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  1. Cool. I am so really looking forward to this. Like I said before. My wish came true. Yes.
  2. What did Lenoared Malton show for Treasures From The Disney Vault last time again and it was in June right?
  3. Yep. I herd it on Good Morning America this morning. It will be so cool. It’s scheduled to be out in theatres in April of 2020. I am really looking forward to it a whole lot.
  4. I forgot to mention that I am also a really huge Carey Grant fan. That’s also one of the reasons why I also would have wanted him to play James Bond after seeing him in that part of Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest I was talking about.
  5. Did anybody see my request for a Bond Spotlight on the Friday Night Spotlight board? I am so excited about this too. Because my wish and request actually came true. This will be so fantastic. I know he didn’t actually have an accent. But after seeing the part in Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest where Carey Grant is looking up at the house and listening to the people’s conversation. Like he’s investigating the situation? I think he would have been a really cool James Bond too. Carey Grant actually reminds me of Sir Sean Connery’s James Bond. His hairstyle and if the last Bond would have been Daniel Creag’s last one? I think Hugh Jackman would have been a great one too. I thought about Arnold S. But I’m not sure. He’s a really wonderful actor though. Isn’t he and I’m glad Daniel Creag is coming back.
  6. Is this an upcoming event that will air here on TCM this October?
  7. Anyone who loves Disney should know this. How many volumes are in the Disney Sing Along Songs Collection? I can’t remember.
  8. How did Danny Kaye die and what did he die from?
  9. Has anybody here seen Kraft Salutes Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary from 1980? Hosted by Danny Kaye? If not. I highly recommend it. That’s how I knew who he was and I have really loved him ever since and he was really wonderful as host and he did a really wonderful job too. You could watch it on YouTube. It’s from when it was on The Disney Channel as part of Vault Disney. I hope you all love it and I need Danny Kaye as SOTM. Everybody head on over to the Star Of The Month board and check out my request. Thank you.
  10. We’re all really hoping they have Danny Kaye as Star Of The Month sometime. Has he ever been Star Of The Month before or will it be a very first time for him?
  11. I’ve always really loved Ben Vereen too.
  12. I was just thinking and wondering earlier. Has TCM ever shown any of Ben Vereen’s movies? He would be so cool to see too.
  13. When Dean Martin was Star Of The Month last September. The franchise they showed with him as part of the lineup that day of the week and were also TCM Premires. Was the Matt Helm franchise. Which I absolutely just loved. It was just so cool actually seeing Dean Martin as a secret agent and those were also so funny too. I don’t think TCM has shown them since then. So I would really love to see those again. All the way through too. I missed some of them and if they came in a box set. I would get them too. Maybe some day they will.
  14. Thursday night Jimmy Fallon announced his second annual Tonight Show Summer Reads. I just tried voting and there wasn’t anything that said vote or anything like that. Anyone know how to vote for a book?
  15. I just watched The Muppets Take Manhattan earlier tonight from the weekend before last. I tivoed both The Wizard Of Oz and that from that Saturday and I just loved seeing The Muppets Take Manhattan here on TCM. Which restaurant in New York did Jim Henson and Frank Oz actually use for Pete’s? Is it actually gone now or is it actually still there and when Kermit walked into Sardi’s in his disguise. I actually recognized it right away. Because of the pictures from the inside. That was so cool. I go. Whow. That’s Sardi’s and which Theater on Broadway did the Muppets Musical Manhattan Melody’s actually take place in? Is that Theater actually gone or is it actually still there? So. Who’s up for another Muppet movie on TCM? I sure am. I vote for the first two. The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper.
  16. You know how we’re all hoping for them to have Danny Kaye as SOTM sometime? Well. I was wondering. Have any of you seen the made for TV musical of Pinocchio with Sandy Duncan as Pinocchio and Danny Kaye as Gapetto? If so. Is that one good and if it actually hasn’t been here on TCM before? Maybe it will make a great TCM Premire? I’ve always wanted to see it.
  17. Yep. That’s a great one too. Isn’t it? They’re all great. All the actors and all the movies. Arn’t they?
  18. Yes. My wish came true. Thanks TCM and Thank you too TopBilled for posting this info. I will really be looking forward to it a whole lot and I really love James Bond a whole lot. Are you a Bond fan too? Who’s your favorite and which movies are your favorite? Mine are Sir Sean Connery. Roger Moore and Pirce Brosnan and four of my favorites are Dr No. Goldfinger. The Man With The Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me. I really love all the Bond’s and all the movies. But those are three of my favorite Bond’s and four of my favorite movies. I can’t wait. This will be so exciting. So amazing. So fantastic and so cool.
  19. Great. Thank you and I also know The Muppet Movie is coming back to the big screen for it’s 40th Anniversary. I don’t think it’s part of this series though. I’m going to try to go see it. It will be so cool on the big screen. I really love The Muppets a whole lot.
  20. When I saw the July On TCM advertisement earlier. It had one of the Muppet movies. Could anyone tell me which one will be on and what day? I don’t want to miss it. I really love the Muppets. A whole lot. Thank You.
  21. Great choice. Vincent Price is another really wonderful one too. Isn’t he? I really love him a whole lot too and since he did all kinds of scary movies? He is perfect for the month of October/Halloween. Isn’t he? I would love to see Vincent Price as Star Of The Month in October again. You got my vote. I vote yes. But if it doesn’t happen to be Vincent Price in October again this year? I’m really hoping for Danny Kaye.
  22. I am so pleased to read and hear that you all are with me about having Danny Kaye as Star Of The Month. I really hope it’s Danny Kaye. I just love him a whole lot. He was so talented and so wonderful. Wasn’t he? So let’s all keep our fingers crossed. I also posted him on the Star Of The Month board a long time ago and I was also asking. Anyone remember when he hosted Kraft Salutes Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary in 1980? He was so outstanding and so excellent when he did that. I just really loved it a whole lot and I would just really love to see all of his movies. It would just be so much fun and so cool. Wouldn’t it? It’s to bad that he died too. Isn’t it?
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