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  1. I ordeded the book by Bob Thomas about Joan Crawford after seeing Joan Crawford The Ultimate Movie Star. In it I learned that Ann Blyth suffered a broken spine/ and on wikipedia it says a back injury. I am curious as to what happened to cause such a young women to have such an injury happen to her back. Does anyone out there know? On wikipedia it says she could not capitilaze on her nomination for the best supporting actress Oscar due to the injury and its true in her filmography she makes Pierce and then the next movie is in 1947. I for one did not know that Ann was nominated for the best supporting actress Oscar for playing Veda. I wonder who won? Whoever it was Ann's performance sure did give who ever it was a run for the money.
  2. You lucky dog! Please enjoy yourselves and remember you must have a good time for you and for me. I will take this time to relate a conversation between myself amd my oldest son. I was telling my parents about the TCM cruise(while we were on vacation this past June in Myrtle Beach) and telling how I wished I could go. My son pops off and says why Mom you'll be the youngest person there....I'm 41. Then I wondered who would be on the cruise( this was before who was going was known to me or possibly announced) so my son thinking of the only older star he could think of Kirk Douglas. ( He was impressed with him at the Oscars) My son says I could just see you now 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea with Kirk Douglas and I go exactly....and then I explain that's a tiltle of one of his films. BTW Kirk is proud of this film title on the marquee at one theater and across the street there is the Vikings advertised starring him also in his book The Ragman's Son there is a picture of him betwwen the 2 titles.
  3. I am shocked, shocked that the powers that be at TCM let a spoiler through and not tell/warn that it is there. When I first joined this website the telling of or spoiling plot lines was a criminal offense. Of course from time to time the Now Playing guide gets the details wrong about a movie or even the announcer between the movies gets things wrongs but not very often.
  4. sfpcc1 I saw your post while hunting for any possible post about Joan Crawford on her day SUTS. I haven't seen The Deer Hunter on TCM. I have seen it ordered it from netflix. I think this movie is a wonderful movie with a lousy title and a putting off trailer or clips. I gave it a chance after reading about it in a book about the Oscars. This man was quoted as not wanting or caring about working class or poor people but he was crying at the end of The Deer Hunter so I gave it a shot. The hunting and the war and the Russian Roulette is a small part of this movie but necessary a necessary plot point that is stressed to much when the movie is in montages. For example the famous Christopher Walken scene playing Russian Roulette with that headband that happens way toward the end of the movie. The jist the meat of this movie is the relationships between the characters and where they come from and their work in the steel mills and the huge wedding. I was surprised that this was a warm movie. A movie about and I suspect one of the first about men showing, displaying, and caring for each other. See it has never been presented that way in all the years I have seen it advertised. I was crying to at the end an excellent movie with bad advertising. What did you think?
  5. This movie came out ( I'm guessing) between 1985 and 1995. I thought Alex Winter was in it but when I went to the imdb website none of his movie titles seeemed to match my memory. The reason I thought that Winter was in this movie was one of the characters looked like the blond headed and curly hair lead in the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures not K. Reeves but the other guy who is Alex Winter. This movie that I am wondering about is about 2 teenagers in deep trouble with the law, they are arrested and tried. I think that the 2 are involved in a murder? What little I remember is one of the boys (the Alex Winter likealike) turns against the other kid in his testimony and therefore the other kid gets punished more though the Alex Winter lookalike is presented in the movie as being more guilty. I also remember the more punished kid had a very active, twisted imagination and unfortunately he wrote these thoughts down and this was presented in court against his lawyers protests but the judge ruled aginst him. I think I remember the kids lawyer wanted to close the court to onlookers but it was to late? The more punished kid was put in the slammer and asked to be moved near his parents I can't remember if this was granted but while in jail he helped other inmates to learn to read. Therefore it it based on a true story? I also remember the song Dust in the Wind by Kansas being played as the credits rolled and I think it was played during the course of the movie. It is driving me nuts to know the name of this movie. I would also like to see it again if it is available on netflix. Thanks for any info-gwtwbooklover.
  6. DougieB-Robert Wagner wrote in his autobiography that he suggested Judy Garland for the Momma Rosa role to one of the Warner boys who chewed him out for mentioning it and would not consider it at all. I agree totally with you about Valley of the Dolls she dodged a bullet there but maybe, maybe if she had done it her life would have taken a different spin than the one it was on. Sort of like Elvis Presley if he had starred with Barbara Streisand in A Star is Born... it could have led to other roles better projects for the both of them.I LOVE Barbara Hutton in Annie Get Your Gun but I would have loved to seen Judy do it since I agree that what was filmed of her doing the role was promising. Thank goodness though we have her in The Wizard of OZ since it was iffy at the beginning since MGM was considering Shirley Temple. Plus, thankfully MGM backed Judy instead of Deanna Durbin a decision that seemed foolish at first but paid in dividends for MGM. What I wish is that Judy had been treated fairly or had a ( read this) a honest but hard nosed agent. It is a crime, a crime that Judy was paid less than Mickey Rooney and it was a lot less totally unfair. I wished Judy had made better decisions and had someone like a damn good agent in her corner.
  7. See I was going to post Warren Beaty and Annette Benning no chemistry on screen but definitely off screen which is opposite of your original post. Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard comes to mind but that is TV.....have to think about this one.....
  8. Psycho is a horror flick with humor. I appreciate the work Hitch put into this and all his movies. Now I have to tell you my kids watch the modern day slasher flicks and suspense flicks and the movies with magic, special effects and gross scenes BUT they will NOT watch Psycho again after we watched it on VHS one time. No way, no how it was to much for them and they are 19 and 20 now and we watched it about 2 to 3 years ago.
  9. I like this movie though it to me is a guilty pleasure. There are some moments that are so fake, so unlikely, to predictable, but I like it anyway. One thing that stood out to me is the singing of Portier or not him anyway and not even close to the speaking voice of the actor. Then the shaking of Gable's hand when he draws a pistol and holds it on someone in one scene( which I'm not complaining about-it just caught my eye) this time I noticed when the wind kicks up and Manty can't close her windows and Hamish comes in to save her. Yavonne De carlo (Manty) is knocked to the floor trying to close the windows so Hamish (Gable) when comes in helps her up off the floor. It caught my eye that De Carlo jumps to her feet as the Hamish characters looks to be lifting her up. Regardless of all this though what first caught me about this movie is the pronounciation of the Yavonne De Carlo character's name. Some of the characters seem to call her Mandy esp. Gable and of course the others call her Manty or Amantha it was very confusing. Didn't notice Gable's teeth...maybe next time. Edited by: gwtwbooklover on Apr 7, 2011 11:14 PM
  10. I for one for lack of a better of way of putting it look forward to TCMs short tribute to a fallen star. I wonder when I can catch it. I also wonder which day they will give to the star and which films they will show. Then I wonder sometimes well that one again or yeah that one I'm glad to see it again. Also when I see that someone has died I wonder if they did a tribute to them like I just recently learned that Betty Garrett died. I wonder if they did a tribute for her? If they didn't then I wonder why? Because TCM has started out doing this? I think it is a fine tradition. Sorry about you fellow TCMers who will miss your movies. Hope they come back around soon.
  11. Thank you guys for the info. I just loved it. I can still hear the scenes Preston does. He has lines with William Holden...Preston says to Holden's character-Marry me and Holden's says "I would only cheat on you" and Preston says "it's not cheating if you don't tell anyone'. Robert Preston to me just looked like he was enjoying himself, having a grand old time with his role.
  12. Because I gave my 2 cents in another forum it brings to mind something Sophia Loren wrote in her book about Marilyn Monroe. She wished that Marilyn had found her "Carlo Ponti" a father figure to guide her and help her but she didn't. Furthermore, I myself wonder how Marilyn would have been if she had had a child of her own. I like to think she would have found substance, happiness and life.
  13. I have 10 on my list but I put it on after I read Dudley Moore's autobiography. Maybe I'll move it up when I add Victor/Victoria. Rosanna Arquette was listed on the Netflix envelope but I didn't realize how small the role was and almost didn't recognized her till she spoke. I like how the girls William Holden picks up changes his radio station when he gets out of the car. I wondered if they would but seeing it done just tickled me. However, I did like the music that Holden was listening to Sinatra and big band music. Plus, I thought was Richard Mulligan going to just stumble throughout that movie which was funny but I was starting to wonder then when he ...(you have to see the movie) but you'll need a sedative to watch him ACT, ACT, ACT. I also wondered now should I type this out loud was that Robert Preston's butt or a stunt butt? Most of all though I wonder about Holden's and Preston's thoughts about their later roles. These roles were so different from the ones they first played or the roles the studio assigned them to or the Hollywood they started out in first.
  14. Speaking of roles or different roles how about Debbie Reynolds as Grace's mom on Will and Grace? I know, I know, that shows is so off the air but I only discovered it when it started airing on Lifetime some years back.
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