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  1. Yeah. I just saw it. Thank you TopBilled. I think that’s a great idea that Eddie had and Mr Gorman. You’re right. I just misspelled it. Sorry about that and I thought I’d request Eddie’s idea on the TCM Underground board. But I guess it could be posted here on the General Discussions board. So let’s hope for this. Ok everybody.
  2. What happened to my request yesterday for Eddie Muller’s idea for a double feature for TCM Underground on the TCM Underground board? I wasn’t being mean or rood or anything.
  3. The weekend before last weekend on Noir Alley. When Eddie Muller showed Robert Wagner in A Kiss Before Dying. After the movie. He talked about a movie called The Brain Who Wouldn’t Die from 1962 and a movie called Agent For H.A.R.M from 1966 and he was saying that that would make a great double feature for TCM Underground. I think so too and I also love Spy movies and Spy spoofs too. So I’m requesting his idea right here. I’d love to see this double feature. So let’s see if we could make it happen folks. This is for you and all of us Eddie and maybe you could talk about it on Noir Alley sometime. If it happens and maybe they’ll even have you as a special guest host on TCM Underground too. How cool would that be? I hope so. Yeah. So let’s go everybody.
  4. Does anyone remember Eddie Muller’s Idea for a double feature for TCM Underground last weekend after A Kiss Before Dying. It was The Brain Who Wouldn’t Die and what was that Spy spoof he was talking about again? I had it. But now I can’t remember.
  5. For whenever they have another one. Could anyone explain to me what to do when you participate in the free online courses? I’d been having trouble with it almost every time and I know I’m not the only one. So when I try it again? What’s the first thing you actually do right when you log in and maybe you could explain the whole thing to me too.
  6. I just loved Robert Wagner’s performance in A Kiss Before Dying and I can’t wait to see him in all his Spy movies sometime. Hey. Anyone remember Eddie’s idea for a double feature for TCM Underground? It was The Brain Who Wouldn’t Die and what was that Spy spoof he was talking about. I had it. But now I can’t remember. I would like to request that idea on the TCM Underground board.
  7. Does anybody here ever watch FreeForm? If so? Have you ever emailed them with any ideas or requests? Down below. Where it says the company actually doesn’t accept any requests or ideas. Does that mean you can send in your ideas or requests or not? I know it’s a little early. But I think Blair Underwood does a really wonderful job hosting FreeForm’s Kickoff To Christmas and 25 Days Of Christmas as FreeForm Santa and last year’s 25 Days Of Christmas jingle was so cool with the Carolers coming to his house and singing. I just loved it. So I’ve actually got a really cool idea I thought of ahead for this year that I would like to maybe email and pass onto them. If you could. But I’m not sure you could do that. Could you?
  8. Sorry if I have a lot of questions on these boards. But I had a question for Disney+. I don’t think you could email them. I think you could only have a live chat or call. So if anyone here has Disney+? Does anyone know if there are any episodes missing from the Disney series from the late 80s-90s? Like Disney’s Adventures Of The Gummi Bears? The original Disney’s DuckTales? Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers? Disney’s Talespin? Darkwing Duck? Goof Troop? Bonkers? Etc or are they all in order in each season?
  9. I hope this isn’t a silly question. But does anyone know if you could watch the ABC World Television Premire of Disney’s Moana on The Wonderful World Of Disney from May 20th? I missed it. I tried the ABC App and ABC.com and couldn’t find it and I love The Wonderful World Of Disney too. I’ve got it tivoed from last week though. It was Thur The Dark World. So that’s the good news. The second installment of the Thur franchise. So if anyone knows if you could watch the presentation of Moana? Please let me know. So I could catch up. I tried YouTube too. But it’s only got the opening with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. If you can’t watch it online? Then. I’ll watch the opening and I’ll watch it on Disney+. I would love to try to watch the Wonderful World Of Disney presentation online though. Thank you.
  10. Whoa. How cool is this? Fiddler On The Roof is one of my very favorite musicals. So many really wonderful music and songs. I’ll be really looking forward to this.
  11. Ok. That was a really nice story. Thank you.
  12. Alright. Thank you. I didn’t think Carey Grant was in it.
  13. Was Carey Grant in Some Like It Hot too or was Tony Curtis just saying he played him in the movie? I don’t remember him being in that.
  14. Did someone just leave the Walt Disney Company? This morning on Live. I herd Kelly Ripa say that a woman has actually been with the company longer then Walt Disney himself.
  15. This is a cool idea. It’s a great idea. It’s a really wonderful idea. After talk about Treasures From The Disney Vault with Lenoared Malton of course. You all probably have figured out that I’m also a Disney fanatic myself. I’ve really loved it ever since I was a little kid. So I was so excited when TCM acquired Treasures From The Disney Vault a few Decembers ago with Lenoared Malton as host. I missed the very first one though. Where Ben Mainkawitz sat down with Lenoared Malton. But maybe they’ll show it again sometime. Anyway. Every Friday night. I make up my own Wonderful World Of Disney with Disney+. I call it The Wonderful World Of Disney+. Here are the Disney movies and shorts I’ve watched so far. Disney/Pixar’s Onward. Mr Mouse Takes A Trip with 20000 Leagues Under The Sea. A Tribute To Kirk Douglas. The New Neighbor with The Story Of Robin Hood 1952. Donald Duck’s Winter Storage with Robin Hood 1973. Donald Duck’s Grand Canyonascope with The Soward In The Stone and this week I’ll be watching Donald Duck’s Corn Chips with A Kid In King Arthur’s Court. I’ve included Walt Disney Shorts with the movies. Because in the late 80s early 90s. In the theatres. Cartoons played with the movies. Tummy Trouble played with Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Mickey And The Seal played with Cheetah. A Warner Bros cartoon played with DuckTales The Movie Treasure Of The Lost Lamp. a Warner Bros cartoon played with Home Alone. Runaway Brain played with A Kid In King Arthur’s Court. Runaway Brain isn’t on Disney+ yet. But it will be sometime I’m sure. the Amusement Park Roger Rabbit cartoon played with Dick Tracy. So I think I kind of thought I’d include a Walt Disney Short with the movies for old time sake. To remember those days and I watched Mr Duck Steps Out with Cinderella for Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day and Lady And The Tramp I&II to get ready for the all new live action remake. Which is really amazing too. I also watched the latest Disney Christmas movie Noel this passed December for the holidays and Christmas. Which is really amazing and really excellent. So if you also review all these? I can’t wait to hear it. Thank you.
  16. Hallmark Channel’s Countdown To Christmas will actually be on Saturday’s this month. Are they actually starting their countdown to Christmas this year right now?
  17. That’s too bad. He was a really great and really funny guy. I was watching the reports on his death on all kinds of the news and stuff and some of these videos here on this thread from when he was at the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival. I haven’t finished yet. But I will and What a really cool career he had. Whoa. I hope TCM pays tribute to him. I would really love to see that. Something tells me there will be one coming next month. I hope so. We’ll see. Did TCM show any Carson On TCM segments from when he was on when Conan O Brian hosted? That would be so cool to see sometime too and I wonder if he was a guest programmer or guest host? I’m sure for Johnny he was a guest host. But here on TCM I mean. I saw the picture of him from when he was on Jay Leno. Cool picture. I bet he was on Merv Griffin and Dick Cavett too. We’ll all miss him. Won’t We? Fred. We’ll miss you. We love you.
  18. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland 1972. TCM Premire.
  19. This could be moved to the Essentials Jr board. Of course At Home With The Kids is going on. Which is why I actually wonder. Do you think Essentials Jr will maybe actually return this summer? Starting next month? Like it always did? I really miss it and while you’re on the Essentials Jr board. Please check out my request for it and my petition.
  20. That’s too bad. He was a really great man. We all loved him. He was cool and he was so funny too. I’ve been humming and singing his songs lately. I still am. Does anyone remember when the Disney Channel had those music breaks and there was a music video of him singing On Top Of Spaghetti? I think with his group? I think that’s how I knew who he was. Then I learned about how he did Tooti Fruiti. Good Golly Miss Molly. Long Tall Sally and all his songs. I also looked on YouTube for the Walt Disney World Inside Out episode he did. But I couldn’t find it and I saw the Full House episode he did. We’ll all really miss him. Won’t we? If there will be any tributes to him? Please let me know and maybe you could find videos of the stuff I just mentioned. Oh. and I’ve also seen him on Sesame Street too. We’ll all really miss you so much Little Richard. We all love you.
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