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  1. I just got an email about the new date. It will be October 29th and it sounds like we’re all still registered and all our questions are all still ready to go. I think. Unless we have to reregister and resend our questions. But I think we’re still all set and I’m still really looking forward to this too.
  2. I think he actually mentioned that with Robert Osbourne when he was a guest programmer. Remember? He was great too. Wasn’t he and maybe he also talks about horror films on his Podcast too. I’m going to listen sometime. I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to it a whole lot. The episode with Robert Osbourne too. The Bob Hope episode too.
  3. Is there also an episode all about remembering Bob Hope?
  4. Will they actually discontinue the Now Playing Newsletter starting next month? If so? How will we get the schedule besides clicking on it at the top of this site? Something tells me if this Now Playing email newsletter replaced the printable Now Playing Guide? Another Now Playing Guide will replace this one or maybe it’s kind of just a scam.
  5. If it’s going to disappear in a month? Will there be another Now Playing Guide?
  6. Is the last Noir Alley movie in September still on the Watch TCM App?
  7. Would Mickey Rooney actually have been 100 years old this year?
  8. I was actually just thinking about the few sequels Walt Disney made to his movies from time to time. There’s The Shaggy Dog. The Shaggy D.A. The Parent Trap and The Parent Trap 2. I haven’t actually seen The Parent Trap 2 yet. Except for maybe parts of it. It will probably be on Disney+ eventually. So if the parents get back together in the first one? What’s the second one actually about? If you don’t mind my asking?
  9. I tried looking it up. But I couldn’t find the answer. Does HBO Now cost money? I might download the app. They say it changes to HBO Max and you could also get HBO Max that way.
  10. Happy Labor Day everybody. What are your memories of The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon?
  11. I just watched the very first episode of the first season of Punky Brewster on Peacock not to long ago. It’s great. Wasn’t the owner of the apartment who Punky moved in with? In the Naked Gun franchise with Leslie Nielsen? I know I’ve seen him before.
  12. A while back I had this thought. What if they made a remake of Ferris Buller’s Day Off? My friend and I talked about it and we thought Zak Efron would make a great Ferris Buller and Will Ferrell would make a great Principle Edward Rooney. It’s a really funny movie too. Isn’t it? With Matthew Broderick and another one of my very favorites too and Matthew Broderick is another really wonderful actor and another really great and really funny guy too. Isn’t he and Matthew Broderick is another one of my very favorites too. I really love him a whole lot.
  13. Yes we do and she’ll be a great SOTM for November. Won’t she? I think I did request her. If I remember right. But I’m not sure.
  14. Do you think you could actually find Eddie Muller’s Noir Cocktail recipes? Remember. He had one with crushed Ice too.
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