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  1. It's amazing ANYONE is still alive from the 1925 POTO cast. Happy incredible birthday Carla!
  2. It's still worthwhile to rent the DVDs from Netflix, particularly the expensive Criterion discs. Because all TCM's broadcasts have to be dispersed over cable, and the reception is never as crisp and sharp and as full a resolution as what is on the official DVD.
  3. Yes, The Swan and One Romantic Night are the same film, just different titles. I have one copy with the One Romantic Night beginning title credit and TCM showed the one that had The Swan beginning title credit. I noticed in the first few scenes however that the artifacts in both prints were the same, but then after a few scenes TCM's print looked better than what I had previously.
  4. "Any fool can play drama, but comedy, sir, is a damned serious business." - David Garrick
  5. You may be right, it's impossible to say for sure. A lot of precodes were still tame by today's standards, and most of them had very conservative endings, even if what came before depicted anti-social behaviors. So if the script was mediocre for the Code picture chances are it still would have been mediocre for a precode.
  6. > But then...the other half of me wonders how much better some of those movies could've been if the Code hadn't been enforced... It's my personal belief that they might not have been made at all. With loose standards you would have seen films get worse year by year, decade by decade, similar to how bad they've become since 1968. It's far easier and cheaper to make a superficial little sex comedy with scantily clad girls rather than make a cinematic classic that inspires you, makes you think, or teaches you something worthwhile.
  7. Obviously you aren't too up to date with the concept of SYMBOLISM, Prince. Toilet bowls are SYMBOLIC of dirt and filth. I'm simply not into that kind of thing no matter what era of film we are talking about, silent, precode, Code, or modern day films. When you get older and realize you are nearer the end of your life, rather than nearer the beginning, your priorities change. I'm like Rhett Butler at the end of Gone With The Wind: I want to see if somewhere in life there isn't some beauty and charm left in the world.
  8. >More legal Mumbo-Jumbo that will probably keep THE BIG PARADE from a DVD release I've said it over and over again: we've been hearing "next year" since 2003 when we were all at the old Harold Lloyd message board. So I give a hardy ha-ha to anyone who says 2010. I'll believe it when I see it, and not before. I'm the Biggest Doubting Thomasina you ever did see.
  9. Dream on, johnbabe, dream on. If TCM ever shows the restored version I'll eat my hat. We've had this discussion before but I just don't accept the notion that the Code came into being to destroy films. It's totally bogus. Many of the best films of all time were made during the Code years and when the Code ended in 1968 almost overnight many films became crass and ugly and a waste of time, at least to my mind. That's why I love classic films over modern films. They have far more to offer in terms of enjoyment and inspiration. Not everyone wants to see the inside of a toilet bowl becau
  10. >>(Mine looks like it's been pasted together from a variety of sources, none of them good, with a blurry image that flickers) I'm WAY past the time I used to put up with that crap. There is so much else better to see that is out on legal DVD in beautiful prints, films from all over the world, so much enjoyment to be had. I don't waste my time anymore with stuff I have to strain to watch.
  11. I keep meaning to take out the "knife!" scene from the talkie, and put it into the silent. Now that to me would be the perfect version of Blackmail. heeheeheee.... someday I WILL do it, too.
  12. Isn't that a riot? They quote my website.
  13. You just need a more up to date burner Jeff, then you could burn at much higher speeds without errors. For regular DVD-Rs for the most part I burn at 16x and it goes really fast, but I think some burners are even faster than that, like 24x. When you burn a lot like I do you really don't want to sit there and wait at 4x. A bore and a waste of time.
  14. The double layers are 8.5 gig. Here's a typical double layer disc. The only drawback is that it burns more slowly, at 8x, whereas with regular single layer DVD-R discs you can burn at 16x or more if you have the latest technology.
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