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  1. When will October,s scheduale be up?
  2. This is so cool. Has anybody else herd? I am so excited.
  3. I,m sure you all have herd that Neil Diamond,s Hot August Night III concert will be airing on PBS this Saturday September 22nd. I tried looking for it on channel 9 and channel 22. Which is another PBS channel and I couldn’t find it. So if anyone knows which PBS channel it,s on and what time it,s on? Let me know. So I could tivoe it. I have Direc TV. Thank you all so much for your help.
  4. Could you bring a Swimsuit in case you maybe wanted to go swimming at the Hollywood Roseavelt and you can,t go swimming during the Poolside Screenings and watch them from in the Pool right or could you?
  5. I,m actually hoping they show a whole bunch of his movies if there,s a tribute. Including Cop And A Half from 1993. Remember when he was Officer Nick Makena? That,s how I got to know who he was. Great movie too.
  6. Someone posted a message about a Burt Renolds tribute soon. Which board is it on? I would love to read it. I think a Burt Renolds tribute would be so cool.
  7. So far my request for Danny Kaye as star of the month eventually has been a hit. So maybe the more posts we post. Maybe we will get lucky for this November.
  8. Was there an 80s version of Land Of The Lost or just a 70s and 90s version?
  9. So sad to hear about the passing of Burt Renolds. He was a really wonderful actor. We all really loved him a whole lot. Didn,t we? I really loved him a whole lot too. Did any of you attend the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival? When he and the cast of Deliverance all introduced Deliverance together? Great movie and has anybody seen Frankenstein And Me? I want to see that.
  10. Nope. I was just checking in. I really enjoyed it last night. I thought it was a really cool start with Ben showing some of the movies that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis did together. I thought it was so neat and so cool. I just loved it.
  11. Did anybody have some Dean Martin Wine last night while they were watching?
  12. No one knows yet. But like I said. I,m really hoping for Danny Kaye. He,s one of my favorites and like I told everybody. When you get a chance. Logon to YouTube and watch Kraft Salutes Disneyland,s 25th Anniversary from 1980 when Danny Kaye hosted. He did a really wonderful job and it,s fantastic and keep your fingers crossed for Lenard Malton to show it during Treasures From The Disney Vault sometime. It could happen.
  13. The Disney Channel used to have an event called The Disney Drive In. Which aired Saturdays at 1:30pm/12:30c and that gave me an idea For Essential,s Jr. For summer of 2019. If The Disney Channel could have The Disney Drive In? TCM could have The TCM Drive In. If there are any Drive In,s near the TCM studios in Atlanta. That could the set. If not? The TCM studios itself is fine. The hosts could either be Bill Hader with some kids. Sean Hayes with some kids. John Lithgow with some kids. The Muppets. Kermit The Frog. Robin. Miss Piggy. Statler and Waldorf with some kids. The hosts could be in their car. If the Drive In set works out. If not. They could just be on the TCM set itself and here,s what the lineup could be. Monkey Business 1952. Alice,s Adventures In Wonderland 1972. TCM Premire. The Wizard Of Oz 1939. Annie 1982. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 1939. The Ghost And Mr Chicken 1966. The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T 1953. Lassie,s Great Adventure 1963. The Great Muppet Caper 1981. TCM Premire. The Muppets Wizard Of Oz 2005. TCM Premire. Treasure Island 1990. TCM Premire. Pinocchio 1976. TCM Premire. The Adventures Of Robin Hood 1938. It could be on at Essential,s Jr,s normal time slot. Sunday nights at 8pm Est 5pm Pac. All summer long.
  14. I,m really hoping for Danny Kaye. He is one of my very favorites and he,s so good and if you haven,t seen Kraft Salutes Disneyland,s 25th Anniversary from 1980 when he hosted? I highly recommend you watch it on YouTube sometime. He was so great on that. I just love it and if we,re lucky. Maybe Lenoared Malton will show that Disney,s Wonderful World presentation as part of Treasures From The Disney Vault sometime.
  15. Are Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner also planned and provided at the festival each day?
  16. Will there be a tribute to Neil Simon next month? I hope so. So sad that he passed away. He was a really great man and he did really great films. We will all really miss him so much.
  17. I know they have shown The Incredible Mr Limpet and I,m guessing maybe some of Don Knotts,s other movies too. But have they ever shown The Ghost And Mr Chicken here on TCM before?
  18. Are any of the original Sherlock Holmes movies for kids?
  19. They have shown all the original Sherlock Holmes movies here on TCM before right? Including the 1939 version right?
  20. Does anyone know which Muppet movies have aired here on TCM so far?
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