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  1. >Although goldensilents may be right on the letter of the law, to me, That's the point, however, there is no "to me" about it. The law states what it states, regardless of how anyone wants to bring their personal opinion into it. The studios who own the properties are not going to care what any individual thinks. If they want to throw the book at a bootlegger and his supporters and buyers, they will, and the courts will apply the law. My intent here was not to have a "holier than thou" attitude. That's a personal attack by someone who has not been able to refute a single point I've
  2. How did Charlie Brown get in here? If that's all I get as a response I suppose I did my job right. lol!
  3. No, but that's besides the point. That's a childish way of looking at the world: I want it, therefore it should be mine. I know some five year olds who think the same way. Do you break in and enter a store because you see something you want in their window that's their property? Do you think it automatically should belong to you just because you desire it? Bootleggers don't have a legal right to sell films that do not belong to them. People who buy from bootleggers are also breaking the law and can be charged along with the bootleggers they buy from. You're opening yourself up to lega
  4. Actually the people who are truly being ripped off are the people paying 20, 30, 40 dollars per disc for illegal bootlegs and getting lousy copies with poor visuals and sound quality, and putting themselves at the risk of lawsuit to boot. It's far better to wait and have your first experience of a film be a nice one, a legal print with great sound quality. There have been many films put out by the DVD companies lately that were once only available as terrible looking bootlegs. There have been many films only available as crummy bootlegs before that are finally aired on TCM in good prints.
  5. http://www.vitaphone.com/ As a matter of interest, this domain name is available for purchase. There used to be a site here but it went under.
  6. Well hopefully he's basically just abandoned the site. He was challenged by people high up in the industry on *alt.movies.silent* a few years back and then he slithered away under the rock he came from.
  7. Intellectual property owners might care. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes if he's tracked down legally for bootlegging. Neither would I want to be on his customer list if the FBI came in and raided his computer and checked his PayPal account for past sales and profit amounts, etc. People who bought from him could also very well receive a knock on their door some day from the government. The way both parties think on this issue today is to equate copyright infringement with terrorism! I've seen the language in their documents. I would tread very carefully in dealing with this guy. He has
  8. I haven't been on that site in years so forgive my ignorance, but: does this guy Jason operate as a bootlegger? What would be the point of doing this kind of thing, putting up a website claiming he has this rare film and that rare film, if it wasn't to have people email him for copyrighted films that have never been released officially and that he has no legal right to conduct transactions on?
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