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  1. We reregister as soon as the new date is announced right?
  2. With Charlton Heston on the scheduale again this year. Which I’m so excited about. Because I missed him last time. So I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait. Because he was just a really wonderful actor. Wasn’t he? So I have a few questions. Does anyone remember that made for TV movie for The Disney Channel and seen The Little Kidnappers? Where two kids discover a baby? I think it’s a lost baby and he’s the bad guy whose after the baby and tries to get the kids to tell him where it is? I’ve always wanted to see that. Maybe it’s on YouTube and has anyone seen the made for TV
  3. I just got two emails about the virtual conversation with Peter Bogdanovich and Ben Mainkawitz. One was a reminder and then they emailed a few minutes after. For those of you who are still really looking forward to it. It’s just been postponed. But not to worry. A new date will be announced soon. So everybody just hang in there. Ok.
  4. The special stay at home edition was really amazing and really fantastic this year. It gave us who have never been to the festival yet. Including myself a chance to actually experience it right from home and I was just wondering. Will everything that was originally scheduled for this year actually be on the schedule for next year? As long as everything’s alright by then? Including the Back To The Future reunion with the cast and a screening of Back To The Future? I think that’s what Ben said and I just love the Back To The Future Trilogy. It’s one of my very favorites. I’m actually in
  5. Do you think the Matt Helm franchise will be in a DVD and Blu-Ray box set sometime? Sure hope so. That would make a great box set. Those movies were so funny when Dean Martin was SOTM in September of 2018. It was 2018. Wasn’t it or was it 2017? I also hope they show them here on TCM again sometime too. Because like I said. They were so funny.
  6. Was the Charlton Heston movie Secrets Of The Incas on there by any chance? I checked the SUTS schedule for the 30th and it’s not listed. Neither is the Treasure Island made for TV movie from 1990. I thought those just maybe might have been on his schedule as TCM Premires.
  7. How many of you are registered to attend this event this coming Thursday? I am and I’m getting all ready for it and it’s so exciting. I think it will be great. So fun and so cool. I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait. So I have a question. Does anyone know if we’ll need the Earthbrites app for it or could we also just logon to the website or here at TCM.com?
  8. I was actually just wondering. What happened to Filmstruck? I bet there were all kinds of Classic films on there too. Including some that have never been here on TCM.
  9. For those of you who will be participating. Do you know if we’ll need the app for this? Of course instructions will be emailed to us soon. I’m just asking. I assume you could also logon to the website and will Alicia. Ben and Peter all be talking to us too?
  10. I just registered yesterday. I’m really looking forward to this. I think this will be so cool.
  11. I’m registering for this special event. A Virtual Conversation With Peter Bogdanovich And Ben Mainkawitz. I had just finished my question for both of them. Is there a submit button at the bottom? I tried going down. But it won’t let you go that far.
  12. I just started watching the tribute to Carl Reiner last night. I tivoed it that night. There are a few things in Enter Laughing that I thought were so cool. Great movie too. I thought it was so cool how he actually based it on his early days as an actor and in the movie. Did you know the guy who wrote and directed the play was actually the guy who was Alan Brady’s producer of The Alan Brady Show or Alan Brady’s assistant on The Dick Van Dyke Show? He must have actually casted him in this movie after The Dick Van Dyke Show started and the guy in the black outfit and black hat reminded me
  13. For those of you who subscribed to Peacock and downloaded the Peacock App. How many of you are having trouble with the Peacock App? I was just about to start the 5th season of Cheers last night. Because I had watched the first four seasons on Netflix and it looks like the only episodes that are free is the 1st season and it looks like when you click on any of the other seasons. They give an option of trying and paying for Premium and Premium Plus and Peacock is supposed to be free. I tried searching what to do for help. But I couldn’t find any answers. I’ll try signing in directly on th
  14. You’re right. Sorry about that. I checked one of the vols yesterday and there’s no E in Cary Grant’s first name. I don’t mean to misspell it. I just forget sometimes. That’s all. Everybody misspells sometimes. How do I remove the E in the subject line?
  15. We’ll see if there maybe is a Cary Grant Vol 3. I hope so and sorry if I might have spelled Cary Grant’s first name wrong. But for those of you who might own the two Cary Grant vols. I’m pretty sure he’s first name has an e. Sorry if I’m wrong and let’s hope for a Cary Grant Vol 3.
  16. If we were to request a Cary Grant Vol 3 in the Greatest Classic Legends Collection? Which four films of his do you think would make a great one? I think if you ask me? Maybe four of his comedies would make a great vol 3. Maybe the first two could be Bringing Up Baby and Monkey Business. Those are so funny and what do you think the other two could be?
  17. I’m really looking forward to the Hitchcock A Thon next month during the day on September 1st.
  18. Does anyone know if they could post all the intros from the very first one? From when Lenoared was with Ben? They aren’t on YouTube. The advertisement is though.
  19. I haven’t started listening yet. Except to hear what it was like. But wasn’t Robert Osbourne a guest on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast and Gilbert Gottfried was great as a guest programmer here on TCM with Robert Osbourne. Remember?
  20. Didn’t Bill Hader show Ball Of Fire during Essentials Jr and didn’t Matthew Broderick show it during TCM Spotlight On Screwball Comedy?
  21. I forgot to mention that I call him my man Tony Danza and someone also mentioned Lenoared Malton. He would be a great one too. Since he’s now part of the TCM family. As Robert Osbourne would say and he’s been hosting Treasures From The Disney Vault here on TCM and he’s also been to both the TCM Classic Film Festival and on the TCM Classic Cruise. I think he actually first started attending both right after Treasures From The Disney Vault’s Premire or whatever you want to call it or right after the second installment. He’s also a film critic/historian and a really wonderful man. I love hi
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