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  1. Thanks Peebs. I’m catching up on what I missed during the Club TCM zooms right now. HBO Max included. I just finished opening night last night. It was so cool. I saw West Side Story opening night with the cast reunion. That was so amazing and so cool too. Wasn’t it? I saw all the rest of opening night yesterday. Except for the Cary Grant movie My Favorite Wife. I don’t think that’s on the Watch TCM app and great intro from Martin himself to his movie Mean Streets ha? He’s another really wonderful. Great and amazing director ha? So did you enjoy it last weekend? Did you have a goo
  2. Sorry about that. Sometimes I just misspell. That’s all. Does it include the intro on HBO Max?
  3. Is Mel Brooks’s The Producers on the Watch TCM app from Friday? I know it’s on HBO Max. But does it include the intro from Mel Brooks from the TCM Classic Film Festival with Ben Mainkawitz on there?
  4. Does anyone know how I can find the Classic Film Festival daytime schedule from the 7th?
  5. Was My Favorite Wife on the Watch TCM app or not?
  6. I just missed the final Club TCM zoom. I thought it was at 3:00. Like it’s been all week/weekend. But it was at noon. Is there a way I could still see it sometime? I feel so bad.
  7. All the parts and movies on HBO Max. Should also still be on after the virtual festival too right? I’ve been going to bed a little early for the Club TCM Zooms part of it. So I haven’t actually checked out the HBO Max parts of the virtual festival yet. I’m planning to though. I can’t wait.
  8. I just saw the TCM Classic Movie News Report. They actually haven’t shown it for a while ha?
  9. What's happening with the Silent Films series? Seems they're being abandoned gradually. Looked forward to them every week

  10. There will be a season two of The Plot Thickens coming soon. I don’t know the exact date though and it sounds like this season will be about a new Tom Hanks movie. That will be cool.
  11. Thanks for having Disney’s Angels In The Outfield as part of the Starring Danny Glover triple feature in March. I love that movie. Danny you are a really amazing actor. I love you and I didn’t know you did any westerns buddy. That’s so cool. I’m going to have to check you out in those. I’ll see you this weekend at the 2021 Virtual TCM Classic Film Festival virtually. I can’t wait. In Ben’s intro and outro. I think he mentioned everybody. Except for Tony Danza. I’m surprised. He’s another one of my very favorites too. I love him too and wasn’t Brenda Frickter also in another movie
  12. Yeah. I think that’s it. Your So Cupid. Thank you.
  13. I have a question about a Hallmark film on Amazon Prime Video. Which Hallmark film features two girls who’s parents separate and get back together? There’s a part where the guy tells the coach guy to fallow the woman. Towards the end? It’s similar to The Parent Trap.
  14. Alright. Thank you. See you there. Virtually.
  15. Hey. I just checked the schedule for next weekend first thing this morning and I am so excited. It will be a blast. It will be one really amazing weekend. Like last year. I can’t wait and I’ve also got the schedule for everything in my email. Now. Will the parts of it on HBO Max actually be on at the same time as the parts here on TCM? I think I plan to be in the HBO Max app as I’m watching it here on TCM. So I don’t miss any festival moments.
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