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  1. SD versions of Diplomaniacs (1933) Monkey Business (1931) and other titles over the past two days IN ON DEMAND are squeezed to postage stamp embedded in middle of letterbox after intro. Thus, SD movies do not open to full screen. Senseless to watch. Will this be or not be resolved and if so when? SteveQL
  2. Solution: Just ignore my posts. My HD TV is in the living room. CRT SD TV in bedroom. So If I try to watch a movie on Demand in SD (on bedroom TV) and its only on HD I must go out to the living room to watch. Other way around, if only SD version then won't watch on HD TV. ----------------------- As for the SNAKE PIT out of sync I believe you cited. I confirmed and posted to my providers forum. But, since last day for subject title (TCM ends it July 8). I expect no resolution. Again, ignore my posts. I'm no doubt too picky for what I pay and expect on cable TV and TCM content. And, have received until recently (about time WarnerMedia evolved) Please accept my apology! And, once again ignore my picky posts
  3. Same here out of sync in both HD and SD versions. I posted complaint on my cable provider's website. But, I expect no response since SNAKE PIT ON DEMAND ends today July 8.
  4. Colleen (1936) in ON DEMAND HD version only (not HD and SD verisons). So, I can't watch on my SD only TV. When will this be resolved?
  5. Revolution (1985) aired Saturday at 1:15 AM in SD only not SD and HD. So useless to watch on HD TV.
  6. Correction: aired Monday July 2 Sorry for stating June 2 in error
  7. 'Kid Fom Kokomo' aired Monday Jun 2 only in HD version in ON DEMAND. Since not also in SD can't watch on my SD only TV. When will this be resolved? Please reply ASAP!
  8. Re FOLLOW THE FLEET. I just used SEARCH and result for FTF is not FREE but two day rental i HD or SD for $3.99 to $12.99. I didn't waste time entering CAREFREE. Hence, I doubt either will be in TCM FREE MOVIES ON DEMAND.
  9. You can try CONTACT US at top of page. But, they won't reply. Also, you can try Administrator but again expect no reply.
  10. Why was this posting moved? Topic was moved to forum PROBLEMS with TCM.com ______________________________________ I'm not referring to streaming Illicit (1931) aired Monday June 2 1:45 PM PST. But, still not in ON DEMAND. How can this be resolved? It is in watch TCM but I won't stream.
  11. Illicit (1931) aired Monday June 2 1:45 PM PST. But, still not in ON DEMAND. How can this be resolved? It is in watch TCM but I won't stream.
  12. In ON DEMAND the movie "HARPER" is only available in HD so I can't watch on my SD TV. Please add SD version ASAP. And, I just now tried to watch "FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK". It too is in HD only. So, again, I can't watch on my SD TV. When will this be corrected? All titles in ON DEMAND have historically been in both SD and HD versions. I sent same to CONTACT US which never responds. Will TCM resolve or should I contact by Cable provider? Thank you,
  13. TCM just downloaded HD version of Run Silent Run Deep or I missed it before posting above. My Fair Lady of course still in SD version only.
  14. I missed Run Silent Run Deep Notwithstanding, 'Run Silent Run Deep' has been on before I missed it. But, was on last week and by chance I turned it on but was half way through. However, I just observed it is in ON DEMAND but as is typical with TCM is in SD version only. So useless to watch in postage stamp format. So hope it plays again in HD. No way to alert TCM of ON DEMAND version in SD only. Same as My Fair Lady. They will do zero to correct!
  15. Surprised! (but, pleasantly so). Just checked (1:15 PM PST) TCM ON DEMAND. And, found new additions. "Beast With Five Fingers" (in SD only) which aired last week. It opened in postage stamp (letter box) but when movie started expanded to full screen (as it would if was HD version). Then, two versions of The Maltese Falcon HD and SD. Also "She" in SD only which I didn't waste time opening since I am aware of film and would be letter boxed (postage stamp) since was filmed in wide screen CinemaScope (1965) Maybe more will appear.
  16. I just switched from Live TCM HD channel 789 to SD channel 501. No delay --perhaps a mini second. Since movie is old "Broadway Gondolier (1935)' there is really no quality difference. However, if it was a wide screen film I am sure SD channel would be postage stamped.
  17. RE: But if you weren't such a hard head about it you could stream it from WATCH TCM right now I too have hundreds of DVDs and Blu-Rays. But, I pay Comcast for TCM and ON DEMAND. I refuse to stream or dig out a DVD to watch content that USED to be in TCM On Demand after airing. I'm not alone see postings at Comcast On Demand: Re: TCM On Demand Movies Shrinkage The problem has been going on since about Wednesday of last week, when films for TCM via On Demand were added but only in HD or SD versions, not both. And the additions were few in number. Now the few added films all expire within a day or two because they were broadcast on TCM close to a week ago. I didn't see any films from Friday, Saturday or yesterday offered through TCM's On Demand list. Overall, the number of films available are expiring and not being replaced, with increasingly fewer films listed, which was the same problem from two years ago. The last time this happened, Comcast said the problem involved a third party vendor handling the transfer of films from TCM to Comcast. Comcast, you need to look into this and sort this out. I pay a lot of extra money for that additional tier in order to watch TCM and its On Demand listings. ________________________________________________________________ End of discussion
  18. Although aired before, Maltese Falcon, which I missed. However, I'd like to know why after yesterday's airing: The Maltese Falcon was aired yesterday but, of course, not in On DEMAND. However, if you use SEARCH and enter Maltese Falcon -------------- there it is for RENT at $3.99 to $12.99 HD and SD. This deeply concerns me. I sent same to Contact US -----------but i predict they will not reply.
  19. The Maltese Falcon was aired yesterday but, of course, not in On DEMAND. However, if you use SEARCH and enter Maltese Falcon -------------- there it is for RENT at $3.99 to $12.99 HD and SD.
  20. TCM is not stupid or perhaps they they are reckless. I believe they are willfully corrupting the ON DEMAND site. Example. The other day the move A STAR IS BORN was the 1954 version with James Mason. Yesterday it switched to the 1937 version with Adolphe Menjou. Why?
  21. TIME: 1:15 PM PST COUNT: MANY right up to yesterday's airing ---Maltese Falcon, M etc etc. But, none in TCM ON DEMAND which I now consider abandoned by TCM. http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm?ecid=mainnav1watchtcm Finally, I will not workaround to accommodate WarnerMedia being A T & T Thank you for your input. Am cutting my Comcast package down to lowest tier.
  22. http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/films/?ecid=subnavmoviesondemand
  23. I just called my cable provider whose system is down ---unreal! I, however, was ultimately able to speak with a U.S. based CSR (in Houston). I explained to her TCM ON DEMAND titles are inconsistent ---not all in both SD and HD. I gave her examples: My Fair Lady in SD only so postage stamp view on my HD TV and Foreign Correspondent in HD only so can't watch on my SD CRT TV. With her system down I could not guide her to TCM's On Demand site to show her lack of both SD and HD versions. She responded that as an agent (CSR) she cannot contact TCM and told me not all movies were filmed in HD (wide screen) blah, blah blah!!! She said she will escalate my complaint to someone else. But, I doubt she will be able to explain if she can't grasp (fully understand) the issue. I told her I am not the only customer having the problem. To sum up another waste of time!
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