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  1. The Red Shoes is a fantastic film. My father took us to see it when we were kids. I own a great book callled The Red Shoes Ballet, A Critical Study By Monk Gibbon from 1948. It's a great find if anyone locates a copy. 95 pages of critical study and behind the scenes stills!
  2. Speilberg's Night Gallery episode "Eyes" is great. I have it on VHS. I think you can rent it! Speilberg's COLUMBO is a good one as well...
  3. edgecliffd I have Blite Spirit on DVD already. Perhaps the one coming out will be higher quality then the Image Entertainment 1998 version I have.
  4. I worked on a movie about Ray Charles last year with Jamie Foxx playing Ray. Should be coming out in a few months helmed by Taylor Hackford. Looks good and wow what a great pianist Jamie is in real life.....
  5. I'd pick a few All American Gals: Joan Leslie Jeanette MacDonald Ella Raines
  6. Picked up a few yesterday!!! Ths Spanish Main Fallen Angel Kidnapped
  7. Must have been sleeping about big sleep...(oops) How about Passage to Marseille?
  8. I have to hand it to Micheal Curtiz for being quite the perfectionist in every genre imaginable. You gotta love: Adventures of Robin Hood Casablanca Yankee Doodle Dandy The Sea Hawk The Big Sleep Angels With Dirty Faces Captain Blood Dodge City Mildred Pierce The Egyptian and how many others? What a wide range of knowledge and vision it took to capture so many different genres. He was able to finish a western on a Friday and start a pirate epic on a Monday!
  9. Foreign Correspondent always makes me laugh. Even though it's an important film. Rebecca and Spellbound are also favorites of mine. I like the deep involvement and psychology behind the films.
  10. My Favorite: Only Angels Have Wings Topper Arsenic and Old Lace Bringing Up Baby Mr. Lucky The Bishop's Wife Gunga Din Sylvia Scarlett
  11. Found a few good movies today! The Iron Curtain 1948 Susan and God 1940 Salty O'Rourke 1945 The Nuns Story 1959 Hudson's Bay 1941
  12. Funny trivia from IMDB During filming, several of the crew complained that Tallulah Bankhead was not wearing underwear. This was apparent to them when she climbed in and out of the lifeboat. When told of the situation, director 'Hitchcock, Alfred' replied "I don't know if this is a matter for the costume department or the hairdresser."
  13. It's hard to believe people can forget the Director to win the 1st Academy Award for Best Director, but you are quite right. Columbia Studios was pushing the envolope in the 1930's when the TWO FRANKS were on the lot! Frank Capra and Frank Borzage...
  14. How about spicing it up with your favorite Hitchcock? Had to look at Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night just to compare it with the remake with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Forgot what a gas it is! I'm sure everyone can reveal a favorite Hitchcock again....
  15. I doubt anyone could not notice Frank Borzage's work, especially with those 2 Academy Awards for Best Director! Don't forget Moonrise from 1948 with Gail Russell. Hitting film noir hard.........
  16. Finally got a decent copy of Centennial Summer yesterday. Linda Darnell was such a FOX!
  17. Brief Encounter is wonderful. Great Expectations was quite the follow up to that masterpiece.
  18. Wyler was quite the craftsman. I also enjoyed The Heiress and The Desperate Hours. I've always admired Wyler for waiting for the availability of Director of Photography Gregg Toland on several projects. Wyler was also repsponsible for bringing John Huston into the Warner Bros. spotlight during Jezebel, which was odd because he was on loan out to Warner Bros. from Goldwyn. Wyler was again loaned out to direct The Letter, but was Toland couldn't shoot it because he was busy with The Grapes of Wrath and The Long Voyage Home. There are still stories today of how many takes he used to shoot, but whatever happened he made great pictures and is one of my favorites!
  19. The Unseen is a great Gail Russell movie. Thank God I have it on VHS. I just picked up Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Calcutta, and Moonrise on VHS today! Down To Earth with Rita Hayworth just came out on DVD also!!
  20. musclephoto2. Did you ever meet Rita Hayworth? If you met Harry Cohn in 1953, then you must have been at least 18, which led me to believe you were 75 years old. I'm 34, so I couldn't have met Cohn, but I always wished I met Rita. Since I work in the industry I meet a lot of movie stars, but it's tough to compete with Rita Hayworth. Have you heard about Rita and Astaire rehearsing in the Fire Station on DeLongpre and Cahuenga in Hollywood. There are stories of them getting in late night rehearsals on the 1st Floor. Of course Columbia Studios was just down the block and Rita knew the area because her dad's studio was two blocks north on Selma.
  21. musclephoto2: Sounds like you have some insight. Was it at the UCLA archives on Santa Monica and Cahuenga in the basement that you found these files, or had access to? Or perhaps the Acedemy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences building on La Cienga? You must be at least 75 years old to have more Hayworth knowledge than this 34 year old. While I was on the set during interviews with James Hill, Jack Lemmon, and Frank Langella there wasn't any mention of the Pal Joey, so I can't dispute what you have read in Production Reports that Unit Production Managers budgeted on that film. I still have lots to learn, and I'm willing to hear new information about Rita Hayworth. Seems like you have had some first hand. I'll always treasure a conversation I had with Robert Mitchum about Hayworth. I'm sure there are still stories of how Eduardo Cansino treated Rita when he had his Dance Studio on Selma Ave. and I'm aware that Leaming's book has had it's share of controversy. However, it's still a wealth of information and documented very well.
  22. They just finished shooting the sequel to "Get Shorty" and it's called "Be Cool"..........
  23. My WWII List: Casablanca 13 Rue Madeleine Brief Encounter Twelve O'Clock High Patton Hanover Street The Bridge On the River Kwai From Here to Eternity For Whom The Bell Tolls Foreign Correspondent Saving Private Ryan Empire of the Sun The Train The Young Lions The Search
  24. Hollywood movies about Hollywood worth seeing: What Price Hollywood 1933 Bombshell 1933 Timeless A Star Is Born 1937 Star Dust 1940 In A Lonely Place 1950 The Bad and the Beautiful 1952 Barefoot Contessa 1954 Day Of the Locust 1975 The Last Tycoon 1976 The Player 1991 And God Spoke... 1993
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