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  1. Tick, tock, still waiting for your apology. What on EARTH is it you do for a living? No school, no job. How DO you earn the money to pay for your internet connection? Coward.
  2. Bartlett! By the way, it's 'you're' Einstein. Cat got your tongue? Awwwwwwwwwwww, did widdle stoney hurt the feewings of da widdle Bartwett? Poooooooooooooooooooooor widdle Bartwett. You mean only YOU can insult people, you piece of excrement, with no regard to THEIR feelings, you piece of bat guano? You owe mrsl an apology. Come on, excrement troll, you can't crawl back under your rock before you give your apology. That's even too cowardly for a cowardly little excrement troll, isn't it, Mr. Birthday Boy? No, thought not. Pathetic cowardly troll.
  3. That's right, there was no need for you and Bartlett to make dozens upon dozens of hateful, vitriolic posts. Now make your apologies and crawl back under your rock, troll.
  4. No problem. You need only read to sometime this a.m., when Bartlett insulted mrsl and refuses to apolgize for it. As to Cinemascope, sheit (not sure what it is, since it never shares personal information, as a troll is not wont to do) has insulted so many posters I have lost count -- mrsl, klondike, Dewey, Mr Dash, etc. And yet the troll that is Cinemascope isn't a decent enough human being to apologize, sheit just continues to flood the board with inane posts and cuts and pastes and smiley faces, as if they will ameliorate the harm sheit has done. Once in a while, I like to stand
  5. Still waiting for the apology troll.
  6. Still waiting for the apology troll.
  7. Thank you for what, twister? Did sheit offer up an apology? Did I miss something? You think the TROLLS are wonderful folks?
  8. Make your apology, troll, and crawl back under your rock.
  9. Well said, troll. Now make your apologies and crawl back under your rock.
  10. And since neither of the trolls has the decency to offer up their apologies, the crickets can be heard in the room. Looks like the board is yours, twister. So happy to have proved my point.
  11. Waiting for your apology on the other thread, troll. Put down your keyboard and go apologize. Coward.
  12. Quite understandable, and if you look around, you will see how the troll ruins it for others and then feigns innocence. I for one am tired of the ploy by these two (and counting) trolls. When they insult posters as part of their vomit, I take offense. Cinemascope owes an apology to mrsl, Mr Dash and countless others. Bartlett via this thread owes an apology to mrsl. Neither is decent enough to do so.
  13. Just make your apologies and that will be that, troll.
  14. No need for an apology to me, they are as nothing to me.........Cinemascope has longstanding apologies to many posters and Bartlett has an apology owed to mrsl.
  15. You had enough of me? Good, apologize to mrsl, and then go back under your rock.
  16. Sure, as soon as Bartlett apologizes to mrsl.
  17. My, my, so troll number two is outpacing troll number one. Hey troll number one, your name isn't on the top of the thread. Hurry! Hurry! Find some ignorant article to copy and paste! Quickly!
  18. No, I was more clever than that, troll number two. You're using the word, I did not. Sad, cowardly, ignorant little pile of excrement.
  19. How do you trolls make a living? Troll number two, do you steal your Mommy's SS check too? Oh, that's right, no personal information from the trolls. Otherwise OTHER trolls might use it against them. Sad, cowardly little piles of excrement.
  20. And justly deserved, excrement. Tick, tock, still waiting for your apology to mrsl. Thanks for proving today that you're not Mr. Happy Birthday poster, you're just a dirty little troll.
  21. Be right back, play with yourself while I'm gone. Tick tock, still waiting for those apologies, board trolls number one and two, excrements most foul.
  22. Awwwwwwwwww, come on, don't you want to see your name on top?
  23. Hurry.........what is the term you came up with, Einstein sheit???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  24. copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste copy/paste, copy/paste
  25. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh, do you have a better one, Einstein? Let us hear it? Tick, tock, tick, tock. Thought not, you're not bright enough.
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