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  1. It doesn't have to be so complicated really. Whether it's done during the day, or in the evening with Robert/Ben hosting, either could introduce the movie with "Tonight we're honoring . . . ". It could be done with a few films where the character actor/actress truly shined. That shouldn't be too much homework on TCM's part. They could even do a poll of the fans to help with the programming. The only reason any of this came to mind was when I was watching Frank McHugh & Alan Hale in "Manpower", they just added a richness to the story. Then I remembered all the times Walter Brennan
  2. Thus, the day(s) in parentheses. I'd even suggest a whole month for for them! :-)
  3. Maybe I missed it in the many years of TCM, but how about spending some time honoring the character actors? How about a day(s) showing exclusive films that included "Cuddles" Sakall, Frank McHugh, George Tobias, Eve Arden, Walter Brennan, etc.? These actors added a depth to the main characters in every film they were featured. Let's do it!
  4. I was fortunate to find it at a local (eclectic) video store and it was indeed the movie. Thanks again, that was my last movie mystery solved. Looking back, I'm amazed at the amount of cheesy sci-fi movies I was mesmerized by on Saturday afternoon tv.
  5. Wow! Thanks a million originalzeke!! I never would have guessed a title like that. You're Aces with me pal!
  6. I have one for you scsu - I've been trying to find the title of this movie for 40 years; Two scenes I distinctly remember - one is where a single eyed alien monster gets his eye shot out by an astronaut and then it regenerates - the other scene in the same movie later is another astronaut is trying to leave a ship and a scissor type door closes and amputates his ankle. Any ideas?
  7. Does Columbia have "You Can't Run Away From It" in its original widescreen format? I've noticed the two showings I've seen on TCM have been in pan and scan format. Although it's not as great as the original "It Happened One Night", it does have its own unique charm - probably a little more if it was shown in widescreen.
  8. That would be the ultimate movie lovers heaven! I saved for 4 years and finally got a widescreen, HD ready TV. HD is definitely better, but alas, there's not much content. The void is ripe for picking, TCM, how about it?
  9. Finally, I got the widescreen DVD of The Blue Max! And it came with 12 O'Clock High! I loved The Blue Max since I saw it on network TV many years ago as a kid. Now to see it in widescreen! I'm in heaven . . .
  10. I agree greeneman. The sci-fi movies I grew up with on Saturday afternoons & late nights have never been taken seriously in the entertainment community, except by those whose imaginations were fueled by the genre. Kind of like that mother that dismissed or threw away our comic books because it wasn't real literature to feed our heads. Which would be considered classic. The Hideous Sun Demon, or Forbidden Planet? Sometimes the classification comes from whether or not a major studio financed and distributed it. Unfortunately, a lot of great independent sci-fi we grew up with is floating
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