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  1. Anyone know when the Sesame Street 50th Anniversary is?
  2. Thank you TopBilled. This will be great and perfect for S.T. Patrick’s Day too. Won’t it?
  3. Cool. Thank you TopBilled. This will be a really cool Spotlight this month. Won’t it?
  4. Does anyone know if there are any stars from The Ten Commandments who are still alive? Of course we know Charlton Heston and Yule Brinner aren’t.
  5. I was wondering? What’s the TCM Backlot Local Chapter about? What do you do? It sounds so cool.
  6. Did everyone here the news? Maria is retiring after 44 years on Sesame Street or maybe she already has. She’s coming out with a new book too. Or maybe she already has and maybe it’s all about or will be all about her 44 years on Sesame Street. I think I’ll get it. If anyone has any memories of Maria on Sesame Street. Share them with me. I would love to hear all about them. I’ve got plenty. I still watch Sesame Street. Because it’s great for the whole family. I tivoe it on HBO every Saturday morning. So I’ll probably see her very last episode. Anyone know when it will be?
  7. The videos are actually working fine now. I just had to click on one. Then sign in and the videos were working again. So everything’s ok.
  8. Are any of you on here. TCM Backlot members? Besides me? If so. I need your help. Have you ever had trouble trying to play the videos once in a while? Where it kind of keeps saying it’s loading and it kind of keeps buffering? If so. When that happens? What do I do? Do you think it kind of has to do with updating apps?
  9. I have been on the Disney Channel website before and I think I kind of thought that that’s how you contact it in Canada. But now that I think about it. Maybe the Disney Channel is actually from Canada and you know how I mentioned the Disney Drive In yesterday? I was watching the promo on YouTube and if everybody heads on over to the Essentials Jr board? That’s how I actually came up with the TCM Drive In for Essentials Jr this summer. So if we’re lucky? Maybe it will happen this summer and maybe the Essentials will be back too.
  10. Anyone know how to contact The Disney Channel? I thought that maybe since they’re bringing all kinds of shows back? Maybe the Disney Channel will bring all kinds of it’s shows back too. Like Vault Disney. The Disney Drive In Walt Disney World Inside Out/Disneyland Inside Out. The version With Scott Harriet and the version with Brain Lirrey. J.D. Roth and George Foreman. The Magical World Of Disney. Maybe with Bob Igor. The Disney Channel movies seven nights a week and all that stuff they used to show and maybe it will go back to the way it was. But I wouldn’t want them to take off Disney Junior. Because I love that and of course. We wouldn’t want TCM to take off Treasures From The Disney Vault with Lenoared Malton. Because we love that.
  11. I’m also really looking forward to this too. I think it will be perfect for S.T. Patrick’s Day and I just love that picture you posted. It’s very colorful and looks just like it does in the S.T. Patrick’s Day type movies. It also reminds me of Ireland. I’ve never been there. But some of my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle went there and just had a really wonderful time and I told one of my cousins the whole story about how Walt Disney actually came up with the Idea for Darby O Gail And The Little People. Which is really neat. Have they ever shown Tom Thumb as part of their S.T. Patrick’s Day lineup before?
  12. I was actually just about to post something about this. I just saw it advertised twice. I think it will be great. So Anderson Cooper will be Ben Mainkawitz’s special guest co-host all month long and who else again?
  13. Thank you so much for showing Knights Of The Round Table TCM. It was a really great movie. I loved it.
  14. The movie Indiscreat. Which they will be showing at this year’s TCM Classic Film Festivel. That’s with Carey Grant right? I just love him. He’s one of my very favorite’s and who’s in it with him?
  15. Yep. He would be so cool and he was so cool too. Wasn’t he? I also posted it on the Star Of The Month board. Why don’t you swing on by there and check it out and nice job on the posting of the videos with your response. That is so cool. I just love it a whole lot.
  16. I would love to see Danny Kaye as star of the month. Anyone remember when he hosted Kraft Salutes Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary in 1980? He was so good. Maybe Lenoared Malton will show it during Treasures From The Disney Vault sometime. That would be so cool. You could also watch it on YouTube too.
  17. Where could I find last month’s Noir Alley scheduale? I might have a question for Eddie Muller about one of last month’s movies.
  18. Anyone remember when Charlton Heston did that made for TV movie The Little Kidnappers from 1990? That was a made for TV movie for the Disney Channel wasn’t it?
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