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Everything posted by deeanddaisy666

  1. Wow, such a nice thing to say from the board Birthday troll. Tsk, tsk, think all the posters will see what an excrement you are, board troll number two?
  2. Hurry, sheit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hey troll number two, why don't you apologize to mrsl while you vomit up your posts? Oh, that's right, you won't because you are excrement and troll number two. Troll number one STILL hasn't apologized for sheit's insults. Guess that's a feature of trolls, eh? Made of excrement AND having no decency.
  4. Wow, thanks troll number two. That didn't take any time at all.
  5. Yes, troll number two, help keep the sheit's name on top of the thread.
  6. No matter, you chose to use my birth date against me in this thread. Try and talk around that one, none too bright troll number two. Sorry, still ranks in the stalker-ish category. Keep it up, though, just keep proving to all who thought you were a real person that you are really one of the long list of troll ids.
  7. Hurry, more copying and pasting, threads are waiting for your name!
  8. So glad you liked the movie. Do some more copying and pasting, thankfully it doesn't require too much grey matter.
  9. Thanks, sheit, what would this board do without your inane ability to copy and paste?
  10. Wow, thanks stalker for looking that up. Nothing stalker-ish about you. Wow, was that supposed to be clever re the excrement, board excrement? Nope, not even close. Try again.
  11. Hey Dewey, you keeping track? Sheit just might break the 10K number by sheit's namesake day!
  12. Wow, perhaps you can get out of your bathrobe and get some kind of work in IT? Since you learned how to use a computer in grade school, you might be able to do something to earn a living. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. Wow, sheit continues to cut and paste. At least sheit knows how to use a computer.
  14. Wow, sheit once again cuts and pastes. Is that a review that you admire, failed film critic?
  15. Ask the stalker, sheit. Maybe he has the year too. If you could read, you'd remember my age. But, since you're a moron, you won't. Perhaps the stalker can update you. So this is the level of your posts now? Stalking me along with your fellow troll? None too bright, are you?
  16. Birthdays of the STARS, you pathetic little piece of board excrement, not the posters birthdays. You are filth indeed and an almost stalker to boot. No matter, you piece of excrement, the fact that you DARE to use my birthday against me only proves that you are filth beyond this board's wildest imaginings and one of the filthiest, most heinous trolls on here. However, your troll friend sheit is making a good case to share that dubious honor along with you. So don't even try to throw up the good intentions of the Birthday thread to ameliorate your filthy post, you abominable pie
  17. Bartlett, troll number two, I'm still astounded that you remembered my birthday. Seriously, troll, do you write DOWN all this information, thinking you can use it AGAINST a person some day? How pathetic ARE you trolls, anyway? My god, little boy, you are one sick puppy, keeping track of a person's birthday. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you make one want to take a hot shower with a coarse brush. Too bad the troll hunter has left the building, you are soooooooooo proving that you are the first and best troll here, it is amazing. NOT your intention, I am sure, since you are not very bri
  18. Wow, thanks for that update, failed film critic. Where did you copy and paste that from?
  19. Poor Marlon Brando. I've love to see what he'd do to you two trolls.
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