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  1. Ella Raines reminds me of Gene Tierney like twins,
  2. Well, why is it when I enter her name, or the" most beautiful star" in my favorites, this thread appears only?
  3. WOW, I thought i was looking at Angelina Jolie where Dorothy Lamour pictures with her hair swept back.
  4. Well, i am not a newcomer to TCM, so i should know my way around and each time i picked My favoirites there was Hedy's thread. Now searching under that thread i went as far as number 24 at the bottom of the thread and still could not find it...so i gave up. Do me a favor and enter her name in the search department, and see if you get the same results that i get...under My favorites. I am aware of her being in the My favorite Brunettes. Thanks
  5. Its been a couple of months or so since i came to TCM forum and noticed that even putting in a search for Hedy Lamarr, nothing comes up. The last time , Nov or Dec she was leading most female actress's with attention...over 30,000 and now it seems to be gone. Gene Tierney who was a runnerup about 26,000 is still there though. Does anyone know anything about this?
  6. HI, Ive been a member of TCM for years and never have entertained the problem I have been getting these past couple of month. Each day as I open my email client, i see that I have recieved 40 to 50 email alerts from various areas of TCM's members. I never asked for them and yet they keep coming. I've written to TCM without any results. In fact, all they keep saying is that they are very busy, but would look into it...Nada..ZIP. One member suggested that i go to my control panel of TCM and link "watchers" and uncheck there...There are no options of completely stopping email alerts...they have "
  7. You could always request it in TCM, don't know if it would do any good..I've requested movies that are rarely shown and so far ignored. Suzy was not a great film, but in my view her best...she was a downtoearth girl, not the tough, brassy broad that she displayed in most of her other movies. Also, i liked her in "Wife vs Secretary"...cause she was the girl next door type...not the plantinuim phoney mgm made of her.
  8. There were 2 movies that I can recall that I liked Jean in, and they were "SUZY" and her last film, "Saratoga"...She wasn't the brassy, loud mouthed person that they seemed to cast her in...especially in "Libeled Lady"...I could see now, MGM was originally going to cast her in the series that Ann Sothern made popular, "Maisie". She was also her original self in those movies..a redhead...Then they dyed her hair a stupid Plantinium..and I lost interest then. Not her fault, the great MGM studios fault.
  9. I know we can upload images in the forum, but does anyone know if video's are possible? I tried and even the copy/paste of the title did not show it.
  10. Hedy Lamarr was the most beautiful woman in the world, not only in the movies. garbo never had the tile of most beautiful woman in the movies, it all started with Hedy, then came Ava ( most beautiful animal was the phrase ) and of course, Liz.
  11. Just recently discovered Kay Francis from TCM's recent homage to her. She reminded me a lot of Hedy Lamarr...mainly in the wardrobe department. I read somewhere that she insisted on having beautiful clothes to wear. Her jet black hair parted in the middle was before Hedy ever made an appearance on the screen...but have to admit Hedy looked better..there were also some scenes where Kay wore sort of a turban which later became a trademark of Hedy, particularly from Algiers. Has anyone else noticed the similarities?
  12. Yes, it was a poster that I called a troll...and you say that they get easily offended...well what about what he/she was writing about, I found equally offended, but I never tried to get him/she blacklisted.
  13. Thanks...i've seen other forums where there are always trolls and rightly called by other posters and yet they continue to post. How did this individual manage to get my post removed...that is what I like to know. I couldn't find any area where one explains on how to get rid of a poster that is considered a troll.
  14. I have found lately that my recent posts in the Hedy Lamarr beautiful thread has been missing. Could one be 'blacklisted' in these forums without even a warning? I tried to ask TCM, but as everyone knows its difficult to get a response from TCM about its message board. My posts were not offensive in any way...unless calling an individual a troll. Does anyone have an answer?
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