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  1. It sure is the inspiration for the Indiana Jones franchise. That’s why I’m hoping they show it here on TCM sometime and that’s why I’d pick it and it sure does look like a great movie. Doesn’t it and yes I am a Charlton Heston fan. I just really loved him a whole lot. He was such a really wonderful and really amazing actor. Wasn’t he and I think he’d be a great Long John Silver in Treasure Island from 1990 and have you ever herd of a movie he did called The Little Kidnappers? Where these kids find a baby and he’s the bad guy who’s after the baby. I also really love many other stars and
  2. I’m so glad you asked. Thank you so much. If I were a guest programmer? My movie picks would be The Incredible Mr Limpet 1964. The Wizard Of Oz 1939. Harvy 1950. Treasure Island 1990. A TCM Premire. And Secrets Of The Incas 1954. A TCM Premire. How’s that sound?
  3. I just emailed TCM not to long ago about something new they could add to their programming. A showcase called The TCM Drive In. They could show all kinds of classic movies and stuff. That would be really neat. I haven’t gotten a response from them yet though. They said they were going to respond eventually.
  4. Yes I am. There was also a show called Now Playing The Show. It was on every month and you were also able to watch what you read about in the guide every month. It was great. Let me know what you think when you find my post. It’s on the General Discussion board and I think the last guest programmer was Robert Redford and that guy. If I remember right? Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if they bring it back. I hope so. How about you?
  5. I’d love that too and when you get a chance? Be sure to check the General Discussion board. I also requested for them to bring back Now Playing The Show too.
  6. But you guys remember Carson On TCM hosted by Conan O Brian right? That’s what I was talking about when I requested it and all the guests and guest hosts and stuff. Clips and interviews and I have subscribed to the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson YouTube channel. It’s great. I love it.
  7. Hey TopBilled. I just added Rick Moranis to the Future Guest Programmers thread. As well as some people I requested separately and some other people I think would be great guest programmers too.
  8. Rick Moranis. Bob Barker. Drew Carey. Tim Allen. Jimmy Fallon. Stephon Colbert. Mel Brooks. Steve Martin. Martin Short. Dick Van Dyke. Julie Andrews. Kermit The Frog again. The Muppets.
  9. I was also thinking. How about bringing Now Playing The Show back too? That was neat. Ben Mainkawitz. Dave Karger. Alicia Malone. Eddie Muller. Jacqlane Stewart and all the guest hosts could all be on it this time too. That would be great.
  10. Dom DeLuise. Don Rickles and come on you guys. I’m not trying to request none classic films on this channel at all or full shows of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. You can’t fool me. You remember Carson On TCM? Hosted by Conan O Brian and interviews and clips were what I actually meant. Ha ha ha.
  11. I was just thinking yesterday. How about having some more Carson On TCM sometime? I’ve thought about some guests too. How about Ellen Degereres. Rosie O Donnell. George Lopez. Ray Romano. Steve Martin. Rodney Dangerfield. Jim Carrey. Some more of Mel Brooks. Jim Henson. Drew Carey. Some animal segments. Including the World Famous Peabody Ducks with their owner. Robin Williams and Bette Midler. Featuring Bette Midler singing Make It One For My Baby And One More For The Road. Tony Bennett. Barry Manilow. Neil Patrick Harris and some guest hosts. Including Kermit The Frog with
  12. Whoa. That’s neat. Thank you.
  13. We all know that Robert Preston. Shirley Jones and Buddy Hackett were all probably in the original Music Man movie right? But somebody told me a few times that Dick Van Dyke was also in a movie version. Is that true?
  14. Hey. You know. I just thought of something. It would be just so cool if they actually had you get virtual passes. But maybe to where you actually didn’t have to pay. That would be really neat.
  15. I know. I was actually just on the homepage reading all about it again and I’m actually making plans right now. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. Now. I’m sure details will be announced as it gets closer and closer. But will all the interviews. Discussions. Panels and all that all be going on on HBO Max at the same time as the Film Festival movies and all that is here on TCM itself?
  16. Where you actually able to talk with Robert Osbourne on these boards from time to time?
  17. One month from today guys and we’ll all be at the Virtual 2021 TCM Classic Film Festival. I can’t wait. See you there.
  18. Cool. I’m glad you like my idea. I hope everyone else does too. Because like I said. I think this would be neat.
  19. Hey Everybody. Happy Easter. Hey. I just thought of this yesterday. I’ve got another really great idea for a Spotlight. How about a Phantom Of The Opera Spotlight? With every single movie version ever made? I think that would be really neat. Besides the movie version of Andrew Lloyed Webber’s and Andrew Lloyed Webber’s play? The only movie versions I’ve seen so far out of the original ones are. The silent version here on TCM on Silent Sunday Nights and the one with Nelson Eddy as the Phantom. Which was the one Michael Crawford saw and studied for the role in London. New York on Bro
  20. Was this Robin Hood actually on the Disney Channel on the Disney Drive In or was that a different one?
  21. Great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. This will be great. Just like last year. It was quite a really amazing experience from home. I just really loved a whole lot. Thanks again. See you all there the virtual way. I’m really looking forward to it a whole lot.
  22. I just read that it was postponed last year. Due to covid. I think I remember that now. But was the AFI Life Achievement Award A Tribute To Julie Andrews ever rescheduled last year? Like they said they were going to try to do or was it not on last year? My guess is it probably wasn’t on last year. Because I couldn’t find anything on YouTube.
  23. This is so exciting that this year’s Virtual Classic Film Festival will actually take place right here on TCM itself again and on HBO Max this year. Two venues the virtual way right? I’ve checked out the TCM section on HBO Max/the HBO Max app. So I’m planning ahead. Now. Will different interviews and events actually be going on at different times? Like will some be presented right here on TCM and others on HBO Max or will it all be going on both places at the same time? This is so I know where and when to catch everything. So I don’t miss a minute of this. Thank you.
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