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  1. "Hollywood Blondes: Golden Girls of the Silver Screen" examines the lives and careers of Tinseltown's most memorable blonde bombshells. Twenty-two classic actresses are profiled including Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Carole Landis, Betty Grable, Marie McDonald, Thelma Todd, Lana Turner, Jayne Mansfield, Barbara Payton, Veronica Lake, Grace Kelly, Alice Faye, Mae West, Carole Lombard, and Judy Holliday. Each chapter has a complete filmography. There are more than one hundred rare photographs featured throughout the book. The book will retail for $24.95 plus shipping. The first 100
  2. Hi Everyone! Just a little note to let you all know that my two newest books are now available for pre order at Amazon.com. Olive Thomas: The Life and Death of a Silent Film Beauty is scheduled for release on May 30th, 2007. AND... Joan Crawford: An Illustrated Guide to her Appearances in Film, Radio and Television will be released a month later, on June 30th, 2007. Thanks for your time! Take care, Michelle www.michellevogel.com http://www.amazon.com/Joan-Crawford-Illustrated-Appearances-Television/dp/078643032X/sr=8-6/qid=1169512489/ref=pd_bbs_sr_6/102-287
  3. By the way, E.J. Fleming who recently wrote the first full length biography on Carole Landis will be releasing his newest book, this one on the life and career of Wallace Reid, later this summer. Can't wait for that one. Reid had a fascinating life and was pumped with drugs (to lull the pain of a back injury) by his studio in order to keep him working. He became addicted and he spiraled from there. Wallace Reid was one of the first matinee idols and one wonders where his career would have taken him had he lived. I guess we can ponder that thought on quite a few classic and silent stars who
  4. Some great choices there and some forgotten names too. Thanks very much for your reply. Michelle
  5. To "normandie7" - You're certainly entitled to your opinion but what baffles me the most about your posts is your bitterness toward me and my initial question on this thread, and all of it apparently because you didn't like one of my books... Anyway, my question still stands - What Classic Star Needs A Book Written About Them? Michelle
  6. Hi All - The subject says it all - What Classic Star Needs A Book Written About Them? Claudette Colbert Frank Morgan Thelma Ritter Maria Montez Gail Russell Just to name a few... Michelle www.michellevogel.com
  7. Well, you need at least a 70,000 word count for a publisher to even look at your biography. It is difficult to find info on people who have died so long ago but that's part of the fun of researching and writing. It's the thrill of the hunt. Good luck! Michelle www.michellevogel.com
  8. Hi Scott - I did respond to your letter via the Yahoo group weeks ago. I also joined your group too. Olive's main influence were the Selznick's. Young Myron Selznick signed her exclusively to his new company (Selznick Pictures) and the company really campaigned hard to make her the star that she eventually became. Good luck! Michelle www.michellevogel.com
  9. You know, that probably was Frank Morgan that you saw on the horse. He died while filming, "Annie Get Your Gun," so there were scenes shot. I guess if it was a distance shot they figured no one would notice...
  10. Maria Montez is definitely on my "to do" list. Not sure about Barbara La Marr, but will check into that one. Thanks for the tip. I'm currently researching a book on the lovable Frank Morgan. Aside from playing multi roles in "The Wizard of Oz" he did close to 100 other films. An amazing resume considering his career was cut short by his death in 1949, age just fifty-nine. Keep an eye on my website for release dates on my new books and for upcoming projects. Thanks for your interest. I appreciate it. Best - Michelle www.michellevogel.com
  11. Hi Everyone - I'm researching a book on the lovable Frank Morgan. Looking for his grandchildren (his son died in 2005) and any contemporaries who are still alive (obviously that would help!) that may have worked with him. Alternatively, books that may refer to him would also be helpful as reference material. For more info, please visit my website - www.michellevogel.com. Thanks! Michelle
  12. I'm very pleased to announce that my book on Olive Thomas' very short life and career will be released by McFarland Publishing Company in 2007. Close to ninety photos will be included, as well as a biography and extensively researched filmography on all of her films; many of which are now considered lost forever. Keep an eye on my website for further details. This is the first Olive Thomas biography ever published and my publisher is promising me a beautifully presented book early in the new year - 2007. Best - Michelle Vogel www.michellevogel.com
  13. That's right, Claudette really was challenged in the neck department, wasn't she? I've often found myself staring at her for that very reason. Ol' Rex Harrison didn't hold back in noticing the fault. I wonder what her reaction was to his insulting statement??? If they remained friends then she couldn't have been too offended... Michelle www.michellevogel.com
  14. Marjorie Main hated Wallace Beery! I would venture to say that Beery didn't hold much regard for her either, but that feeling was mostly out of jealousy over her being able to match him for gruffness on screen. As popular as their films together were, Marjorie was always hoping for a box office bomb on their next venture out just so she could put an end to the misery of working with Beery. But, the audiences loved them and Marjorie had to keep plugging away as Beery's partner. Generally speaking, Marjorie was quite straight laced. On the other hand, Beery was foul mouthed and gruff and Ma
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