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  1. And do you think Essentials Jr will come back and you all have seen my requests for classic movies for kids. Parents and grandparents for the lineup. What do you all think the classic movies should be for kids. Parents and grandparents for the lineup? Including you TopBilled?
  2. Today. I was just wondering. Do you think The Essentials will come back and which movies does everybody think would be a great lineup for it? Including you TopBilled?
  3. I tried posting this on the Information Please board. Where could you request Christmas movies?
  4. Did Alfonso Rebearo say anything and mention anything on America’s Funniest Home Videos?
  5. Did Alfonso Rebareo say anything on America’s Funniest Home Videos? If so. I’m sure I’ll be able to find it on YouTube? Sorry if I misspelled his last name.
  6. Of course it’s a little early now. But where could you request Christmas movies?
  7. Happy Martin Luther Day Jr Day Everybody. Even though he’s no longer with us. He will always be with us.
  8. Of course she was SOTM when season 3 of The Plot Thickens Podcast Lucy first started. Which I’m still listening to and just loving iit. Of course they show The Long Long Trailer from time to time. Which is one of the movies she and Desi Arnez did together. Other then when she was SOTM? How often do they show her films?
  9. I was also going to say. I guess that answers that question about there being a memorial tribute to Sidney Poitier here on TCM.
  10. Great. It’s so sad and to bad that he died too. He was another really wonderful and really amazing actor too. He will surely be missed too and I was just about to ask if there will be a tribute to him here on TCM and there will be. Yes. Of course there will be and he’s been SOTM before right and was he actually still working these days or was he retired? I think besides seeing the clip when Oprah spoke for him? I remember seeing him at the Oscars and Golden Globes these days over the years and besides being one of her very favorite actors? I think he and Oprah were also really good fri
  11. Of course I’m still going to listen to it. But do you think someone will actually maybe step in and take over his Podcast for him?
  12. This is some really sad news. I remember Full House from when I was a kid. When it originally aired and when he hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos. He was the very first host right and didn’t Tom Bergeron take over for him and weren’t there also some hosts in between and the last time I saw him was at the very end of Tom Bergeron’s last show and some videos I remember from when he hosted. Is the Harmonica Nose Tune. Where the guy’s playing the Harmonica through his nose and the one where people were playing Nintendo. Super Mario Bros 3 and the kittie falls off the TV. Those were so f
  13. My favorite Hitchcock film is North By Northwest. If I were to pick one. I loved how he casted Cary Grant in a bunch of his movies and the scene where he’s listening to the people in front of the building. Like he’s investigating something is great and the scene towards the end where the guy’s standing in front of him on top of one of the presidents in Mount Rushmore and he’s hanging off that president going help me. I actually saw how that scene was made in the sound effects show at Universal Studios Hollywood. The shower scene in Phsyco too and I think the scene where Jimmy Stewart’s ha
  14. So sad to hear that Peter Bogdanovich has passed away. That was a really great first season of The Plot Thickens with he and Ben. I loved it. He did great movies too. I remember watching that night. It was great. I think it was before the Podcast started. If I remember right? They’ll probably pay tribute to him on here too. It’s also so cool that he actually knew Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock too. I’ve always wondered what it actually would have been like to meet Alfred Hitchcock. The virtual conversation with he and Ben hosted by Alicia Malone was so cool too. I submitted a ques
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