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  1. For right now I’m planning on seeing it on Amazon Prime Video. Right after I finish season 2 of The Plot Thickens. It’s great. Do you think The Bonfire Of The Vanities or maybe a night of Brian Depalma will be on here again sometime? Featuring The Bonfire Of The Vanities again?
  2. Wasn’t that Howard Mcnear who was Floyd The Barber on The Andy Griffith Show in Fallow That Dream? That was a great one too. I loved it. It’s also so cool that Donny Douglas. Ellie Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies and Harry Morgan. Kernel Potter on Mash was in Frankie And Johnny too. He was young then and he also sounded exactly the same as he did on Mash. Wow. That’s really neat. He’s also been in all kinds of movies too.
  3. How long is everything usually on the app? I’m going to see if I could maybe see the Neo Noir lineups I’ve missed. I’ve been saving room in my DVR for SOTM Elvis.
  4. I really wish Direc TV would acquire MeTV. Antana TV and Cozi TV. Does anybody here ever watch TV Land? It’s always been a Classic TV channel. It still is. But remember when it was nothing but classic TV? A bunch of the classic TV shows are gone now. The Andy Griffith Show. Bananza and Gunsmoke never left. Mash is back. A few years ago they brought The Dick Van Dyke Show. I Love Lucy. Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie back. But those are all gone now. I would see if you could maybe watch those channels on their apps. But I think you would have to sign in with whichever TV company
  5. I just finished the lineup from the week before last and that western role in that western movie Charo was a great role for Elvis. I think and it’s also so cool that Victor French from Little House On The Prairie and Highway To Heaven. Which he and Michael Landon did together. Was in it with Elvis too.
  6. Since you mentioned summer viewing? I requested for them to bring Essentials Jr back on the Essentials Jr board a while back and I came up with a really cool new theme for it too. Check it out on the Essentials Jr board when you get a chance. I hope you like it.
  7. They’ve been saying for a while that TCM Backlot will actually discontinue for a while starting this November. Due to Covid. But I’m guessing with everything almost back to normal. As long as everybody’s been vaccinated. Maybe they’ll cancel the discontinuation and it will stay without them having to discontinue it. But even if they do discontinue it for a while? I think they’ll bring it back soon. You’re all signed up for TCM Emails on all things TCM right? I am.
  8. Did everybody know classic movies used to be on the Disney Channel? I was watching some promos on YouTube yesterday. I subscribed to all kinds of those YouTube channels. On Triple Feature Friday they had a Cary Grant triple feature and when The Magical World Of Disney was on seven nights a week. They had a fee-line theme and one of the movies was Bringing Up Baby. They would have Elvis movies. Frank Sinatra movies and concerts. All kinds of really cool stuff on the Disney Channel. Along with Disney stuff of course. Before it was what it is now. I miss those days and here on TCM they’
  9. The reddish blonde type teenage guy in Clambake? Wasn’t he in all or some of the beach movies with Frankie Avalon and my favorite Mouseketeer Annette Funichello from Walt Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club and it was also so cool that Dick Sargent. The second Daren Stevens of TV’s Bewitched was in Love A Little Live A Little or Live A Little Love A Little too. That was neat.
  10. How did Andrew McCarthy go? I missed him. Then I checked the Watch TCM app. But his lineup may have expired.
  11. Happy Fourth Of July everybody.
  12. During Martin Short’s interview with Ben Mankawitz at the festival. They both talked about how he’s also a TCM fan. How he watches TCM all the time. So please have Martin Short as a guest programmer sometime. I wonder what his picks would be. I picture him as a screwball comedy kind of guy. That would be great. He also may surprise you and he’s so funny and it was a great interview too. So please have him sometime. That would be great. Thank you.
  13. Hey Folks. How’s it going everybody? I had been away from the boards for a while. Except for those few times I was on. Because I’d been catching up on the HBO Max part of the virtual festival and what a great one it was this year. Both here on TCM and HBO Max. I’m guessing it will be in person next year. Here’s hoping.
  14. A few weeks ago. After Noir Alley? Walked A Crocked Mile or whatever it was called? Was that the movie Terror At London Bridge after it?
  15. Everybody ready for The Plot Thickens Season 2 today? I sure am. I’m going to listen a little later today or tonight. I can’t wait. Yesterday. I thought. I wonder if The Bonfire Of The Vanities ever made it to video? We’ll probably find out this season. I’m going to check it out. Meaning see the movie. If you can? Right after I listen this season of course and I hope you all really enjoy this season too. Thank you.
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