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  1. Great. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
  2. I hope you all don’t mind. But what would I Google to see if I could look up all the Disney Channel Original Movies in order? I’ve tried. I plan on watching them all on Disney+. I think Brink was the very first one. If I remember right?
  3. Superman The Movie 1978. Superman II 1980. TCM Premire. Superman III 1983. TCM Premire. Superman IV The Quest For Peace. TCM Premire. The Fly 1986 TCM Premire.
  4. The Night Of The Hunter 1955. The Poseidon Adventure 1972. Forbidden Planet 1956.
  5. Royal Wedding 1951. Finian’s Rainbow 1968.
  6. I think the trailer for History Of The World Part 2 at the end was just a joke. But you never know. Mel could make a History Of The World Part 2. I hope so. It sounds like he’s definitely planning for a Spaceballs sequel. He’s just waiting to hear from Rick Moranis. I’m really looking forward to it. I also read that he’s also planning on making a movie version of Young Frankenstein The Broadway Musical. I’m really looking forward to that too. But I actually haven’t seen the Broadway musical yet. I hope it still comes somewhere. I’m also reading his book right now. It’s all about ho
  7. Which Fred Astaire movie is the one where he’s dancing on the ceiling? Is that a Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers one or a different one?
  8. What’s the TCM Liberary they’ve been talking about at the TCM Shop? I know they talk about all the TCM books. But what is it?
  9. Maybe there will be a TCM Spotlight on Mel Brooks sometime and Hey. Maybe that could be the next Free Online Course too. I’ll need people to tell me what to do though. Whenever they have them. I’ve always had a little trouble knowing what to do once I’ve logged in.
  10. How many and which versions of The Three Musketeers have they shown here on TCM?
  11. Father Goose 1964. Dr Dolittle 1967.
  12. Of course they had a Classic Pre-Code Spotlight before. Hosted by Robert Osbourne and Alec Baldwin. I’m not sure if they’ve had any repeats. But I loved last week’s TCM Premire lineup of Classic Pre-Code films. I thought they could maybe have another Spotlight sometime. Then I thought. Maybe they could have Alec Baldwin come back and host as a guest host with a co-host. Then I thought maybe Ben Mainkawitz could host with the author of Forbidden Hollywood The Pre-Code Era Movies From 1930-1934 or whatever it’s called.
  13. It was great. Classic Pre-Code films are cool and I’ve got a great idea. I’m headed to the Friday Night Spotlight board.
  14. Which and how many Mel Brooks movies have been here on TCM so far? I’ve seen them all. Except for this one. Life Stinks. A while back. I started watching it. So I saw the very beginning and I kind of don’t think I had time to see the whole thing. So do you think Mel Brooks’s Life Stinks would be good for The Essentials and has it been here on TCM before or would it be a TCM Premire and remember. Before you answer this question. Tell me how many and which of his movies have been here on TCM so far.
  15. Great. Thank you. But what I meant was in the car scene. Who did Eddie Muller mention for our homework assignment?
  16. I asked in the Noir Alley thread. But what’s the blues singer’s name who’s on the radio and what’s the name of the song in Fallen Angel?
  17. What’s the Blues song called that was playing on the radio in Fallen Angel and who sings it?
  18. Does anyone know if the Matt Helm franchise with Dean Martin is in a box set by any chance? Those movies were and are so funny.
  19. I was just asking. Because I think it’s so cool that he did the trailers for his movies. So did he do them all?
  20. I hope you all don’t mind answering a question about the Disney Channel. But remember when they had Vault Disney? Zorro? The Mickey Mouse Club? Walt Disney Presents? The Ink And Paint Club and Movies? Does anyone know if they had The Story Of Robin Hood? That might have been on The Disney Drive In or both. I’m not sure.
  21. I’ve only seen some of the trailers of his movies. But Alfred Hitchcock did all the trailers of his movies right? That’s neat.
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