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  1. Thank you. RE: your preferred method/s is/are dysfunctional. My preferred method is why I pay nearly $280. per month to my cable provider. Thanks again,
  2. RE: TCM has problems and/or incompetence: Unreal: Foreign Correspondent (1940) which aired last Saturday 23rd finally appeared last night in ON DEMAND but only HD Version. However, It was late and so I was in bed using my CRT SD TV and since no SD version could not watch. Wasn't about to get up and use HD TV in living room to watch. And, again no way to alert TCM of problem: http://www.tcm.com/cfu/ I give up!
  3. Since TCM is useless to resolve problems http://www.tcm.com/cfu/ ----------- I just posted on my cable provider's website MY FAIR LADY HD version was inexplicably removed from ON DEMAND leaving only the SD version (postage stamp size if watched on my TV). Hopefully, they can contact TCM as they have on other TCM problems (video and audio out of sync etc.) Was worth a try. We'll see!
  4. Thank you. Agree with you 100% Time Warner merged with A T & T, of course! TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, INC. A TIME WARNER COMPANY
  5. Same here when streaming on WATCH TCM. But, does not resolve ON DEMAND TCM listings to watch on TV. Thanks again for your idea. Music Man, The 1962 . 2h 31m . Musical . TV-G
  6. This is reply whenever I use contact us to report TCM problem. http://www.tcm.com/cfu/
  7. My Fair Lady HD version disappeared from TCM's ON DEMAND title (thus only SD version remains). So again, TCM obviously has problems. I'm sticking with watching on TV and not streaming to accommodate TCM's inadequacies.
  8. RE C-151 mins, CC Music Man, The (1962) As of this PM --- a HD version is now in ON DEMAND. However, in info see in the upper left corner run time is 17 minutes (same with SD version 17 minutes). So can't be resumed. TCM obviously has problems.
  9. Addendum: Just turned on TCM live and 'North By Northwest' on. I wonder if it will be butchered to SD only if even downloaded to ON DEMAND. Fortunately, I have numerous DVD (50th anniversary issues etc.) and BluRay copies.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Hence, Camelot and The Music Man On DEMAND viewings best to watch on my CRT SD TV to avoid postage stamp format. However, I just turned ON DEMAND HD version of 'A Hard Day's Night' aired last night on My HD TV. Beautiful crisp wide screen picture fills entire screen edge to edge. In closing, still too many titles not available after airing. Can't help suspecting A T & T/Time Warner is calling the shots on which films to allow TCM to play. As I stated before --- end of an era! And, my cable provider already stated they are limited to content TCM sends.
  11. End of postings since I may be the only TCM user experiencing SD only ON DEMAND . I just opened TCM On Demand and tried to play on my HD TV MY FAIR LADY. Postage stamp picture. No point calling my cable provider since last time I did they stated they can only load content TCM sends. Hence, sorry for unnecessary postings.
  12. Examples: 'The Fugitive" and "Santiago"
  13. I am a TCM cable user who relies on ON DEMAND to watch movies when I wish after airing . TCM has drastically reduced titles in On Demand which is bad enough. But, now I observed among the few titles that have been added in the last day or two are only available in SD version not also in HD version. Perhaps it is my cable provider at fault. Any others aware of this?
  14. Of interest "Black Book, The (1949) that aired at 3:30 am last Friday is now in ON DEMAND. Studio is Eagle Lion (which I believe succeeded poverty row PRC pictures). I doubt A T & T Time Warner could care that TCM added to on demand after airing. Not A Warner film! But, no Foreign Correspondent (1940), Man Who Came to Dinner, The (1942), Graduate, The (1967), etc 'll start setting my alarm clock: 5:45 AM She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)
  15. Thank you for input. So I'd need one for my HD TV and another for my SD TV. That should easily put my monthly cable bill over $300.00 . https://www.lifewire.com/cost-of-dvr-types-1130733 I have DVDs and BluRays of nearly all of my favorite movies. Too much of a hassle to no longer be able to watch On DEMAND TCM movies at my convenience. I was able to watch ON DEMAND SD version on my SD CTR TV (in another room) and HD version on HD TV when I chose to do so. It was a true joy to watch on demand moves until the loss I presume due to A T & T/Warner deal. Thanks
  16. Fourth day of TCM movies, after airing, not being available in ON DEMAND. I observed majority not on On DEMAND are Warner Brothers films. Thus, I must either dedicate time to watch when initially broadcast, often at 3:00 AM, or forgo. I called my cable provider CSR (in the Philippines) who dd not understand my concern. When she finally began to grasp my complaint she tried to get me to upgrade to X1 box with DVR. Thus, I surrender but not to Direct TV and streaming but to no more TCM.
  17. "Young Doctors" and on air now "Stage Struck" not in wide screen ---sides cut off. Moreover, another issue Foreign Correspondent not even On Demand since its airing. I' m not referring to streaming but to list of On Demand titles to watch on my cable TV. Foreign Correspondent is Criterion (Film Struck) version on demand STREAMING only. Thus, it appears if I don't watch title when initially aired in early AM or late PM I get no second chance. Or must stream to my small 15" computer screen which I won't Fed up!
  18. In addition to almost daily mailings from A T & T pushing Direct TV (satellite) received this annoying e-mail today. RE: AT&T companies share your information with each other. With our merger, WarnerMedia is now included. I presume this means sharing my TCM usage etc. Hello, WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) has joined our family! The AT&T companies share your information with each other. With our merger, WarnerMedia is now included. This will mean great deals, relevant offers and new ways for you to enjoy premium content from Turner, HBO and Warner Bros. Your priv
  19. Thank you for your input. My concern remains will Comcast (cable service) drop TCM (Turner Classic Movies)? A T & T /Time Warner (I think new name is WarnerMedia) could cause this to transpire by jacking up TCM carriage costs to Comcast. Thus Comcast would be forced to either drop TCM or hike carriage prices to subscribers. I hope not. Thanks again for your reply.
  20. At bottom of TCM pages: (see below): TM & © 2017 TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, INC. A TIME WARNER COMPANY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  21. Due to acquisition of Time Warner -- is apparently too early to determine if TCM will still be accessible via cable TV providers or mandated to only obtain by satellite provider. Only time will tell and I believe will be soon. I don't want satellite and/or be confined to streaming. Moreover, I read acquirer of Time Warner (thus TCM) will drop SD (standard definition) content in 2019. Thus, my CRT SD only TV will be adversely affected. As for my HD TV there appears to be more SD than HD content however TCM offers both However, that is via cable service. Thank you for any inpu
  22. Thanks. My apology for being confused. However, TCM no doubt has a good print: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/1091476/Bulldog-Drummond-At-Bay-Movie-Clip-I-Hope-I-Didn-t-Burn-You.html
  23. I was commenting on Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937) not The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937) aired this morning completely washed out nearly pure white. I don't know if in public domain. I immediately switched to other channels and all perfect. I have no idea why such a deplorable print. I wonder if TCM has a choice of prints. Anyone else watch or attempt to? I doubt it will be uploaded to On Demand. SteveQ
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