occurred! Waaay cool. By the way, putzegirl5 (interesting name), what did you mean by: Surely, with the limited topics TCM is facing.
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