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  1. When do the passes for this year’s TCM Classic Cruise go on sale?
  2. Thank you. There’s also that new King Arthur movie out now too. Called The Kid Who Would Be King. With Patrick Stewart as Merlin. That one will be so cool. I can’t wait to see it. I am so excited.
  3. You know the scene in Back To The Future Part III where Doc from 1955 dresses Marty up in a Cowboy outfit and there are actually some of Clint Eastwood’s westerns playing at the Drive In and when Doc has Marty drive the Deloarean straight towards the screen and right when he gets there. He’s been chased by all the Indians? Were those actually the exact same Indians we just saw in this movie and here’s another question. Which Clint Eastwood westerns were actually playing at the Drive In?
  4. There are old King Arthur movies right? Of course there’s Walt Disney’s The Sword In The Stone and the Disney movie from the 90s. A Kid In King Arthur’s Court. But there are also some besides these right?
  5. Did The Muppets Take Manhattan or any of the Muppet movies win any Oscars or not? I think it’s so neat and so cool when they show The Muppets Take Manhattan here on TCM from time to time and hope they show it again sometime. Along with the other old ones too. That would be so neat and so cool too.
  6. I know Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando were both In Guys And Dolls together. But did they have any scenes in it together or not?
  7. I know when Jerry Lewis passed away around the Labor Day weekend before last Labor Day weekend. Iliana Douglas sat down with Ben Mainkawitz and there were all kinds of pictures of him all around the studio and they paied tribute to him. But they didn’t pay tribute to him this last Labor Day weekend/September did they?
  8. Yes he is and yes he is still alive.
  9. I was going to post this on the 31 Days Of Oscar board. But I kind of wasn’t sure if that would be the right place for it. Does anyone know if they also show Tom Thumb on S.T. Patrick’s Day for their S.T. Patrick’s Day theme every year? The characters sounded like they had Irish ancients and the color and scenery also looks like it could maybe be a S.T. Patrick’s Day type movie and it’s also so cool that Russ Tamblyn from West Side Story is also in it too. He’s a really wonderful actor. Isn’t he? I really love him a whole lot. I think he’s still alive. But I’m not sure. It also reminds me of Thumblena too. It’s a really wonderful movie. Isn’t it? I really love it a whole lot.
  10. Besides Scrooge The Musical. He also did another version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol right? Which he was also great in as Ebenizer Scrooge. Which I remember seeing here on TCM. I think they show that version every year right? I hope they pay tribute to him next month. Because he was a really wonderful actor. Wasn’t he and we will get to see a whole bunch of his movies. That would be so cool. Wouldn’t it?
  11. Will there be a tribute to Albert Finney either during or after 31 Days Of Oscar? I just herd he died. That’s to bad and sad. He was another really wonderful actor. Wasn’t he?
  12. There will also be a S.T. Patrick’s Day Spotlight next month too right? I can’t wait. It will be so much fun.
  13. For those of you who are customers at the TCM Shop. If for some reason you forgot your password? You could create a new one right?
  14. Before the Disney one with Leslie Neilsen? Wasn’t there also an old movie version of Mr Magoo and didn’t Walter Mathu play him? That would be so cool to see.
  15. Which is the movie where Jimmy Stewart goes back to the School he went to when he was a kid? I remember the scene where he and what’s her name are playing basketball at the gym where he played when he was a kid.
  16. Let’s start a Treasures From The Disney Vault thread.
  17. I would like to see the original Sherlock Holmes franchise here on TCM sometime please. That would be so cool. Thank you.
  18. Did TCM pay tribute to Leslie Neilsen when he passed away?
  19. What are TCM Backlot Local Chapters again? I think I know. But I don’t remember.
  20. Do you think there will be Cartoon Network message boards sometime?
  21. I wonder what LA Noir will be like? It sounds cool. I’m so excited.
  22. Great idea. I would love to see all the Shirley Temple films sometime. As well as get and own the Shirley Temple collection from that Time Life TV offer. Anyone remember that and I also remember when they had Shirley Temple as star of the month a few summers ago in July. It was fantastic. I think I saw some of her movies then. But not all of them. I don’t think. They’re fantastic. Aren’t they? You definitely have got my vote for the Shirley Temple films.
  23. Is the series A Night At The Movies still on or do they only show the Christmas edition at Christmas time now?
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