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  1. And isn’t Mel Brooks also the executive producer of this one? Like he is of The Fly from 1986 with Jeff Goldblum? I think he is. If I remember right?
  2. Great. Thank you. I knew that was it.
  3. Ok. Great. Thank you and yes. Dr Strangelove was on the other night.
  4. Which movie is the one where the guy is an actor and he’s watching all kinds of clips from different movies. The Adventures Of Robin Hood is one? Is that My Favorite Year? Which is on today?
  5. When they show George C Scott’’s movies on here from time to time? Do they ever also show any of his made for TV movies?
  6. Cool. He was a really wonderful actor too. Wasn’t he?
  7. Oh yeah. That’s right. Thank you.
  8. What’s the John Wayne movie they always show on S.T. Patrick’s Day?
  9. Naughty Marietta’s on right now. Did Greg Proops show this movie when he hosted TCM’s Friday Night Spotlight On Pirate Pictures? I think he might have. But I’m not sure and is that Leslie Nielsen as the captain? It sounds like him. But I don’t think it’s him though. But he was in a 3-D Pirate movie called Pirates 4-D. He was the captain in that. His name was Captain Lucky and Eric Idol was in it too. They were both great in it. The whole cast was great in it and it’s with amazing special effects. The seats move and you even feel everything too. It’s like you’re actually in the movie. You all should see it. It’s awesome and it’s so funny too.
  10. That’s right you guys. Thank you. Wasn’t it actually based on Dr Quinn Medicine Woman on CBS?
  11. Did Jodi Foster ever do any made for TV movies? Westerns or both. I think she did. But I can’t remember. I just watched Anthony Hopkins in The Lion In Winter. Which was actually his very first movie role. It was great. He’s a really wonderful actor. Isn’t he? Now. As we speak. I’m actually watching he and Jodi Foster in Silence Of The Lambs from 1991. It just started and I think I actually remember when it first came out and Jodi Foster actually made me think of the question I’m asking.
  12. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.
  13. I looked it up and all these movies were actually on the list that inspired Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to make Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
  14. I’ve got a few requests. I would like to see some movies that actually inspired Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to make Raiders Of The Lost Ark sometime. I think that would be really cool. China 1943. Secret Of The Incas 1954. King Soloman’s Mines 1950. The Naked Jungle 1954 and Gunga Din 1939. It’s really neat to see how directors/creators actually come up with an idea for a franchise and the outfit Charlton Heston actually wore in Secret Of The Incas and the one the star wore in Gunga Din actually both look similar to the one Harrison Ford wore as Indiana Jones.
  15. I thought it was going to be a 48 hour tribute. This will be great though.
  16. Which Bob Hope movie is the one where. I think he helps take care of a boy and the boy wants a Pickle and Peanut Butter Sandwhich and Bob Hope goes. A Pickle and Peanut Butter Sandwhich and he wants to make one for his brother too. Critic’s Choice is the one where there’s a boy named John.
  17. Did Kirk’s first wife/Michael Douglas’s mother die or were they divorced?
  18. I just herd the sad news. It’s so sad and to bad. Kirk Douglas was a really wonderful actor and I bet. Both Micheal and Catherine and all the rest of his family and his wife Anne are all so sad right now. He was great in The Bad And The Beautiful. Walt Disney’s 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and there’s a movie he and Michael did together. But I forget what it’s called right now and I’m with you guys. I would love to see a tribute to Kirk Douglas in March hosted by Michael Douglas. Maybe on a certain day of the week in March all month long or maybe they could reschedule the star of the month they have planned for March and make him star of the month for eight days straight or however many days they had for John Wayne when he was star of the month a few years ago and in Primetime. It could be hosted by either Ben Mainkawitz. Dave Karger. Alicia Malone or Eddie Muller and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. He really deserves something like this. Because like you all have been saying and I agree with you. He was a Hollywood legend. Icon and really wonderful actor and we will all really miss him a whole lot.
  19. Cool. Thank you. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
  20. Cool. Do you think it’s still on HBO?
  21. Remember the movie Hitchcock where Anthony Hopkins was Alfred Hitchcock and it was actually about how he made Psyco? At the beginning people are coming out of the theatre from the premiere of North By Northwest? That’s one of my very favorites of his. I think it was the premiere and at the very end. He’s talking about making another movie with a bird on his shoulder? Which actually happens to be The Birds? Do you think there will maybe actually be a sequel and do you think it will actually be about how he made The Birds? This movie actually came out a while back. But I hope so.
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