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  1. Borat: vait, who is dis trolly troll? I Borat of sum made uppin country, vant to know who dis poopy headed trolly troll is. I Borat who speakin of de poopy butt smelling at de Globen Golden vant to know who iz diz trolly troll and vy she haz not apolgogizen. SB: Trolly Troll is a little sad person with no schooling or means of support who stays on the Internet all day and copies and pastes long boring articles that no one reads and insults people and if they don't like being insulted this trolly troll acts all huffy and insulted and effeminate and cries in the corner and posts trolly troll
  2. Ach du lieber, schotzy nincompoopy **** missy trolly troll. STILL no apology????? Make mit der apology, trolly troll. Leesen to Borat, Borat ees idiot and eeeven Borat, he vant you to apologize, missy trolly troll.
  3. Mein got, Madame ****, still nein apology? Der Borat und der Katzenjammer kids vould be asha-med of yout, yout trolly troll. Holy spaetzle und sauerkraut, troll, apologize and be done mit it. Pathetic trolly troll.
  4. And STILL no apology. Sad little troll, with no job and no life. Other than copying and pasting, copying and pasting. How sad.
  5. Since this board betters suits your stupidity, I'll ask here from now on: apologize yet? Your name won't be at the top of this thread, troll.
  6. That's enough, Cinemascope. I won't PM a troll and you know it. See my post to newclassicfilmfan, who has asked that I be the bigger of us and leave. I hope everyone realizes what a piece of filth you are and are duly diligent against you. I wish them well. You still owe the posters an apology, don't forget that.
  7. There is no 'off-line' with a troll. But no problem, newclassicfilmfan, I'll be happy to be the adult and leave Cinemascope to his/her/it's postings on this thread. Sadly, not too many other people on this board want to call out Cinemascope for her/his/it's foul posts, but so be it. Whatever is behind the keyboard that is Cinemascope is a gutless human (I am assuming it is not a computer) who is happy to copy and paste inane articles and insult posters at will, then feigning innocence and posting moronic smiley faces. I've proved my point this morning, that whatever is Cinemasc
  8. Once Cinemascope apologizes to those sheit has insulted, yes that should be the purpose of this board. Instead, sheit chooses not to apologize to those sheit has insulted.
  9. Come on, Einstein, T#2 did it, so can you. Come on, apologize to those you've insulted. Just don't keep doing the moronic copying and pasting, even a trained chimp can do that.
  10. Come on, troll sheit, apologize. If T#2 can do it, so can you. Come on, be a good hermaphrodite, and apologize.
  11. Wow, good for you, troll number two. See that, troll number one, if excrement can apologize, so can you. Now off you go, troll number two, back under your rock. COME ON, troll number one, if troll number two can do it, so can you. Come on -- mrsl, Mr Dash, Dewey, klondike -- they are ALL waiting for your apology. Bye, troll number two, don't let the door hit you in the backside.
  12. Guess you missed the part about going overboard, eh genius? Still no apology? Tick, tock, coward.
  13. sheit isn't interested in posting pertinent facts. Sheit is simply interested in flooding the board with sheit's posts, as all good trolls do. Sheit still owes quite a few posters an apology, by the way, and is copying and pasting useless lengthy facts instead of being a decent human being.
  14. Bye, troll. Leaving without an apology, Mr. Birthday boy? How cowardly of you. Typical, but cowardly nonetheless. What can one expect from a piece of excrement, though.
  15. Perhaps Borat can apologize for you, troll?
  16. And you're sure to find it. Apolgize yet?
  17. WOW, congrats, troll, that's one of your longest inane cut and pastes yet! Apologize yet? Tick, tock.
  18. Is that your apology, troll? Still waiting, troll? Your friend troll number two has left, it's only you left who needs to apologize. Hey, maybe you can apologize on his behalf.
  19. Nope, nice try, troll. All everyone will remember is your lack of courtesy and decency and your continued insulting of members and your cowardly feigning of innocence and your refusal to apologize to those you have wronged. Nice try, though. Then again, you're not too bright, so you figured you'd give some redirection a shot. Been done by those smarter than you for years and years. Too bad you don't have the intelligence to have carried it off. Notice how troll number two has gone back under the rock without an apology? If YOU are not going to apologize to those you've insu
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