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  1. jdtcjr wrote: > As a former troubleshooter and installer of 70mm > equipment, commencing with Todd-AO and its > wannabees... The exhibition of My Fair Lady, ( a > warner property for 7 years) I am livid with the > butchering of this work of art: making a 2.21:1 70mm > into a 1.77:1 hi-def lookalike. The cinematographer's > and director's work was altered from its original > format. > > If TCM is going to tamper with such works, at lease > have the good manners to disclose the departure from > the original presentation. > > john
  2. Last night ( at 5:00 PM my time ) the wonderful "My Fair Lady" (1964) was screened by TCM. However, it was not shown in its proper aspect ratio; i.e, letterboxed at 2.20:1. Instead, it appeared to be 1.85:1 or thereabouts. Very strange. I came in late to the party, however, and didn't see Robert Osbornes introduction. Did he say anything about this being, like, a "special" or "limited" LBX presentation of the film? T'was very odd to see it shown this way on good old TCM. -- iB
  3. I've got two more to add to the mix: "The D.I." (1957) "Guns at Batasi" (1964)
  4. carljackdarrow wrote: > Hey, ibadhatharry...I believe Myron Healey threw > money in RIO BRAVO...a dollar in the spitoon for > Dean Martin. > ... Hello carljackdarrow, Yes sirree! You got it, my friend. ...I'll be damned! Thanks for playin' along. The next time we mosey over to the ol' saloon, the drinks are on me! ...You take the front door---I'll take the back. ;-) And, I agree. "Blood Money" is a gooood one! Have only seen it twice---can't remember how or where. Very unique film in many ways. -- iB
  5. ratchbane wrote: > ...keep up the good work. (please don't ever turn into amc)... Yes, indeed! ( or should I say "No!" ) If TCM ever went the way of the pathetic AMC, it would be a sad day for all of us here. Very sad! :-( Indeed it would. -- iB
  6. Here's two "B" movies about prison breaks that almost never see the light of day: CANON CITY (1948) ( pronounced "Canyon" ) Semi-documentary prison-break film based on a real incident. Filmed by legendary noir cinematographer John Alton. GANG BUSTERS (1954) Myron Healey plays a master criminal who repeatedly extricates himself from Oregon State Prison. Also filmed in a semi-documentary form. Oh! Oh! ...Here's a fairly tricky (if not lame and, also, off-topic) Q and A for everyone; a little brain-strainer for all who like to delve into obscure trivia ...VERY OBSCURE trivia. ;-
  7. raestar57 wrote: > I would like to see "Arabian Nights" (1942) starring > Jon Hall, Sabu and Shemp Howard. I saw it on AMC > years ago (when AMC actually aired good movies > without commercials) but I have not seen it on TCM. Yep! ...I hear you, RAESTAR57. That is exactly the same problem I've had with "Thanks A Million" (1935), one of my "lost" classics (listed below). The last time I ever saw "Thanks A Million" aired was on the "old" AMC. This, way back when they honestly screened CLASSIC movies -- as you so rightly say, "when AMC actually aired good movies."
  8. Yes, it is a shame that TCM had to bump that one. :-( Stage Door (1937) doesn't come around that often on ol' TCM's schedule. I believe the last time it aired on TCM was on Friday, April 11, 2003 --a year and a half back. Yikes! Let's hope it doesn't take that long again. I'm sure they'll try to reschedule it as soon as possible. -- iB
  9. What "lost" classic film (or films) --THAT YOU'VE NEVER SEEN AIRED ON TCM-- would you be most happy to find on TCM's schedule? To start it off, I have two... "Thanks A Million" (1935) "The Magic Face" (1951) -- iB
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