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  1. I'm very excited about the upcoming TCM broadcasts of classic animation films from Japan's Studio Ghibli. I'm just wondering: HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT? TCM is the last place I would expect to show these films. I would think that Cartoon Network or Disney (which released the DVDs) would show them on their stations. Also, any chance TCM will be showing "Grave of the Fireflies", another great film by Studio Ghibli??
  2. In modern movies, where cursing is routine, it's hard for an insult to be memorable. But this little line from War of the Roses (1989) I always remember, and it only has one S-word: "You have sunk below the deepest layer of prehistoric frog sh** at the bottom of the New Jersey scum swamp!"
  3. > I don't remember the exact quote, but didn't Vincent > Price said the following to Clifton Webb in LAURA > (1944)? > > "Why don't you get back on all fours, Waldo? It > seems to be the only way to shut you up." > > Or something like that. But that's nothing compared to... "Young lady, have you been raised in some incredibly rustic community where common manners are unknown, or are you suffering from the common feminine delusion that the mere fact of your being female would exempt you from proper civilized conduct? Possibly both." Gene Tierney to
  4. Nosferatu is readily available on DVD, so missing it was not a tragedy... House of Wax is on DVD too.
  5. My method is to record from the start time of the program to the start time of the NEXT program, or close to it. That way you can sure you'll record the whole film, and even some of the extra stuff (short films, trailers, etc.) after the film. I never go by the film's running time, which is not always exact anyway. I've been recording this way and never had a program cut off at the end.
  6. Hi, Any chance of TCM showing the 1935 Paramount film Peter Ibbetson, with Gary Cooper? I saw it on AMC about 10 years ago, and would like to see it again. Thanks.
  7. My first post. Hello all! I've taped quite a few movies on TCM recently, mostly films that have no DVD or VHS: A Face in the Crowd The Scarlet Letter (silent with Lillian Gish) The Miracle of Morgan's Creek He Who Gets Slapped (w/ Lon Chaney) The Unholy Three (w/ Lon Chaney) Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (dir. Fritz Lang) The Smiling Lieutenant (dir. Ernest Lubitsch) The Portrait of Jenny (hard to find on DVD) I also recorded a few Indian films from their "Bollywood Festival" last year. A lot of them were late-night recordings. Fortunately, TCM always seem to stick to the
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