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  1. It was definitely great to see those flicks yesterday. I was glued to the set thru out the day. See, that wasn't so painful, right? (That was to all the people who are dead set against a Sci-Fi theater... : ) One movie a week would be the coolest thing. Maybe it will happen one day. Thanks everyone for posting!
  2. Hi, deeanddaisy666! Thanks for getting in on this post.....By the way, the movie that you are refering to is, I believe, Invaders From Mars. Great flick. It was remade in the 80's and while not that bad, it's not as creepy as the original.
  3. I realize a lot of people dismiss Science Fiction.....many refuse to take the genre seriously enough to even consider the notion of something in it being "classic". But to me the images of a giant radioactive lizard that brings back the horror of war to a scarred nation or space-faring humans in a tense game of cat and mouse with a maurauding alien or a miniaturized ship and crew inside of a dying man are, though considered silly and ridiculous by some, images that everyone, in the their minds eye, can conjure up. They are immediately identifiable segments of the cinema, as much as the brave m
  4. See, that's interesting, because I hardly ever see Sci-Fi movies on TCM. "Frequently"? That I would have to dispute. It seems like Halloween is the only time I see stuff...I know Forbidden Planet came on not that long ago ( and that was VERY much appreciated) but it seems few and far between. ( Hey, that's a great idea...Robby the Robot could host the Sci-Fi Theater! C'mon, that's cool!!!) And I that's why I suggested one movie showing once a week because I know it's not everyone's favorite genre. One movie is not gonna kill anybody. Besides, I think TCM is the only network that
  5. This was the subject line of an e-mail I sent TCM earlier this week. The rest is as follows: "Or even Saturday afternoon, like Creature Features. The dearth of science fiction on television leads me to beg this of you....there are SO many sc-fi movies, good or bad, that I would love to see, movies that filled my childhood. "Mysterious Island", " Kronos", "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "When Worlds Collide", the list goes on and on.? I used to watch these of the 4:30 movie. It seems like I haven't seen them since. So I'm asking that you have a Sci-Fi theater ( I can imagine wha
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