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  1. Everyone go read Damian Bona's warts-and-all book "Inside Oscars" and "Inside Oscar 2", which cover 1928 to 2000. If you prefer "reverential treatment", read Robert Osborne's "(N) Years of Oscars".
  2. As expected, this is a reverential, nostalgic look at the Oscars, definitely not as "entertaining" as the 1992 straight-to-video documentary "Oscar's Greatest Moments", which has extended clips of Sacheen Littlefeather, "Zionist Hoodlums", the streaker who ran on stage, live bloopers, and all that outrageous stuff. But "The Oscar Goes To..." does have those backstage interview outtakes, which I enjoyed. I wish there were more of those. In fact, the whole film doesn't show nearly enough footage from the telecast. This is a show that gave us Rob Lowe and Snow White, James Franco and Anne
  3. TCM has been showing episodes of the 1955-56 TV series "MGM Parade" MANY times a month. Is anyone disappointed by this show? It is primarily a clip-fest of MGM movies, which might be valuable to 1950s viewers, but is worthless to us now that we can see the actual movies on TCM. What's more, TCM has been showing the SAME episode each month, many times a month. In January, it showed episode 25 several times. It showed episode 24 several times last month, and episode 23 several times in November, etc. Why is TCM devoting so many valuable half-hour time slots to showing this uninteresting sh
  4. This is the picture posted earlier. I scaled it down so it's easier to see. As already mentioned, it doesn't look like Pat: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwxx9yystd546j1/vertigocomposite.jpg
  5. Another question: where do these "TCM Word of Mouth" segments get the material from? Are these excerpts of documentaries, past interviews, and the likes? Wouldn't there be rights clearance issues if they get material from all these different sources? It's hard enough to get clearances for movies already. And if they are from documentaries, then what are the documentaries? I've seen many of these Word of Mouth segments and have not been able to identify even one.
  6. Does anyone know if the TCM website offers this anymore? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/97288413/January2012_schedule.pdf It shows you highlights of the month, which films are TCM premieres, and other useful info all in one page. We used to be able to download it at TCM's home page. And suddenly it was gone.
  7. As many of you know, TCM shows mostly films that are at least 10 to 20 years old. But in 2006, it made an exception and showed a 4-year-old movie, the 2002 Japanese animated film "Spirited Away". Is that a record of the youngest film ever shown by TCM? Excluding new programs (e.g. new interviews, new documentaries "Moguls and Movie Stars"), has there been a film shown on TCM that was even less than 4 years old? Edited by: atcmviewer on May 22, 2013 2:47 PM
  8. I tried to record them because I couldn't watch them live, but unfortunately I bungled the recording and only saw a few minutes of the documentary. The TCM database shows that they won't be repeated in the coming months. I'm saddened over this. This could be the last time these films would be on television. TCM has had plenty of "once-and-done" broadcast. Remember those Indian classics introduced by Ivory Merchant? There is a reason why Baby Peggy films are so rarely seen, and it's probably the rights holders are not keen on having them shown them on TV. I pray to God that there will be
  9. This whodunit was shown a couple of days ago. Did anyone find the picture too dark? It looked nothing like the trailer, which is nice and bright: http://fan.tcm.com/_The-Bishop-Murder-Case-trailer-1930/video/1648313/66470.html?createPassive=true . Everything else on TCM looked fine, including Osborne's intro. This movie is not home video so I was disappointed it looked like that.
  10. [The monthly schedule|http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html] now shows just the titles and links to tcmdb. The one-sentence summaries are gone. Please bring them back for faster glancing. Switching back and forth between tcmdb and the schedule takes more time.
  11. I've been meaning to check out "The Testament of Dr. Mabuse" because the synopsis on the Criterion DVD sounds very intriguing: "The Testament of Dr. Mabuse reunites the director with the character that had effectively launched his career. Lang put slogans and ideas expounded by the Nazis into the mouth of a madman, warning his audience of an imminent menace, which was soon to become a reality. Nazi Minister of Information Joseph Goebbels saw the film as an instruction manual for terrorist action against the government and banned it for 'endangering public order and security.' A landmark of
  12. TCM has held festivals of practically all genres of films, but is there any chance it would hold one for films made in the Nazi era? I see other networks frequently showing Nazi-related documentaries, so I don't see why TCM shouldn't go there. I know the concern that many films from that era promoted bigotry, but not all did. And they could always have a discussion after the film to educate the viewers. Suggestions below, and these are readily available on DVD anyway: Olympia Triumph of the Will Munchausen Titanic The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
  13. Here is the complete 60 Minutes segment: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6966797n The film is about 12min long I believe, but 60 Minutes only showed snippets of it. A complete version is on youtube, but in low quality. So someone needs to show this in hi quality, preferrably in HD, because the whole point of seeing it is to see all the little details and human behaviors captured from days gone by. Blu-ray is probably too much to ask for. And when is TCM going HD anyway?
  14. Recently a short actuality film about Market Street, San Francisco, made in 1906 gained a lot of attention, because it was recently discovered that the film was shot only a week before the great earthquake of 1906. The film shows various citizens walking about the street who did not know that some of them only had a week to live. In fact, the film reel was shipped to New York just one day before the earthquake. HAS TCM EVER SHOWN THIS?? This past Sunday, 60 Minutes did a story on the film and even showed a restored highdef clip that looked amazing. This film is going to be put in the Nati
  15. Don't know the name of your movie, but there is a 1952 b/w Italian film "Umberto D" that also features an old man, a dog, and a young girl, and it's quite moving too.
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