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  1. DougieB-Robert Wagner wrote in his autobiography that he suggested Judy Garland for the Momma Rosa role to one of the Warner boys who chewed him out for mentioning it and would not consider it at all. I agree totally with you about Valley of the Dolls she dodged a bullet there but maybe, maybe if she had done it her life would have taken a different spin than the one it was on. Sort of like Elvis Presley if he had starred with Barbara Streisand in A Star is Born... it could have led to other roles better projects for the both of them.I LOVE Barbara Hutton in Annie Get Your Gun but I would have
  2. MissGoddes if you don't mind I would like to interject in your explanation of Scarlett/Ashley/Rhett. Ashley did lust for Scarlett but he also admired her very much and this cord of admiration was shared by Melanie, they Melanie and Ashley loved Scarlett for her strength and free spirit and this they both shared together openly to others and to each other. Ashley of course has that lust for Scarlett but who could blame her ( for loving Ashley) he LEAD her on squiring her around and he knew he had nothing in common with Scarlett and they were ill matched but he indulged in his fantasies as far
  3. Oh some Elvis songs which probably don't need posting bless his heart comes to mind. I get tickled when he's rocking and rolling at the get together during the movie Love Me Tender which is set in the times after the Civil War.
  4. I saw a commercial where a soldier was trying to give a pepsi to someone named Spartucus and then the famous scene where everyone says I'm Spartucus starts only there is a super imposed Pepsi and a man not in the original movie holding it. It was the movie with Kirk Douglas and all. Of course in this spin instead of Spartucus being grateful everyone stuck up for him he cries because everyone claims his Pepsi. Have you all seen this commercial? Does anyone know if Douglas okayed this? I for one find it hard to belive since Spartucus is Douglas' baby. I will check to see if anyone else has
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