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  1. Would the regions affect whether or not it will have captions? I was watching The Apartment dvd and noticed it has French and Spanish subtitles but not english. I don't see a region number anywhere on it.
  2. I have had this happen. I didn't bother to call Comcast though, because they always blame the equiptment. I turned it off for awhile and then turned it back to TCM and it was alright. I think Comcast has issues as far as their services go. 80% of the time the problem is not in the equiptment at our homes, it's more than likely the signals coming from the station. ( just a guess )
  3. Excellent site. I put it in my favorites. Good thing I saw this thread, because I've been going crazy trying to go through different lists of movies and not finding what I was looking for. Definately a site for people who are classic buffs.
  4. Does anyone know if this title will be available on DVD. I found it for VHS, but I'd rather want the dvd if there is one. I appreciate any help that I can get. Thank You Mandy
  5. Hello everyone.. Does anyone know if TCM will be having a month of Jean Harlow movies like they have done for Clarke Gable, etc.? THank you, mandy
  6. I'd have to vote for Cagney, because he was much more talented than Bogart, although Bogart was well talented. I enjoy Cagney's movies a bit more than Bogarts.
  7. I really enjoy: The Yearling Waterloo Bridge Casablanca and A Farewell to Arms. the best of those being Casablanca. My grandmother would have chose Doctor Zhivago, being that is her favorite movie.
  8. AMC isn't all that good of a classic movie station. I love TCM for the reason they show good quality classics without the interruption and no constant logos filling half the screen. I am too, wondering why they had to show Uncle Buck in the cropped version.
  9. I enjoy Judy Garland. Great actress and a beautiful voice. Her drug addiction and alcoholism isn't something I can sympathize with. People who did drugs or who were pushed into drugs made a decision to keep doing them. I don't feel sorry for the people out there that put themselves into that kind of situation and expect pity out of it. However, I don't like how the media exploits those problems to the public. That doesn't mean I feel sorry for the famous and their drug addictions.
  10. I just had that problem as well. I went to post the message I wrote for the Sci-Fi theater thread and it wouldn't let my post go through because apparently I am a " guest".
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