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  1. Well we don't really have any great choices now do we? Would you rather have that egotistical, narcissistic, "anything for a buck", jackass Trump in the White House?
  2. I love "Black and Whites." I guess it is the reason that all of us are here and TCM exists. There is a plot you can follow and the actors and actresses seem so genuine. One of my favorite actresses is Veronica Lake. I had a crush on her before I was old enough to talk!!!!!!!!! Just saw her on "I married a Witch."
  3. Oh boy another one of those "do I like Child 1 better than Child 2!!!!" I would say, "North by Northwest followed (or neck and neck) with Psycho.
  4. Purchased.... "I Will Fight No More Forever." A true accounting of the last Indian War. (If you don't count Alcatraz and Wounded Knee!) It is about Chief Josephs of the Nez Perce Tribe, who eludes the calvary for months after being told his tribe would be put on a reservation. Don't want to tell too much about it. It is worth purchasing or taping or discing(!!!!).
  5. David Niven .... an almost obscure tiny little mustache! Does Gabby Hayes count?!! Oops, Fuzzy Knight too.
  6. I DO approve of Ronald Reagen's politics! I believe he did a GREAT job as President. The wall fell and so did (most of) communism. In a way his passing was merciful. Suffering from Alzheimer is a terrible, god awful malady. I had a temp. job in an Alzheimer's Clinic when I lived in California. They offered the job to me permanently, .... I declined. I could not bear to see those poor souls day after day. God bless President Reagen and Nancy.
  7. "The Molly Maguires" An excellent movie on the old Pennsylvania Coal Mines just after the turn of the century. (1900's). Richard Harris and Sean Connery's performances are tops! Connery proves that he is not typecast as "007!" Richard Harris plays a good undercover investigator. Just a perfect flick!
  8. Thanks everyone for your answers. I do not have the Westerns Channel. The local cable company does not carry it. Thank you movieslover1000 that was good info. I figured it was licensed to someone that for some reason does not want to have it showed; or perhaps is asking an outrageous fee. As I remember it was a very funny movie and it looked like the Pack were really having fun making it. Funny about Frank, I suppose you either love or hate the guy. Again, I am in the middle. I truly love his singing; his personal life......yea he was a jerk, but aren't we all at times.
  9. Hello Everyone, I am the new kid on the block. Right off the top I have a question hopefully one of you can answer. I have already asked classicsfan1119, but I thought I would put it in a new post. Has anyone seen, or even heard of, "Sergeants Three?" It was a Rat Pack movie which was a take off on the great "Gunga Din." Funny, funny movie. However, I cannot seem to find a copy for sale (VHS/DVD). I have requested TCM to show it. I am really anxious to see if THEY can find it. Which is why I always keep a blank tape, and now a blank DVD at the ready. Thanks for any help.
  10. Thank you Classicsfan1119. I have a question for you: Have you ever seen, or even heard of, "Sergeants Three" starring the Rat Pack? It was a take off on "Gunga Din." Very funny movie, however, I can not find it (on VHS/DVD) anywhere. I have requested TCM to show it. I was anxious to see if THEY can find it! Thanks Classicsfan1119. Jim
  11. Thank you chrischastain ... looking forward to the discussions.....I LOVE OLD MOVIES!!
  12. Hi moirafinnie14....and thanks for the welcome. Yes I have "The Cruel Sea" on VHS. It is a very good movie. I love English movies. Have you ever seen the TV production "Dempsey and Makepeace?" I loved that series, I think it was back in the '70's or perhaps early '80's. They made a TV series out of the pilot. But the English studio went bankrupt. Too bad. Yes, "The Bunker" stars Anthony. Funny, how an Englishman can perform such a great job portraying a German! Of course being of English descendent, I might be a bit prejudice in my opinions! "Sink The Bismarck" is anoth
  13. I am 64. I have always LOVED GOOD movies. Now with TCM you get them all in one spot. Love this channel. The old flicks are neat. I love so much about them including the old carsand all the men wearing suits and ties and the women in dresses and hats. Wow, great memories all.
  14. Oh, let's see. There are a lot of beautiful houses (both real and models) to pick from. But, I would like to live in the Cottage in the "Ghost and Mrs. Muir."
  15. Hi everyone, I am the new kid on the block...."sounds like a great title for a movie!! Let's see my favorite war movies: 1. Tora Tora Tora 2. Sink the Bismarck 3. Midway 4. To Hell and Back 5. The Alamo (John Wayne's version) 6. The Bunker These are my top fav's. Jim
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