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  1. Oh. I forgot to ask. Will TCM be paying tribute to him too?
  2. Really wonderful job everyone. Including all the messages from all the stars too. Including Carol Burnett herself too. It was so much fun reading all the messages from all of you just now speaking about Mr Tim Conway. Whow. I just really loved and really enjoyed it a whole lot. Now it’s my turn. Tim Conway was so funny. Wasn’t he? On The Carol Burnett Show. In all the movies he did. Including the ones he did with Don Knotts too and they were also really great friends too and I think they also had an act together too and they went on tour too. They were a really great team and I was so sad to hear this morning that he had passed away. Just like you all. I will really miss him so much too. He was a really wonderful man. He will be missed. RIP Mr Tim Conway. We all really love you a whole lot. Also. My very best wishes to Carol Burnett and the rest of the cast of The Carol Burnett Show. Anyone also remember when he presented the Life Achievement Award to Ernest Bordinine when he received it a few years ago?
  3. It’s so sad and too bad. Doris Day was a really wonderful actress. Wasn’t she and she and Rock Hudson were really wonderful together weren’t they? I think one of my favorites with the two of them is Pillow Talk. That’s the one where Rock Hudson is the DJ and singer and they go out together and he gets her out of bed and carry’s her all the way to his apartment and they get married at the very end right and she was a singer too right? I will definitely be watching TCM’s tribute to her and June 9th and if I remember right. One time my family and I were in Monteray and we went to the hotel where she used to stay whenever she went to Monteray. I think. We will all really miss her a whole lot. Won’t we everybody? I sure will too.
  4. I tried looking for it on the ABC app and ABC.com. But I couldn’t find it. Does anybody know when the season finalie of America’s Funniest Home Videos is or if it’s already been on?
  5. I take that back. That concert might have been on when he was Star Of The Month in January of 2001. So if anyone remembers that concert? Let me know. Once again. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hey. Maybe everybody might be able to help me with something. Does anyone have a recollection of TCM from August of 2001 when they had one of Elvis’s concert’s on that also featured bloopers like of his suit falling off. This might have actually been on August 16th of 2001. The anniversary of his death of that year and it was also when they actually called it Turner Classic Movies and the website was actually TurnerClassicMovies.com. If anyone has a recollection? Let me know. It’s for a TCM Backlot Contest. It was also a few years before Ben Mainkawitz came and started. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it.
  7. What a great start to this brand new season of The Essentials. Ben and Ava did a really great and really wonderful job. Didn’t they and I think I thought for a while that Ben Mainkawitz would be a perfect new host for The Essentials and here he is with filmmaker Ava Duvernay and Marty is a really wonderful classic movie. Isn’t it and Ernest Bordinine was a really wonderful actor. Wasn’t he? I also remember when Robert Osbourne and Drew Barrymore showed Marty as part of The Essentials too.
  8. Of course Alec Baldwin didn’t. When David Letterman. Tina Fay and William Freadkin co-hosted with him. But does anybody think Ben and Ava will also have special late night editions of The Essentials once in a while? Like Robert Osbourne used to with Alec Baldwin. Drew Barrymore and Sally Feild?
  9. When is Robert Osbourne’s birthday again?
  10. Last night’s Best Of Private Screenings was so good and so cool. I’ve got an idea. Of course they probably have it scheduled to come back this month. I’m saying that since the first is tomorrow and we wouldn’t want them to discontinue the series. But how about if they also maybe have a Best Of Guest Programmers Special. In 2007 Kermit The Frog was a guest programmer with Robert Osbourne. I missed that one. But I herd Robert was really cracking up. So if they maybe consider this? I think that one could definitely be included in it.
  11. Does anyone remember a Sesame Street episode from the 90s where Mr Johnson goes to Hoopers for lunch instead of Charlie’s Restaurant? That way he won’t have to worry about Grover and he has Gina make him a Cheeseburger and then. Grover calls Hoopers and Bob answers and goes. It’s for you sir or Mr Johnson. It’s Grover and he goes. Oh no and I think Grover asks why aren’t you coming to lunch today sir and Mr Johnson says. I’m not coming to lunch today. Because you always bring me the wrong food and Grover says he’ll never do it again and he cry’s and Mr Johnson says. Alright. Alright. I’ll come to lunch and it’s that same segment where he orders a Cheeseburger with French Fries and a Pickle and Grover brings him a Grapefruit on a bun. Then. Mr Johnson goes back to Hoopers. Tells Gina all about what happened and he hopes she still has the Cheeseburger she made him and she gives it to Grover. I tried to find that one on YouTube. But I’m not sure they have it.
  12. How come Alec Baldwin didn’t come back for another season in 2017? I figure he was also hosting Match Game on ABC at the same time and maybe he was a little to busy to fit in another season of The Essentials. I thought he did a really wonderful job as new host with David Letterman. Tina Fay and William Freadkin and I’m also really looking forward to this brand new season now hosted by Ben Mainkawitz and what’s her name beginning this coming Saturday night at 8pm est 5pm pac. Ben and what’s her name will do a really wonderful job and maybe they’ll keep them going now. Because it’s so great to have The Essentials back.
  13. That’s right. I remember when he came back to host the Guest Programmer series a few times before his death. I don’t think he did his normal time slot though. Only his normal time slot when he did the Guest Programmer series. He was a really wonderful man. Wasn’t he? I actually cried when he passed away and when I herd that he’d passed away and I still really miss him so much. We all do. Don’t we and he is still with us everyday and he will always be with us everyday. Forever. I think about him everyday when and as I watch TCM. We all think about him everyday when and as we watch TCM. Don’t we and we all really loved and really love him a whole lot didn’t we and don’t we?
  14. Was This Is Spinal Tap a special late night edition of The Essentials when it originally aired or was it at 8pm est 5pm pac? Remember when Robert Osbourne would have special late night editions of The Essentials with his co-hosts?
  15. Hey. Happy Easter everybody. I hope you all have a really wonderful Easter today. I will. How many seasons did Sally Field co-host with Robert Osbourne? Only one right and then they were going to have another season with her and then the schedule got messed up right and Ben Mainkawitz filled in and still showed the movies on the Essentials schedule and then Robert Osbourne had some health issues and left for a while to take care of himself and spend some time with his friends and family. Then he was going to come back and then he died right? I still really miss him a whole lot. He was a really great man. Wasn’t he?
  16. In the TCM 25th Anniversary section on this board. I saw that someone posted a Jeopardy TCM Edition. Was there actually a Jeopardy TCM Edition on? That would be neat and is there a way I could see it?
  17. Hey. How’s it going everybody? I hope you all really enjoyed TCM’s 25th Anniversary celebration last night. I sure did. It was so much fun. Anybody know of any other Secret Agent/Spy films besides Bond and Austin Powers? Dean Martin’s Matt Helm counts doesn’t it and what else is there? Also. Let me know if I got Dean Martin’s Matt Helm right.
  18. Happy 25th Anniversary to everybody at TCM. Robert Osbourne. We all wish you were here for this. You would have been so proud. We all miss you and love you so much buddy. Ben Mainkawitz. Dave Karger. Alicia Malone. Lenoared Malton. Eddie Muller. Scott McGee. Gary Freedman. Ted Turner and all the special guest hosts. I will really look forward to coming to the TCM Classic Film Festival and on the TCM Classic Cruise and really enjoying myself and meeting you all very soon. I can’t wait. Here’s to many more years of TCM. Keep it going everybody. I just love it.
  19. I just got two replies as I was typing. Anyone know witch boards their on?
  20. Bringing Up Baby 1938 and Monkey Business 1952. I really love the classic Screwball Comedies they show here on TCM from time to time. They all really crack me up. Especially these two. I really love these two a whole lot. I’m also a really huge Carey Grant fan. I really love him a whole lot and Howard Hawks was also a really wonderful director too. I really love him a whole lot too.
  21. Thank you TopBilled. It’s always great to talk to you and everybody on these boards. Are you excited for the 25th Anniversary? I am.
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