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  1. Bridge and Tunnel? I love it, I've never heard that before. Growing up in Westchester, I'm a faux New Yawker, but having worked there for many years and having driven both the West Side Highway and FDR (couldn't bear the train and subways), I think I earned my stripes! Not sure which movie was on with Gleason, Bronxgirl48. I don't have TCM anymore. However, any older movie with Gleason made me embarrassed for him. I recently saw a number of episodes of That Girl! on TV Land and hoooo boy did that show not stand up to scrutiny. It was nice seeing Ted again and a shame to find out th
  2. No, I don't remember a Horn and Hardart, but I do remember Alexander's. Fondly. I was up near the knitting store whose name I have now forgotten. Got on the bus, went to school, got on the bus, went back home. What a nerd. Bobbie Flay, what a skeeve. Imagine that the lovely blonde lawyer lady from L&O:SVU married him? Ick. My claim to fame, Bronxgirl48, I was thrown off TWoP, twice. The moderators don't like it when you DARE to question their board. Bunch of snot nosed wankers sitting in their rooms. The people are great though, that's why I'm now there under a third...or is it fou
  3. Were you a denizen of Fordham Road? I was in the first year of Lehman College, after it changed its name from Hunter. Great area, just great. In 1968 at any rate. I tore up my AARP invitation, they've gone over to the dark side too in their political affiliation. Had to, I guess, to survive. Yup, been doing some research. Almost landed in The Villages, but figured out that Stepford community was NO place for moi. Not sure what Dinkins did or didn't do. I liked the Seinfeld episode with his blood test and Lloyd Braun.
  4. How funny you say that about Paula Deen. Before she gussied up her hair and married again, she was a pleasant, soft spoken chef with a melifluous Southern accent who prepared some excellent dishes. Now, she has hair up to there, and has ratcheted up the Suthren accent up to warp speed, and brings on her restaurant owning sons to play the cloyingly sweet Momma chef, from what I see when I lunge for the remote when she's on. OMG, now I'm cackling -- I just read your line about Giada. I can't STAND her either, is she just tooooooooo precious or what? And there is no one that I can th
  5. Absolutely. He was brilliant. A man ahead of his time. An underappreciated genius. If he was around today, Borat wouldn't be able to lick the soles of his shoes. Did I mention that I thought he was wonderful?
  6. ....MASTER CHEFS KILL THE OPPONENTS CHANGE THE IMAGE EVERY SECOND BLAST YOUR EARS OFF MEGA-CHALLENGE). That's hysterical. Describes what I see (well not see, just surf on past) not only on the Food Network now (remember when THEY actually had...wait for it...COOKING shows?), but on A&E, BRAVO, HGTV, MTV, et cetera and of course all the networks.
  7. erzbet, when I first got Cablevision, which was then TCI, that's exactly what one of the niche cable channels ran. Molly Goldberg, Burns and Allen, Our Miss Brooks, The Ann Sothern Show, The Joan Davis Show, My Little Margie -- it was heavenly. Of course I didn't think to tape them, oh no. True on a lot of those shows, movieman1957, but not Burns and Allen, imo. The wit still holds up today.
  8. If I had my druthers, I'd go to the Town Theatre, single plex at that, and catch a midnight show of Rocky Horror. The Town Theatre now sits dark, as do Loews and RKO. Bronxgirl48, I paid no more attention to local guys than I do the national politicos, so the only thing I have to thank Rudy for is getting the guys with the filthy rags off my windshield. Ick. Koch I liked. Back in the day, I used to see him lunching at a lot of the same places I did. Yes, Rudy creeps me out too, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. From someone in the know, I have been told that Bloomberg i
  9. Bronxgirl48, I'm still in New Yawk! Cantcha tell? Big time polarization, however it is happening in corporate America (old vs young) so since corporations now own the news media, it's a natural progression that the 'us vs them' tactic is utilized by the news outlets. Yes, PBS will always be Channel 13 to me (and Channel 21 WLIW since I got cable from the crooks at Cablevision) as Channel 9 will always be WOR and Channel 5 will always be WNEW and Channel 11 (my favorite) will always be WPIX. They can put their corporate acronyms where the sun don't shine.
  10. Wow, mrsl, I was thinking Wild Wild West but was very wrong. But in the process of Googling, I found out that Laramie (here I go again) was on the air from 1959-1963 (only 124 episodes!). Okay, now if THOSE episodes are released on DVD, I will out my door like a shot to buy me a DVD player! No WONDER I had to go to bed early and wasn't able to stay up to see Laramie! Look at this picture of Fuller, is he gorgeous or what?? http://www.fiftiesweb.com/tv/laramie.htm Sorry, mrsl, I got distracted in answering your question, but I bet someone else can. Phew, is it hot in h
  11. Leo???? My beloved Rumpole and I? Awwwww. And grumpy old Fred Mertz? Cool. Phew, missed George Brent...ewww...by that much. And yeah, I guess I'll have to be content with Jerry. Pat Nixon, too, the poor soul.
  12. Mine too, mongo. I dislike the one with Howdy Doody and as good as Gary Sinise is, I don't like the New York one. I'm surprised they haven't come out with a CSI:Mars yet.
  13. The Saint and The Prisoner, what fun. But replete with commercials, I bet? And therefore edited, I bet? Simon Jones was on the E! Masterpiece Theatre retrospective that PBS programmed during its pledge week recently, and he sliced and diced BBC America to pieces. So there's another station I don't miss not having. I do so love McGoohan and Moore in those shows. White ball, see that I thought it was an orange ball. Isn't Greta amazingly annoying? She had her eyes done but literally speaks out of both sides of her mouth. Channel 5, the former WNEW in New York, this week celebrat
  14. I liked that episode too, Mythoughts. But I also liked the Richard Widmark (remember how Lucy said the name, reading it from the shrivelled grapefruit?) episode, and he wasn't cuddly or endearing or particularly handsome, imo, either. Different actors and actresses appeal to different people differently.
  15. Nooo, not for me. I like cynics. I just never found him endearing or his range wide enough. Plus, I never liked his looks.
  16. I agree. He leaves me cold. I look at his pictures and my impression is: meh.
  17. Hollis, when I had TCM, as now, the only other channels I watch are BRAVO ONLY when it programs reruns of Six Feet Under, as the rest of the channel's programming is garbage. That and wherever X-Files happens to be playing, SciFi or TNT. That's it. Oh, and the GEICO caveman commercials.
  18. I am sorry to see you go. Whether TCMadmin does anything about it remains to be seen.
  19. BrendanSpencer, there are now two threads devoted to the spamming being done by this individual. This is deplorable. I hadn't noted that she called johnm001 a 'moron' on the Julie Andrews thread, and I hope he has reported her. Time for a moderator on this board, I think.
  20. You're welcome, mrsl. And now this thread will be spammed to show what an innocent victim she is. Time for a moderator, for sure.
  21. And more from that thread: Well I used to have mixed feelings about JA until some moron started a JA thread and started shoving stupid photos down our collective throat. Nice post by our board innocent. And when the real victim here retaliated, all hell broke loose. Time for a board moderator, for sure.
  22. Good idea that you reported the spamming. I see from the comments to you on the JulieAndrews thread that even you have come under attack. Interesting that 'lowlife' and 'idiot' are not the only words that have been used by this person. Well I used to have mixed feelings about JA until some moron started a JA thread and started shoving stupid photos down our collective throat.
  23. Good luck with getting your computer fixed, bobhopefan1940, if that is possible.
  24. That might be it (his ickiness with kids), pktrekgirl, but he just did not look like a nice guy to me. I felt the same way whether he was on variety shows or in the movies. As to his kids, since one (or more?) of them committed suicide, and since they sincerely seemed to be agonized when I saw interviews with them, I would put my money on the side of the kids, not the father. I think Bing had NPD, and was quite adept at appearing the nice guy for those who were not creeped out by him. Good intuition, pktrekgirl.
  25. I agree, Pktrekgirl. I never did like Bing, and could NOT see his appeal to the ladies when Bob was around, but I did appreciate that Bob held his own in the Road pictures and that was none of the awful putdowns that were so rampant in the Stooges, L&H or A&C pictures. I thought Bob was infinitely sexier, smoother and far more clever than Bing, who always gave me the heebie jeebies. THEN I read what his sons had to say about him and was gratified that my instincts were correct. As to Bob, if My Favorite Brunette is the movie where he is the baby photographer, MissGoddess, that
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