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  1. Well, lo and behold - today, just for grins I tried the 6s plus over my cellular connection while at the mall (no WiFi), and the TCM app worked. I have to say though, those "snappy" improvements to iOS didn't help the TCM app at all... there's a bit of jittering when an image is panning... but the audio sync does seem better than before. Some other things I'm noticing - as long as the TCM app is actually playing, I no longer need to set the iPhone 6's "autolock" time to "Never". (Something my iPad still requires) it may be my imagination, but the iPhone 6s plus may not be running as
  2. Thanks for that reply. In looking at the published tech stuff, iOS 10.3 introduced (among other things) a new file system, and some alterations to speed up graphics to make it feel more "snappy". Yeah, it snapped alright. The understanding I glean from those error logs indicate they introduced some kernel bugs with at least one of those changes. This seems confirmed because even though the app kicks out to the iOS home screen, it's not successfully "terminated" by the OS. There's also language in the logs suggesting they are using compression techniques to extend memory space, not just
  3. I've extracted the iOS log data files for 3 crashes on the 2 phones above. Hopefully they will help identify the issue. They are in pure text format. On the iPhone 6sp running iOS 10.3.2 there are logs for TCM app v2.15 and 2.16. (current) On an iPhone 5c running iOS 10.3.2 the log is for the TCM app v2.11 - restored from a working backup to re-test. These are examples representing both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware, running once working versions of the App when on a previous iOS revision, now broken by update to the current iOS. I am available for further poking and prodding should a
  4. I've started a new thread, about a problem which appears similar to yours. Did you ever find a solution?
  5. I believe this is the same problem as described in another thread on this forum, dated Nov 2016.
  6. I recently updated my iPhone 6s plus from iOS 10.1 to iOS 10.3.2 - and now the Watch TCM app does not work. I checked on two iOS 10.3 phones - and it's broken the same way on each: The app launches... we see the "TCM" banner - the main page loads, but as soon as the "wheel" spins to load a video image - focus is taken back to the iOS Home screen. The phone thinks the TCM app is still loaded, because it's visible when double-tapping the Home button. I've uninstalled the app (which worked on iOS 9.1) and re-installed the latest (2.16) from the App store - same behavior. I n
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