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  1. There will also be a S.T. Patrick’s Day Spotlight next month too right? I can’t wait. It will be so much fun.
  2. For those of you who are customers at the TCM Shop. If for some reason you forgot your password? You could create a new one right?
  3. Before the Disney one with Leslie Neilsen? Wasn’t there also an old movie version of Mr Magoo and didn’t Walter Mathu play him? That would be so cool to see.
  4. Which is the movie where Jimmy Stewart goes back to the School he went to when he was a kid? I remember the scene where he and what’s her name are playing basketball at the gym where he played when he was a kid.
  5. Let’s start a Treasures From The Disney Vault thread.
  6. I would like to see the original Sherlock Holmes franchise here on TCM sometime please. That would be so cool. Thank you.
  7. Did TCM pay tribute to Leslie Neilsen when he passed away?
  8. What are TCM Backlot Local Chapters again? I think I know. But I don’t remember.
  9. Do you think there will be Cartoon Network message boards sometime?
  10. I wonder what LA Noir will be like? It sounds cool. I’m so excited.
  11. Great idea. I would love to see all the Shirley Temple films sometime. As well as get and own the Shirley Temple collection from that Time Life TV offer. Anyone remember that and I also remember when they had Shirley Temple as star of the month a few summers ago in July. It was fantastic. I think I saw some of her movies then. But not all of them. I don’t think. They’re fantastic. Aren’t they? You definitely have got my vote for the Shirley Temple films.
  12. Is the series A Night At The Movies still on or do they only show the Christmas edition at Christmas time now?
  13. Does anyone know how to contact Cartoon Network? It seems like when you go into the App and even logon to their website. It kind of always comes up in the middle of either Cartoon Network live or a selected show the viewers could watch. I would like to make a request. Anyone remember Cartoon Theatre? It was on Saturday nights at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am? I really loved it and would like for them to bring it back sometime. I watch all the promos on YouTube all the time.
  14. This is to anyone on here who might be Backlot members and who got their questions answered by Scott McGee and Gary Freedman during last month’s/last year’s Q&A session and won a prize. I’m just checking in. Has anyone recieved their prize in the mail or on their doorstep yet? I’m waiting for my prize. Which will be a copy of Eddie Muller’s Comic Book Batman In Noir Alley.
  15. It was Treasures From The Disney Vault and it was Ben Mainkawitz who sat down with Lenoared Malton and interviewed him. That was the very first one and the only one I missed.
  16. When was the very first Treasures From The Disney Vault again? December of what year?
  17. Ok Everybody. We all want Essentials Jr back right? To see if we could all make it happen. I thought I would give this petition a try. So if anyone is with me and wants it back for the summer of 2019 with my request for the new title? Everybody sign my petition and let’s see if we could have two hundred signatures or more by May of 2019. Maybe we will here an announcement by the middle of May and maybe it will happen in June and go all summer long just like it always did/does. To read all about my really creative idea for Essentials Jr? Just go to the next one down. Let’s all give this a try everybody. Here’s hoping.
  18. When does TCM’s 25th Anniversary officially begin? Right on April 14th 2019? Sometime in April of 2019 or when? I would really love to make big plans for this. I just can’t wait.
  19. My family and I saw it the second day on the 20th. Before the holidays and Christmas. Great movie. I can’t wait to get the soundtrack. The new story is fantastic. The new music is fantastic and Dick Van Dyke’s cameo. Once again as the banker. Same character. But this time as the uncle of the banker is fantastic too. He sings and dances and everything. We went to a theatre that served dinner too. It was a really neat and really cool experience and the new cast is fantastic too. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet. I highly recommend it. Go see it. I just loved it. It’s fantastic.
  20. I hope the guest programmer series hasn’t been discontinued. Because I would really love for Ben Mainkawitz to have Mel Brooks. Kermit The Frog again. Of course Robert Osbourne had him the very first time in 2007 and Tim Allen as a guest programmer sometime. If they still don’t have January and March announced? Maybe that’s a good question for Scott McGee and Gary Freedman in March. But why don’t we keep our fingers crossed first before you submit?
  21. Hey Everybody. How’s it going? I hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas. I did. Christmas is my very favorite holiday. I just love it. I know The Wizard Of Oz will be the very first in TCM’s Big Screen Classics series for it’s 80th Anniversary to kickoff the new year 2019. Does anyone remember the dates for it next month?
  22. Wasn’t there also a remake of The Shop Around The Corner or is The Shop Around The Corner a remake of a different classic Christmas movie?
  23. TCM,s 25th anniversary will start April 14th 2019 right?
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