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  1. I’m just starting to watch the Indiana Jones franchise with Raiders Of The Lost Ark from when it was on the Paramount Network a few weeks ago. I tivoed it and I was just thinking and wondering. You know that movie we’ve talked about on here before? Secrets Of The Incas with Charlton Heston? Which was one of the movies that actually inspired Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to make and start it off with Raiders Of The Lost Ark. along with Valley Of The Kings and GUNGA DIN. Wasn’t that a Paramount movie too?
  2. I actually forgot the S when I asked. Did she also do some movies with Leslie Nielsen and she didn’t. Right?
  3. Is that John Wayne book still available? You know the one that just came out when he was SOTM and the author was a special guest with Robert Osbourne?
  4. Did she also do some movie with Leslie Nielsen?
  5. They’re having them in April this year. Because the Oscars are actually in April this year. Right?
  6. I just watched the March On TCM video on their YouTube channel and saw that Disney’s Angels In The Outfield with Danny Glover. My man Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyed is scheduled to be on this month. Of course we’ve got the Now Playing email guide. But just in case for some reason. It’s part of the daytime themes and it’s on during the day or something? Could someone please tell me when it’s on. It’s so cool that it will actually be on here. It’s one of my all time favorite Disney movies. Love it.
  7. Ok. Thank you. Like I said. Maybe they’ll either be on Backlot sometime. TCM’s YouTube channel sometime or maybe the whole showcase will be on TCM’s YouTube channel sometime.
  8. Have they ever shown the Disney movie Cabbin Boy at the TCM Classic Film Festival or on the TCM Classic Cruise? I just a part a video on YouTube from an Anniversary screening and it looked like one of the theaters from the TCM Classic Film Festival. The red drapes and everything and I thought I’d also ask. Is it also a Pirate movie?
  9. Oh ok. Have you ever been able to find all the intros and outros from the very first one with Ben Mainkawitz and Lenoared Malton? Maybe they’ll all or that whole showcase will be on TCM’s YouTube channel sometime. I’m just asking because I actually missed the very first one.
  10. What happened to Silent Sunday Nights tonight?
  11. How’d someone put all my Treasures From The Disney Vault topics altogether?
  12. I think I was just thinking and wondering not to long ago and just now. Could anyone maybe find the Intros and Outros from the very first Treasures From The Disney Vault with Ben Mainkawitz and Lenoared Malton? I’ve tried. But all I found was the promo. Which is great too. Maybe they’ll actually be on TCM’s YouTube channel sometime and maybe the whole full showcase too. Like I said not to long ago. I just subscribed to TCM’s YouTube channel not to long ago too and it’s just so cool. I’m sorry I missed the very first showcase.
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