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  1. SCANDAL SHEET, from 1952. ;P you are very welcome.
  2. Well they must be capturing SOME audience, because I know I stay up and watch the Silent Sundays every week. Personally, I loved THE PATSY so much I even went and bought Marion Davies autobiography. I saw THE RED MILL last year at a silent film fest and it was FABULOUS. Marion Davies was one underrated lady.
  3. I'm going to throw in my vote for one of the worst movie titles, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. Granted, its based on a book, but given that it really doesn't say much about the Titanic, its pretty dumb IMO.
  4. OK, so I'm new here and all.... So, the 1926 version of BEN HUR with Ramon Novarro is considered to be a classic, and Turner owns the rights to it. SO WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE IT ON DVD??? I was highly disappointed to see it was passed over in lieu of filns such as Tatum O'Neil's 'International Velvet'... come ON, people! I've been waiting to see justice done to this beautiful piece of cinema for a long long time now!
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