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  1. I was just thinking that Richard Mulligan would also make a great star of the month sometime too. He was great as the bad guy Barnabe Barnicle in 1986’s Babes In Toyland with Drew Barrymore. Keanu Reeves. Ilean Dennon and Pat Marita and it’s one of my favorite Christmas movies too. He’s also from TV’s Empty Nest. He guest starred on The Love Boat and I think he also guest starred on a Christmas episode of The Twilight Zone too and he was another really wonderful actor too. Wasn’t he? So I think he’d be a great star of the month.
  2. The other day. When I was on the The Plot Thickens I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich Podcast homepage? I think there was also a pop up email sign up or whatever. Where you could sign up to be notified about the Podcast. Is it still there and when you subscribe to it? What happens when you hit subscribe? Is there anything you have to fill out?
  3. Yeah. That’s the one I was thinking of. Rob and Laura are on their honeymoon. About to go to a play. Laura has to use the bathroom before they leave and gets locked in. Rob tries to unlock it. But can’t. So he ends up shooting the door handle. Gets Laura out and laughs about her getting her toe stuck in the bathtub and goes. You look so funny. Yep. It was funny and how about the one where Rob invites Buddy to stay with them and he’s really picky about the way he wants his eggs. He keeps complaining about all of Laura’s options and says he makes great Eggs Benedict and they get all messy and all over the walls and Rob goes something like. Buddy? Why don’t you admit you don’t know how to make Eggs Benedict? I laughed so hard. That’s another really funny one too. Isn’t it?
  4. When I went down below to the sneak peak of this month’s TCM Now Playing Guide email in last month’s TCM Now Playing Guide email and saw that Tony Curtis was going to be Star Of The Month this month. I was so excited. He’ll be a great one. He’s another great one. Remember when he guest starred on America’s Funniest Home Videos when Bob Saget hosted and he tied him and did a magic trick? It was funny and when he was the voice of himself as Stoney Curtis on The Flintstones? That was great too. So this will be fun.
  5. I think some of my favorite episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show are It May Look Like A Walnut. The one where Rob and Laura first meet and perform You Wonderful You on stage. The one where Rob invites Buddy to stay at their house. Talk To The Snail. The one where Laura tries to die her hair blonde. The one where Rob and Laura get stuck in the bathroom at the hotel and wasn’t there one where Rob and Laura decide to elope? I love them all. Great classic TV show. One of my all time favorites.
  6. I’ll keep hoping for Danny Kaye. But if not Danny Kaye this September? Either Charlton Heston. John Wayne. Dustin Hoffman Dean Martin again or Jack Lemon. If it’s John Wayne? I’ll get to catch up on all his movies I missed last time he was SOTM for five days or whatever it was. If it’s Dustin Hoffman? I loved it when they showed Hook here on TCM last summer when they had him for SUTS. If it’s Dean Martin again? Maybe they’ll show the Matt Helm franchise again. Those were great. Jack Lemon would be great too and Charlton Heston is one of the all time greats. I missed him when they had him for SUTS a few years ago. So if it’s Charlton Heston? I’ll get to catch up on a whole bunch of his movies too. My first choice is Danny Kaye. I know most of his films are out of the TCM library. But I’ll still keep hoping. Because he would be a really great SOTM. He’s great.
  7. Having Them on Underground would be so cool too.
  8. Are the Conan franchise and He-Man movie old enough to be here on TCM? I loved those when I was a kid. I don’t think I’ve seen them since and I saw a part of the He-Man movie recently a while back.
  9. I know what you mean. This Cronavirus is kind of driving me a little crazy too. I’m ready for it to be over and for everything to be back to normal. Not the new normal. Normal normal. Nice pictures of Mount Rush More/Alfred Hitchcock’s filming location for North By Northwest everybody. This is one of my very favorite movies of his.
  10. I posted and asked this on the Off Topic Chit Chat board. But maybe it should be here on the General Discussions board. Everyone remembers when Mel Brooks was on The Dick Cavett Show right? The one that’s been here on TCM that originally aired on KQED Channel 9/PBS? Didn’t he mention a new DVD box set of his show that came out that year that they were promoting and Mel Brooks goes. I’m I on it too and Dick goes. Sorry. There wasn’t any room? Anyone remember what that box set’s called? I’m looking for it on Amazon.
  11. Thanks for answering my question everybody and for that picture of when they were on The New Scooby Doo Movies. They might be SOTM this December. Either them or Abbott And Castello. For those of you who are members of TCM Backlot. Which is so fun and so cool. You probably voted. I voted for Abbott And Castello. Because their great too. But if Laurel And Hardy win and are SOTM this December? That will be great too. Because their great too.
  12. If I remember right? Laurel And Hardy actually started out as a silent film comedy duo right and then they went to movies with sound or were they always a silent film comedy duo? Remember when they guest starred on The New Scooby Doo Movies? That’s actually how I knew who they were.
  13. I requested this as part of Eddie Muller’s idea for a double feature for TCM Underground. So let’s see if this double feature happens on TCM Underground ha.
  14. June Allyson. That’s who played his wife in this movie. She and Jimmy Stewart were both great in this movie. Weren’t they and they were great in all the movies they did together too. Weren’t they and he was a really wonderful actor too. Wasn’t he and she was a really wonderful actress too. Wasn’t she? They were both really wonderful stars. Weren’t they?
  15. I just finished season one of this Podcast today. It was great and I’m going to listen to the bonus episode maybe tomorrow or sometime. Ben does a really wonderful job interviewing Peter Bogdanovich and I just loved listening to all the stories and actually hearing everything in the background. The music too and I just couldn’t wait to hear about Alfred Hitchcock. That was great. He didn’t like Eggs. When I was a kid. For a while. I didn’t like Eggs either. But now I do. Did you all like it too? I think the next Podcast I’ll try is What’s On Disney Plus. Anyone know what the very first episode is and I might also try this new one called The Pack. With Blair Underwood and all those people. Blair Underwood’s Free Form Santa and host of Free Form’s Kickoff To Christmas and 25 Days Of Christmas on Free Form. He does a really wonderful job as host. He’s great at it. I love it and I love him and I can’t wait to hear him on this new Podcast and I’ll look forward to season two of this TCM Podcast soon too. Anyone know if you actually have to fill something out when you hit subscribe in purple in the Podcast app or wherever or does it just take you to the Podcast? I listened on the Plot Thickens homepage here on TCM.com. I haven’t subscribed yet.
  16. Everyone remembers The Dick Cavett Show here on TCM with Mel Brooks right? That originally aired on KQED Channel 9/PBS? Didn’t Dick mention a DVD box set of his show that had come out that year that I think they were promoting when this first aired on KQED Channel 9/PBS? Mel Brooks goes. I’m I on it too and Dick goes. Sorry. There wasn’t any room. Anyone remember what that box set is called? I’m looking for it on Amazon.
  17. I love this movie. Jimmy Stewart is great as Glen Miller and I forget who plays his wife. It’s someone we all know though. Who is it again? Thursday night or whenever it was during TCM Spotlight On Jazz In Film was the second time I saw it and before I saw it for the very first time. I had no idea Glen Miller and is orchestra played that music we know that has been featured in all kinds of other movies and stuff. That’s really neat. In Big where Josh and his girlfriend are at the dance. That was the music they were dancing to. In Dennis The Menace at Mr and Mrs Wilson’s garden party. That music was playing at their garden party and in the Disney’s The Parent Trap remake. That same music was playing at the hotel. That’s really neat and Jimmy Stewart was a really wonderful actor. Wasn’t he and the one who played Glen Miller’s wife too. Wasn’t she?
  18. It will probably always be here on TCM though.
  19. Yeah. I just saw it. Thank you TopBilled. I think that’s a great idea that Eddie had and Mr Gorman. You’re right. I just misspelled it. Sorry about that and I thought I’d request Eddie’s idea on the TCM Underground board. But I guess it could be posted here on the General Discussions board. So let’s hope for this. Ok everybody.
  20. What happened to my request yesterday for Eddie Muller’s idea for a double feature for TCM Underground on the TCM Underground board? I wasn’t being mean or rood or anything.
  21. The weekend before last weekend on Noir Alley. When Eddie Muller showed Robert Wagner in A Kiss Before Dying. After the movie. He talked about a movie called The Brain Who Wouldn’t Die from 1962 and a movie called Agent For H.A.R.M from 1966 and he was saying that that would make a great double feature for TCM Underground. I think so too and I also love Spy movies and Spy spoofs too. So I’m requesting his idea right here. I’d love to see this double feature. So let’s see if we could make it happen folks. This is for you and all of us Eddie and maybe you could talk about it on Noir Alley sometime. If it happens and maybe they’ll even have you as a special guest host on TCM Underground too. How cool would that be? I hope so. Yeah. So let’s go everybody.
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