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  1. I just want to add one piece of advice. After recording literally hundreds of DVD's off of satellite TV, and carefully labeling and cataloging the disks, I discovered playback issues which ranged from skipping to freezing images. To make a long horror story short, it turned out it was the stick-on labels. I did a lot of research on another website and DVD's do not play well with labels. Over time and with applied heat, it just gets worse the more "stuck on" they are. You never mentioned if you labeled, but a word to the wise, get a permanent marker and save yourself the time-consumin
  2. This is a tall order- does anyone who has DirecTV also get the the Turner South channel 631 ? It's the channel that people in AL,GA,MS,TN,SC get instead of regular TCM DirecTV channel 256. As you may have heard me whine, I missed the airing of "Penelope" last month due to a hurricane and would love to have a copy of the movie off of TCM. Is there anyone who gets this channel because "Penelope" is airing on Aug. 29th at 11:55AM. I would be happy to send you a blank DVD disc if you have a recorder (dream come true) or a blank VHS tape if you have a VCR. Thanks all!
  3. Eddie, I do love the stand alone DVD recorder even though it can be quite a scheduling nightmare for the very reasons you mentioned. I too only put 4 hours on a disk- at LP speed. If there are two movies overnight that are over 2 hours each, it means getting up in the night to change the disk. I'm sticking with this instead of the hard drive, I wouldn't have time to do all the editing. It just means I have to stay ultra-organized and am constantly adding up hours/minutes all the while leaving some wagon room at the end (about 2 mins.) The DVD-R disks don't seem to like to record all the w
  4. Thanks everyone for the tips, that is how I record when doing so with my VCR - run it over the allotted time to insure getting all of the movie. However, I am recording on DVD-R media with the DVD recorder from hell. The discs are not editable, so if you go over, that time is forever used (and unrecordable). Since Nosferatu came on immediately afterward, the recorder won't start a new "program" until after it writes the first one (takes about 50 seconds - just long enough for Vincent Price to fall into the vat of wax!). This was a no-win situation- something was going to get lost because of
  5. Thank you tcmprogrammer for your interest in this matter. As you guessed, I was referring to "House of Wax". I noticed the running time was going to be close, and when Mr. Osborne spoke for 3+ minutes in the beginning I knew I was sunk. I missed the part where Vincent Price actually fell into the vat of wax. The video then picks up and I got the ending and all of "Nosferatu". It just seems when the running time is the closest, that's when they talk the longest! Thanks again for your attention.
  6. I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here - but does anyone else who is an avid recorder of TCM's movies have an issue with the running times of the movies going over the advertised time? I adore TCM and enjoy Robert Osborne's insight on the features,(Manckewitz' so-so) but sometimes the pre-movie talk runs 1 minute, sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 3 mins. plus. The movie itself will then often run over it's time slot because of the pre-talk and I'll cut off the ending. It makes it very hard to schedule a recording. I use a DVD recorder that is not forgiving at all (no editing), and I'm ju
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