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  1. Buddy Hackett would make a great SOTM too.
  2. I was just thinking. Another great SOTM would be George C Scott. He was another really wonderful actor. A very famous one too. He also did a lot of made for TV movies too. I think he did a made for TV movie for the Disney Channel in the 90s or one of his movies were on there. Anyone remember which one?
  3. I remember his 100th Birthday tribute. I saw it with Ben and his daughter. It was great. She talked about what a really great cook he was too. Hey. How old would he be now?
  4. I was thinking last night that Jerry Lewis would also make a great SOTM sometime too. It would be great to see all his movies. Especially the movies he and Dean Martin did together.
  5. I just saw The Bonfire Of The Vanities last night. Great movie. Everybody was great in it. Especially Tom Hanks. Morgan Freeman too. It probably didn’t do to well at the box office when it first came out in 1990 because of all the swearing and the scenes where they almost take their clothes off and I forget. This season did Julie Sullivan mention and talk about the part where Tom Hanks and Melanie Griffin are being attacked by those people at the beginning? She pretty much talks about the whole movie right? I remember her talking about the courtroom scenes and Morgan Freeman getting t
  6. Who here is really excited about The Plot Thickens Season 3? I sure am and the trailer’s really neat.
  7. Oh. Ok. It doesn’t matter. I’m just asking.
  8. TCM’s still in Atlanta right? Ben. Alicia. Dave. Jacqlane and Eddie all just fixed up their sets right?
  9. Whoa. The promo for season 3 is neat. I’m really looking forward to it a whole lot. I can’t wait.
  10. Happy Labor Day Everybody. Hey. Did everybody watch the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon every year?
  11. Does anyone know if you have to register to watch this event?
  12. Not bad. I love how new this site looks now too and the email letting us know and the new Now Playing Email Guide.
  13. Ok. I just herd back from TCM and they’ll pass along my idea about a future season about Mel Brooks to the Podcast team.
  14. Well. This is it. Tomorrow we’ll find out what’s new with TCM and again. I think everything will be fine.
  15. I know. I was asking if that used to be his email directly on his website?
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