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  1. I was also wondering? Does anyone also know if A Christmas Story Live will be on Fox again this year?
  2. Has anybody herd anything about Bye Bye Birdie Live coming to NBC yet? It looks like Hair will be the live musical this year. But it,s supposed to be Bye Bye Birdie with Jeniffer Lopez as Rosie. I hope it,s on this year. I,m really looking forward to it. It,s one of my very favorite Broadway musicals.
  3. Does the TCM Shop still have that round Christmas ornament with the network in dark blue inside?
  4. As always. I am so excited about TCM,s Christmas Classics lineup. How many versions Of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol have they shown? You could tell me the years and stars who were Ebanezzer Scrooge. I think they have shown the one with Alister Sim. Albert Finney and Scrooge. I think and maybe more. But I,m not sure.
  5. I just thought of this. Is Scene It the Turner Classic Movies Editen still avalible? Maybe a whole bunch of you own it as well.
  6. Would The Fly from 1986 with Jeff Goldblum be ok for TCM Underground?
  7. Has Eddie Muller ever shown Detective Story on Noir Alley?
  8. I really love this movie too. It,s one of my very favorite Disney movies and I,m so glad Lenoared Malton showed during last month,s Treasures From The Disney Vault. Does anyone else know the answers to my questions? How do you think things would have turned out if Max hadn’t had brought David back in time to 1978 and do you think David and his family eventually met Dr Farrahday and David eventually met Karlin McAdams?
  9. On Cartoon Network. Does anybody remember when they had Cartoon Theatre? It was on every Saturday nights at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am and then. I think they later moved it to 8pm on Saturday nights? If so. Does anybody know how you could send a request to Cartoon Network for them to bring it back?
  10. Does anyone remember The Flintstone Kids? It aired Saturday mornings on ABC? If so. Which was the episode where they all go to an Amusement Park or a Fair and Rocky puts Fred and Barney on a Rollercoaster or scary ride and they scared?
  11. Which Muppet Movies have they shown here on TCM and they have usually shown them for a few years on Thanksgiving Day as part of their family theme right?
  12. Does anybody know the scheduale for Thanksgiving Day and Night? If they have another Family theme? That will be so cool and so fun to check out.
  13. I,m sure everybody watched last month,s Treasures From The Disney Vault. Flight Of The Navigator is one of my favorites. So I have got a few questions. How do you think things would have turned out if Max hadn’t had brought David back in time to 1978 and do you think David. Jeff and their parents eventually met Dr Farraday and David eventually met Karlin McAdams?
  14. Has anybody entered the contest yet? I was going to watch the videos and see if you have to tell what the movie you choose is about or if you just have to say which one you chose. Why it interests you and who you are deticating it to. But I can,t find the videos.
  15. What was the name again of the Charlton Heston movie that inspired Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to make Raiders Of The Lost Ark where he actually had an outfit similar to Harrison Ford,s?
  16. Thank you everybody. I,m fine now. Because I logged out yesterday too.
  17. I knew that. But what I actually ment was. Are there any videos of any enteries yet? It doesn’t look like it.
  18. I have a question about YouTube. If you,re logged in with your account and if you have a password that you only know? Could hackers still get into your YouTube account or not? I signed in earlier to make sure my username was right and it is. I kind of just want to make sure I don,t get any hackers.
  19. Do you also make a video of yourself introducing the movie of your choice and upload it to the contest homepage? Like you do for the TCM Guest Programmer contest?
  20. The Essentials don,t happen to be coming back tomorrow night with The Ghost And Mrs Muir do they? If so. That will be so cool. I,m also so excited about The Ghost And Mr Chicken with Don Knotts tomorrow night too. I hear it,s a really funny movie. I can,t wait.
  21. When I watch Treasures From The Disney Vault. It,s always so fun and so cool. Because I just love Disney so much. A whole lot. I just started this month,s last night too. It is so cool. I tivoed it on the 15th that night. Leonard Maltin does a really wonderful job as host. He is perfect for the job and perfect for the host and I am so glad TCM considered Treasures From The Disney Vault after they opened that ride at Walt Disney World. What was it called again? I have seen them all except for the very first one a few Decembers ago. Maybe Backlot will have some videos from that one sometime and maybe TCM will also show that one again sometime. Anyway. When I watch it. I always think it would be so cool if they also added some Disney movies to the TCM Big Screen Classics Series. With an intro and outro by Leonard Maltin. That would be so neat and so cool. Because Leonard Maltin has been a part of TCM and a host of TCM since he started Treasures From The Disney Vault. Does anyone know if we could request it?
  22. I would also love to request a Noir Alley message board please.
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