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  1. Does anyone know if they could post all the intros from the very first one? From when Lenoared was with Ben? They aren’t on YouTube. The advertisement is though.
  2. I haven’t started listening yet. Except to hear what it was like. But wasn’t Robert Osbourne a guest on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast and Gilbert Gottfried was great as a guest programmer here on TCM with Robert Osbourne. Remember?
  3. Didn’t Bill Hader show Ball Of Fire during Essentials Jr and didn’t Matthew Broderick show it during TCM Spotlight On Screwball Comedy?
  4. I forgot to mention that I call him my man Tony Danza and someone also mentioned Lenoared Malton. He would be a great one too. Since he’s now part of the TCM family. As Robert Osbourne would say and he’s been hosting Treasures From The Disney Vault here on TCM and he’s also been to both the TCM Classic Film Festival and on the TCM Classic Cruise. I think he actually first started attending both right after Treasures From The Disney Vault’s Premire or whatever you want to call it or right after the second installment. He’s also a film critic/historian and a really wonderful man. I love hi
  5. I just watched the video On YouTube from when Tony Bennett and Billy Joel were on The Today Show performing The Good Life together from his first Duets album. From when it first came out. I remember that day so well and I was actually just wondering. How old will Tony Bennett actually be this year? I think 95. But I think I kind of forget right now.
  6. Tony Danza. He’s one of my all time favorites. I love him. I’ve loved him ever since I was a kid. Ever since Who’s The Boss originally aired. He would be perfect.
  7. These new segments are so cool. The other day. I think it was either yesterday or the day before. They showed this where Ben. Dave. Alicia. Jacqlane and Eddie were all talking about their favorite directors. They all like Alfred Hitchcock mostly. Me too. I think it would have been so cool to meet him. Ben also mentioned a different director. But I think I kind of forget his name right now and today I saw one where Ben and Eddie were walking through this restaurant and place in LA where all the stars used to go and still go. Like I said. These are so cool. Maybe they’ll have more
  8. I agree. Maybe he’d make a great SOTM sometime too. We could request it on the star of the month board.
  9. Yeah. Sir Sean Connery would be a great one too. He’s a really wonderful actor. Especially as Bond. James Bond. That was a really cool special theme last September. Wasn’t it and I requested it.
  10. Dick Cavett. He is a talk show legend and he’s been to the TCM Classic Film Festival quite a few times or maybe he’s gone since the very beginning. So he’d be a great TCM guest programmer too.
  11. Thank you for the Dudley Moore double feature TCM. It was great. Has anyone seen the Christmas movie Santa Claus The Movie? With he. John Lithgow and I think there are all kinds of famous people in it too. Dudley Moore’s the Elf. John Lithgow’s the bad guy. I think it came out in the 80s. Like 1983 or something. If I remember right? Great Christmas movie.
  12. Yes I did and yes he would. So let’s keep keeping our fingers crossed and keep hoping together. Ok. Here’s hoping.
  13. Yes we did TopBilled and we had a really great time talking about him too. Didn’t we and he would be fun. Wouldn’t he? Was he someone else’s subject on the other thread or was it mine to begin with? I think it was mine to begin with. I don’t remember and I asked you if we should maybe post him on the guest programmer board and you and I thought it was a great idea and I did that. Remember? So we’ll both keep our fingers crossed and hopping together right?
  14. I just herd yesterday morning on Good Morning America when they were talking about Regis Philbin. That’s too bad. She was another really wonderful actress. Wasn’t she? Especially with Errol Flynn. Wasn’t she? They were really great together. Weren’t they? They’re probably together right now. She will really be missed. Including by myself. The Adventures Of Robin Hood is one of my very favorites. I could watch it over and over again. They were both really great together in that weren’t they and in all the movies they did together too and all her movies are great too. The very firs
  15. Mel Brooks. Kermit The Frog. All the Muppets together. Tim Allen. Mel Brooks could also talk about his Young Frankenstein book. Which I’m reading right now and which I’m really enjoying and really loving a whole lot and his relationship with Carl Reiner. Which I’m really looking forward to his tribute tomorrow night. I’ll be tivoing it and watching it. I can’t wait. I also choose Kermit The Frog. Because I missed him when he was a guest programmer with Robert Osbourne in 2007 and I would really love to see him. I hear he was so funny and Robert Osbourne was re
  16. I just found it on the Podcasts app two days ago. It’s the one with the microphone. Thank you. Has anyone listened to it yet? I think it will be great. The whole cast. Especially Blair Underwood. I love him. Like I’ve been saying. He’s Free Form Santa. The host of Free Form’s Kickoff To Christmas and 25 Days Of Christmas. I hope they have him back to host again this year too. I’ll be watching. He’s a great host as Free Form Santa. I love Free Form’s Kickoff To Christmas and 25 Days Of Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love it.
  17. I think the breaks are cool. Maybe Ben takes breaks. Because it’s the TCM Podcast. It’s great. You get to hear everything that’s going on with TCM. Lately Ben’s been talking about this new season of The Essentials with Brad Bird. Sometimes they have different commercials. It’s also a great Podcast. I love it. The music’s great too.
  18. I don’t think they’ve ever had a theme for three months before. But that’s fine. This will be great. All of TCM’s programming is great.
  19. Great. Thank you. I listened to the whole first season and the first two bonus episodes directly on the homepage. Then I subscribed to it in the Podcasts app and listened to the last bonus episode in the Podcasts app. I also signed up for the Plot Thickens Podcast newsletter too.
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