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  1. Does anyone know if the Matt Helm franchise with Dean Martin is in a box set by any chance? Those movies were and are so funny.
  2. I was just asking. Because I think it’s so cool that he did the trailers for his movies. So did he do them all?
  3. I hope you all don’t mind answering a question about the Disney Channel. But remember when they had Vault Disney? Zorro? The Mickey Mouse Club? Walt Disney Presents? The Ink And Paint Club and Movies? Does anyone know if they had The Story Of Robin Hood? That might have been on The Disney Drive In or both. I’m not sure.
  4. I’ve only seen some of the trailers of his movies. But Alfred Hitchcock did all the trailers of his movies right? That’s neat.
  5. What was the last movie that was just on At Home With The Kids? I know what the other two were.
  6. It’s alright. Take your time. Let me know what you think of my request when you get over to the Friday Night Spotlight board.
  7. I love Sherlock Holmes too. Why don’t you all head on over to the Friday Night Spotlight board and see what I requested for a Spotlight sometime?
  8. Is there actually a Frank Sinatra Christmas song about Christmas in May? I wish Christmas was everyday or all year round or something like that? I herd it on Seriously Sinatra yesterday. It was cool.
  9. Happy Birthday Robert. We love you. We miss you. How old would he have been today?
  10. The Road To Singapore 1931. Bachelor In Paradise 1961. The Court Jester 1955. Bringing Up Baby 1938. The Awful Trooth 1937.
  11. Does anyone remember the lineup Lenoared Malton showed for the very first Treasures From The Disney Vault showcase? I know it was The Relontent Dragon. Davy Crockett King Of The Wild Frontier. A Chip N Dale short. What else? Which Chip N Dale short was it? You could tell me the whole lineup in order.
  12. You could still request guest programmers on the Guest Programmer board though. We could get lucky. A while back. I requested Mel Brooks. Kermit The Frog again. The whole cast of Sesame Street in honor of the 50th Anniversary. Someone requested Tim Allen. I responded to that and thought it was a great idea and TopBilled and I requested Rick Moranis together. So Hey. Let’s try it.
  13. The Adventures Of Robin Hood 1938. The Wizard Of Oz 1939. Harvy 1950. Treasure Island 1990. TCM Premire. Monkey Business 1952. The Glen Miller Story 1954. Dr Seuss’s The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T 1953. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968. Compleate Matt Helm Franchise 1966-1968. The Secerets Of The Incas 1954. TCM Premire. The first four I would choose If I were a guest programmer. I just added some more.
  14. I still miss Robert Osbourne too. He was a really great man. Wasn’t he? I think about him everyday when I watch TCM and everyday in general too. I just loved the TCM Classic Film Festival Special Home Edition. I can’t wait to go to the TCM Classic Film Festival in person someday and on the TCM Classic Cruise too and what are you saying about Alicia Malone? She’s a wonderful TCM hostess. I love her acent too. All the TCM hosts are wonderful. Robert Osbourne was too and everybody at TCM is wonderful. Ted Turner is too. They’re all what makes TCM a really wonderful channel and classic
  15. How many movies did Peter Bogdanovich direct and how many did he star in? He probably also starred in some of his movies he directed too right?
  16. I thought Ben’s intro was very nice and well done. I loved the whole thing. Especially when he signed off at the end. It was just like listening to the radio and the clips of all the movies during his interview with Peter were really neat and the break was really neat too. When he talked about TCM and all the stuff coming up. Like the new season of The Essentials with Brad Bird. Premireing this Saturday night and when he talks about Casablanca being part of it. He goes. You can’t go wrong with watching Casablanca or there’s nothing wrong with watching Casablanca or something like that.
  17. For those of you who are TCM Backlot members. You know the Podcast on there hosted by Scott McGee right? I think I actually thought that was TCM’s first Podcast and this one was maybe their second one. But maybe that Podcast is the TCM Backlot Podcast or the TCM Backlot Q&A Podcast and this one is actually the very first one for TCM itself. Hosted by Ben Mainkawitz. I’m going to listen this afternoon. I can’t wait.
  18. Oh. Ok. Great. Thank you.
  19. Who’s really looking forward to the start of this tomorrow? I sure am. I think it will be really interesting and neat. I’m really looking forward to it and how many are listening through Apple Podcast or which ever Podcast they have and how many are listening directly on the homepage? I think I’ll be listening directly on the homepage for now. I can’t wait.
  20. Did they actually take out the part Bill Hader was talking about? When he introduced it at the festival that year? Where Peter Lorry’s on the couch with his dog standing on the cushion right next to him and he answers the phone? As I watched the movie. I didn’t see that part. Afterwards I even fast forwarded it to see if I could find it. I couldn’t find it. Great movie though. It was also so nice of everybody here at TCM to actually come up with the idea for the Classic Film Festival Special Home Edition too. I just loved it. I haven’t been in person yet. On the Cruise either. I ju
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