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  1. Great idea.  He would be a really wonderful choice.  A really wonderful host and I think he would do a really wonderful job.  Wouldn’t he?  I watched that show on CBS too.  But I think only the first season.  I may have started to watch the second season.  Great show.  Wasn’t it and I was just thinking earlier.  Wasn’t the original Sherlock Holmes actually the voice of Basel in Disney’s The Adventures Of The Great Mouse Detective?  I know Vincent Price was Professor Rattigon and Alan Young was Olivia’s father.

  2. I requested  it on the TCM Underground board.  But does anyone think The Fly from 1986 with Jeff Goldblum would actually be great for TCM Underground?  Is that the right theme?  I’ve always wanted to see it.  I hear it’s a great movie and isn’t Mel Brooks actually the executive producer?

  3. Does anyone know how many Flintstones movies there are and I think The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones are included in the franchise too.  So could anyone tell me the movies in order?  I just watched The Man Called Flintstone last night. Which was their first full length movie.   Which I own.  Great movie.  So you guys could tell me all the movies in order.  Starting with that one.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you.

  4. After watching Frosty The Snowman this holiday season and hearing him sing a Christmas song on SiriusXM’s Hallmark Channel Radio.  I would love to see Jimmy Durante as SOTM.  I think he would make a great one and after seeing The Year Without A Santa Claus every holiday season.  With Shirley Booth as the voice of Mrs Claus and Mickey Rooney as the voice of Santa.  I would love to see Shirley Booth as SOTM.  I think she would make a great one too.  I would also love to see Bob Hope as SOTM.  He would make a great one and I would really love to see Danny Kaye as SOTM.  I just love him.  I think he would make a great one too.

  5. I’m sure you all have seen the Christmas movie Deck The Halls with Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick.  Very funny Christmas movie.  In the scene where Matthew Broderick is sad and all alone.  Which Christmas movie is he watching?  Is that Meet Me In S.T.  Louise with Judy Garland or which Christmas movie is that?

  6. I know Lenoared Malton hasn’t shown it during Treasures From The Disney Vault yet.  But what’s Christmas With Walt about?  They will be showing it and Mickey’s Christmas Carol at the Walt Disney Family Museum this year next month.  Cool.  They’re showing Mary Poppins this month.  Right now.  Cool.

  7. I need help.  On the Disney Plus website.  I was checking things out and I clicked on sign up now.  Because I thought there was going to be a form you had to fill out.  I assume there is.  Is there a form to fill out.  I was just going to check it out.  I wasn’t going to sign up yet.  So is everything alright?

  8. I don’t think Mel Brooks has been a guest programmer yet.  But he would be perfect.  I would definitely really love to see Mel Brooks as a guest programmer.  Either co-hosting a night of his movies with Ben Mainkawitz with a copy of his book.  A Mel Brooks Book.  Young Frankenstein.  The Story Of The Making Of The Film or some picks of his own.  I think having him co-host a night of his movies with a copy of his book would be really neat.  He and Ben could talk about them and the book and stuff.  So let’s keep our fingers crossed and I have been reading his book.  It’s really fantastic.

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  9. Since the Bond films are actually here on TCM?  Which is just so cool.  I’m just really loving and really enjoying it a whole lot.  Anyone remember the James Bond Jr cartoon series from the early 90s?  Which was based on this franchise?  All the characters were actually all related to the characters from this franchise.  James Bond Jr was James Bond’s nephew.  I.Q.  Was Q’s nephew and some other characters were Gordo.  Stacey.  Trever.  But I’m not sure who they all were related to.  Anyone know?  Some of the villains were also in it too.  Dr No.  Nick Nack.  Jaws and they all worked for the leader Scum.  Who was he in the franchise?  There might have also been some other villains in it from the franchise too.  If so?  Who else?  There was also the guy who was kind of like the teacher at the academy.  School or whatever it was.  He had a blue shirt on and I think in the very first episode.  He mentions to James Bond Jr that he actually knows or knew James Bond.  Who was he related to in the franchise?  It was also a really cool cartoon too.

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