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  1. Medved's a huge conservative who's always bashing Hollywood for something or other. Next!
  2. I'm in my 40's...too vain to say precisely. It's both thrilling and depressing to realize that what I used to think of as "movies" are now "classic movies." But I love watching TCM. It's addictive, especially on weekends.
  3. To Live And Die In L.A.---the hero pursues a monster, becomes a monster himself, and suddenly is killed at the start of the third act!! It's probably one reason the film did no business, but I can't recall another film where the hero dies so unexpectedly in the middle of the action. And so all of a sudden there's a whole new protagonist.....very memorable.
  4. All of you --OK, many of you-- need a reality check. I think Ben's doing a great job and he's obviously more "into it" than he was when he first started, when he wasn't even looking into the right camera! And I can't quite figure out the criticism...he's either not "passionate" enough or he's too passionate, i.e. sarcastic? Pleeease. And are we pretending that all of TCM's offerings are sterling? How many Esther Williams films were there, anyway? Ben frequently makes me laugh and in many cases, he certainly knows as much about the films as I do. I think Robert O. comes off as too pedantic sometimes; a lighter touch doesn't really bother me. The idea that you have to be old, gray, and serious to appreciate old movies strikes me as silly.
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