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  1. 1stly i've met quite a few Famous People myself & i guess i've been lucky because they so far been nice 2 me ya know? & U are right they SHOULD be NICER 2 you IF you happen 2 Get Lucky enough 2 meet them in person like at Conventions. because NOT all of them go 2 them either. one actor who is Awefully Nice from what i hear is Christopher Lee! a TRUE Gentlemen! & as for "Mickey Rooney" 2 my knowledge this is his 80th year doing movies! (1926) however someone i met online said they got information somwhere they Couldn't remember Exactly Where though that, That Film was made 2 y
  2. i also neglected to Mention that although her name Escapes at the moment but she Played "SALLY" on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" she was just a kid a baby ALSO i think back in the LATE (1920's) & Early (1930's) & is STILL ALIVE! & STILL sometimes acts 2!
  3. no i wasn't aiming it at you & if U took it that way i apologize. i was thinking about this guy i dunno his REAL name he's i think 17 although i could be wrong about that. but this guy he had a bad experience with Mickey Rooney he's taking it Personal NOW i'm NOT calling anyone a liar. but after he typed in oh sheesh i 4 got what i was my point is that this guy is Obessed with it! U on the other-hand aren't Dissapointed yes but you i'm guessing aren't still upset about it like this guy is. u seem to be MORE intellagent & excuse my mis-spelling it seems 2 escape me at the moment. &
  4. well that's a shame to hear that Mickey Rooney Can Be sometimes Rude. but this moron who posted all this negative talk about him is kinda obessed about it. excuse the mis-spelling. my fault! hehe but i just wanted 2 add that i don't Normally judge people how they are in real life but what work they do as in the Case for Mickey Rooney or "John Ford" he was the BIGGEST A-Hole around when he was around to his actors as well as his fellow men HOWEVER i don't really know much about him either so i'm just relying on ONLY stories that i've heard! & my point MAINLY IS he was a damm good
  5. see i didn't like it! although i DO agree that his role was INDEED hilarious! & he looked like he had Fun making it 2! & i'm sure there are some Woody Allen Fans out there that prolly Will yell at me for this. but i have ONLY seen 1 film of his that i've liked & that's Scenes From A Mall circa (1991) & that's MAINLY cause i've been a "Bette Midler" Fan for as LONG as i Can Remember! & no i'm NOT dissing "Anne Hall" cuz i've NEVER seen it! i've seen only a couple of his films like "Play It Again Sam" From circa (1972) i think there was 2 other's but i don't recal
  6. Anyone Here a John Carradine Fan? he's STILL 2 THIS DAY a Highly UNKOWN ACTOR! when people talk about either Alive or Actors or Actresses who have passed on they don't seem To Mention "John Carradine" i noticed. it's a shame 2 because he was a Brilliant Actor who NEVER well in his later years had The Chance To Flex His Acting Muscles. most of The Stuff he got was pure Crap. i just wish "TCM" would Play some MORE of his movies. anyone Disagree????
  7. actually i'm 26 & i DO try & make my post read able. on the way i judge actors & actress i mostly go by my gut feeling that's all. & as for my grammer sometimes i do get Carried away i guess. ya know? & if i was running a business my memo's hehe MOST LIKELY wouldn't look like my posts. buuut i don't have a job like that unfortunally. i'm looking right now actually. anywys & as for "Greta Garbo" i admit i haven't seen ALL her work yet either a friend of mine's seen her silents while i've seen just her talkies. & there are STILL a few movies of her's i do wa
  8. Mickey Rooney has been doing movies for i think 80 years now? also 1 ? since U went and saw "The Mick" & his Wife in their show, did U happen 2 Get a chance 2 meet him? i ONLY ask Cause according to some people off The Internet Movie Data Base he's QUITE RUDE 2 people & i am Curious if what they say is TRUE!
  9. "Greed" actually was 1 i voted 4! EVEN though i've NEVER actually seen it! it's QUITE a long movie ya know 2 sit through 2 watch!
  10. i agree Myrna Loy was the best! while some posts on this site MAY NOT consider her a A-List actress i do. but even IF she wasn't? who cares? some of the greatest actors OR actress started out as a B-movie actor OR actress! the Great Christopher Lee has done MANY B-Movies in his LIFE! think "Funnyman" circa (1994) i got that 1 on dvd & that's a b-movie! it's an ok movie 2. anywys sorry for rambling on. hehe anywys my ? is simply this did anyone tape "THE THIN MAN" series Circa (1934-1947)? besides me? hehe 1 MORE THING reason i posted that thing on b-movies right HERE is simply ca
  11. 1st OF ALL i agree about Katherine Hepburn she waz Great! N as for my grammer? a while back i noticed my e-mail tend 2 get a bit long when i would write either 2 friends, relatives or loved ones. N 2 cut back on that cause i know that NOT EVERYONE has time 2 read some e-mail or any in fact! i've gone thoroguh different ways of my writing style 2 shorten my e-mails 2 them. i'm sorry IF U don't happen 2 like my style of writing. U want 2 see bad grammer? Look UP "The Insane Clown Posse's OFFICAL Website. yes that is a group a rap group i happen 2 like. but as for music i like all differen
  12. hehe that i am i'm also a Kubrik Fiend i don't think he waz a Genius either. that's who i waz thinking about but waz unable 2 remember his name. while he waz a good decent director he waz by far NO Genius. "A Clowork Orange" circa (1971) is a 'MASTERPIECE' i'll admit that much as is "The Shining" circa (1980) HIS version buuuut i like both version 4 diferent reasons altogether! N as 4 "Dr. Stranglove"? circa (1964) i'm sorry but that 1 N Kubrik's last 1 "Eyes Wide Shut" R simply horrible N boring' while Peter Sellers did a GREAT job N it. THAT MAN WAZ A GENIUS at re-inventing him
  13. has ANYONE seen that they put the November schedule uP? they've got The Lost Patriot circa (1928) does ANYONE know IF this is correct? cuz that's suppose 2 me the #1 movies of ALL time that's been Missing 4 MANY MANY MANY Decades!
  14. i'm sorry i just don't think she's a good actress, there's another actor or actress i don't like,i 4 get who though. Orson Wells is 1 that is HIGHLY OVERATED. true he's done some films but i thought "The Stranger" circa (1946) EXTREMLY BORING! while Wells waz a good director N actor some of his movies as width any actor OR actress he's got some stinkers 2. the 1 of Garbo's i HATE the most is "Cammila" which i know i spelled wrong sorry about that. the ONLY reason i watched that waz 4 The Great Lionel Barrymore. he's by Favorite Barrymore! anywys that 1 thought 2 be EVEN MORE worse than "The S
  15. me? although i haven't seen THAT many of her films N the ONLY 1 i thought waz a decent movie waz Mata Hari circa (1931) the other's i've seen so far are crap. if i sound like i'm being disrespective i'm sorry about that. i do am M curous about her silents however. there R some oF her's i do want 2 see MAINLY cuz i like Lewis Stone N he did a few films width her.
  16. Emma circa (1932) i've seen b4 N i quite Enjoyed it! N actually the REAL Reason i watched it waz cuz it's 1 of Mickey Rooney! he's got a cameo i think in it? but yea that's the ONLY reason i watched it N that waz b4 i discovered her though! N as 4 Fu Manchu that's i believe her Last Role as a Villian i believe? also the movie movie that i fell in luv width her waz "THE THIN MAN" circa (1934) it waz a few years ago when TCM had played ALL of the "THIN MAN" Movies back 2 back! N the REAL reason i watched those waz 2 reasons 1 waz Curosity N the 2nd waz oN how "James Stewart" waz N the 2nd
  17. I've got some Bad News 4 ya's IF ya look uP on Internet Movie Data Base well Acording 2 them it Don't Exist Anymore! which ****'s cuz i also LUV LON CHANEY! Laught Clown Laugh is a great 1 & So is The Shock circa (1923)! U ever SEE THAT 1?
  18. 1 thing i'm glad about though is that TCM doesn't show commercial during their movies! the logo's i can stand that's no biggie cuz The Sci-Fi Channel does the same thing so my point is i'm use 2 it. but AMC ****'s NOW! they show movies THAT AREN'T CLASSIC'S at all! also at least TCM which does make a habit of repeating the SAME movis Over & over depening on which 1 of course! like Rear Window 4 example. but least they ALSO show different movies AMC shows basically the SAME movies EVERY MONTH! true TCM also has a habit of it but NOT as much as AMC! b4 i go i just have 2 say i can't wait til
  19. I 1st got introduced with Mickey Rooney well on 2 occasions actaually the 1st being the movie "The Black Stallion" circa (1979) & i THAN become a BIG fan of his when he did the show of "The Black Stallion" circa (1990-?) sorry habit. hehe but yea some of his movies I DO have that ARE HARD 2 FIND ARE "PULP" Circa (1972) "The Atomic Kid" Circa (1954), i got "THE CLASSIC "BOYS TOWN" circa (1938) which some sources say it's on DVD but no place i see carries it! i also got "The Empereror of Peru". circa (1981) a BAD MOVIE! "Find The Lady" circa (1976) & that's just 2 start width. that l
  20. Unfortually i won't be around IN NEW York around that time. i live in stinky lousy OHIO! & i know The Mick has been in clevenland b4 oh even closer 2 where i live Amherst but i NEVER can seem 2 find anyone 2 go width me. simply cuz most peeps 2 day have simply NEVER heard of him! U are lucky though 2 have got 2 see him in Sugar Babies! i think the # is something like #95 or something like that of the amount of movies i've seen of his. how about U?
  21. I'm A BIG Mickey Rooney Fan & although i've been a fan of TCM 4 many years now. i also try & collect His Movies but like a LOT of films of MANY actors & actress's they are Virtually Unseen 2 day EVEN the bad ones at that. my ? is anyone at TCM working on adding any NEW Mickey Rooney Movies 2 your libary? weather it's some of his silents i know some of Mickey Mcguire are STILL in print & exist cuz they did a VHS box set back in 1999 i think it was? THAT is hard 2 find as well. cuz i haven't seen any NEW movies 2 your libary well that i haven't seen since your Mickey Rooney Tri
  22. The ONLY one i've really seen is THE LAST GANGSTER circa (1937) TCM did show that a couple years ago & that's a John Carradine Movie I believe ALSO! i'm a HUGE Fan of his! & although i don't really recall who he played? i do remember it being a good movie. i haven't seen it since they aired it though, it's a shame really cuz i thought it waz a good movie. but i think they did air it once or twice i could be wrong though?
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