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  1. 1stly i've met quite a few Famous People myself & i guess i've been lucky because they so far been nice 2 me ya know? & U are right they SHOULD be NICER 2 you IF you happen 2 Get Lucky enough 2 meet them in person like at Conventions. because NOT all of them go 2 them either. one actor who is Awefully Nice from what i hear is Christopher Lee! a TRUE Gentlemen! & as for "Mickey Rooney" 2 my


    knowledge this is his 80th year doing movies! :) (1926) however someone i met online said they got information somwhere they Couldn't remember Exactly Where though that, That Film was made 2 yrs b4 that date. so i dunno iF that is indeed True or not? i forgot about "Curt Bois" i've


    NEVER seen any of his Movies least 2 my knowledge" & i'm NOT trying 2 **** anyone off either on this site or any other site. i just find that some of these Actors, Actress

    Writers etc... we as fans give them Careers & they are rude ayuh i would be a little angry but there's a LOT of famous or NOT famous people who are out here that like


    that & i think it is sad. & 2 actressess who did movies for almost 60 years is Joan Crawford & Bette Davis & Granted they are NOW passed on they did grace us with their presence for MANY years! :)

  2. no i wasn't aiming it at you & if U took it that way i apologize. i was thinking about this guy i dunno his REAL name he's i think 17 although i could be wrong about that. but this guy he had a bad experience with Mickey Rooney he's taking it Personal NOW i'm NOT calling anyone a liar. but after he typed in oh sheesh i 4 got what i was my point is that this guy is Obessed with it! U on the other-hand aren't


    Dissapointed yes but you i'm guessing aren't still upset about it like this guy is. u seem to be MORE intellagent & excuse my mis-spelling it seems 2 escape me at the moment. & this guy that i'm talking about he met Mick i think it was in August? & he's STILL talking about it! he's even


    had a thread on it & it's growing! at least U didn't chose to go that route. but no i wasn't talking about u. just this other guy on another site that i visit that's all.

  3. well that's a shame to hear that Mickey Rooney Can Be sometimes Rude. but this moron who posted all this negative talk about him is kinda obessed about it. excuse the


    mis-spelling. my fault! hehe but i just wanted 2 add that i don't Normally judge people how they are in real life but what work they do as in the Case for Mickey Rooney or "John Ford" he was the BIGGEST A-Hole around when he was around to his actors as well as his fellow men HOWEVER i don't really know much about him either so i'm just relying on ONLY


    stories that i've heard! & my point MAINLY IS he was a damm good Director wouldn't anyone agree? & 1 Question who is Johannes Heesters? i've never heard of them b4!!

  4. see i didn't like it! although i DO agree that his role was INDEED hilarious! & he looked like he had Fun making it 2! :) & i'm sure there are some Woody Allen Fans out there that prolly Will yell at me for this. but i have


    ONLY seen 1 film of his that i've liked & that's Scenes From A Mall circa (1991) & that's MAINLY cause i've been a "Bette Midler" Fan for as LONG as i Can Remember! & no i'm NOT dissing "Anne Hall" cuz i've NEVER seen it! i've seen only a couple of his films like "Play It Again Sam" From circa (1972) i think


    there was 2 other's but i don't recall the titles right now?

    oh 1 i thought was god awefull but well acted was "Hannah & Her Sisters" & yes i've talked to people about these movies & they don't like them either. anywys i'm sorry


    about my Ramblings on. hehe anyways as for "Carradine" has anyone seen "House Of The Long Shadows" circa (1983)??? that's a "CLASSIC" & according to Christopher Lee's Son-In Law he runs his OFFICAL website they are having Legal


    problems i think he said last year on the site or something like that? I hope that "TCM" gets The Rights 2 Air it someday! i dunno who owns The Rights to it? does anyone?

  5. Anyone Here a John Carradine Fan? he's STILL 2 THIS DAY a Highly UNKOWN ACTOR! when people talk about either Alive or


    Actors or Actresses who have passed on they don't seem To Mention "John Carradine" i noticed. it's a shame 2 because he was a Brilliant Actor who NEVER well in his later years


    had The Chance To Flex His Acting Muscles. most of The Stuff he got was pure Crap. i just wish "TCM" would Play some MORE of his movies. anyone Disagree????

  6. actually i'm 26 & i DO try & make my post read able. on the way i judge actors & actress i mostly go by my gut feeling that's all. & as for my grammer sometimes i do get Carried away i guess. ya know? & if i was running a business my


    memo's hehe MOST LIKELY wouldn't look like my posts. buuut i don't have a job like that unfortunally. i'm looking right now actually. anywys & as for "Greta Garbo" i admit i


    haven't seen ALL her work yet either a friend of mine's seen her silents while i've seen just her talkies. & there are STILL a few movies of her's i do want 2 see though i'll admit much! :)

  7. i agree Myrna Loy was the best! :) while some posts on this site MAY NOT consider her a A-List actress i do. but even IF she wasn't? who cares? some of the greatest actors OR actress started out as a B-movie actor OR actress! the Great Christopher Lee has done MANY B-Movies in his LIFE! think "Funnyman" circa (1994) i got that 1 on dvd & that's a


    b-movie! it's an ok movie 2. anywys sorry for rambling on. hehe anywys my ? is simply this did anyone tape "THE THIN MAN" series Circa (1934-1947)? besides me? hehe 1 MORE THING


    reason i posted that thing on b-movies right HERE is simply cause i 4 get where it was i saw that people said negative things about the late N great "Myrna Loy"!

  8. 1st OF ALL i agree about Katherine Hepburn she waz Great! :)

    N as for my grammer? a while back i noticed my e-mail tend 2 get a bit long when i would write either 2 friends, relatives or loved ones. N 2 cut back on that cause i know that NOT EVERYONE has time 2 read some e-mail or any in fact! i've gone thoroguh different ways of my writing style 2 shorten my e-mails 2 them. i'm sorry IF U don't happen 2 like my style of writing. U want 2 see bad


    grammer? Look UP "The Insane Clown Posse's OFFICAL Website. yes that is a group a rap group i happen 2 like. but as for music i like all different kinds anywys my point in mentioning that is simply that one of the band members does what they call a weekly freakly N IF u see what these guys look like U will understand why they call it that. anywys his grammer is a LOT WORSE than mine actually his i can't read AT ALL! i skip through some of


    it N mine actually makes MORE sense. i haven't had any complaints by the people i e-mail least NOT yet N IF I did i'll just change my style again. no biggie ya know? anywys

    as 4 my reason 4 dissing movies like Kubrick's Dr.Strange Love i do actually think about what i want 2 say b4 i post it ya know? like Garbo i did try 2 like her acting style maybe i'll prefer her silents 2 her talkies i don't know? i've never seen any of her silents except for the 5 min.


    of that missing movie that TCM plays once in a while. but U got 2 admit that there waz some bad actors back than as well as today! even such greats as "BORIS Karloff" has done some bad ones in his life! one being "Mother's Cry" i think the name of it is? circa (1930) i'm just glad that they cut his scene out of it! TCM played that last year when they had him as "Star Of The Month" i believe!

  9. hehe that i am i'm also a Kubrik Fiend i don't think he waz

    a Genius either. that's who i waz thinking about but waz

    unable 2 remember his name. while he waz a good decent


    director he waz by far NO Genius. "A Clowork Orange" circa

    (1971) is a 'MASTERPIECE' i'll admit that much as is "The Shining" circa (1980) HIS version buuuut i like both version

    4 diferent reasons altogether! :) N as 4 "Dr. Stranglove"?

    circa (1964) i'm sorry but that 1 N Kubrik's last 1

    "Eyes Wide Shut" R simply horrible N boring' while Peter Sellers did a GREAT job N it. THAT MAN WAZ A GENIUS at re-inventing himself as waz Lon Chaney. anywys a gf of mine borrowed the dvd of "Dr. Stranglove" N me N her were sooooo

    bored 2 death by it we didn't EVEN finish watching it! we

    both said we have GOT 2 turn this thing OFF! while it has

    a great cast it just waz't 4 me. i'm sorry N 4 rambling on 2.

  10. has ANYONE seen that they put the November schedule uP? they've got The Lost Patriot circa (1928) does ANYONE know IF this is correct? cuz that's suppose 2 me the #1 movies of ALL time that's been Missing 4 MANY MANY MANY Decades!:(

  11. i'm sorry i just don't think she's a good actress, there's another actor or actress i don't like,i 4 get who though. Orson Wells is 1 that is HIGHLY OVERATED. true he's done some films but i thought "The Stranger" circa (1946) EXTREMLY BORING! while Wells waz a good director N actor some of his movies as width any actor OR actress he's got some stinkers 2. the 1 of Garbo's i HATE the most is "Cammila" which i know i spelled wrong sorry about that. the ONLY reason i watched that waz 4 The Great Lionel Barrymore. he's by Favorite Barrymore!:) anywys that 1 thought 2 be EVEN MORE worse than "The Stranger" but hey this is just 1 guy's opionion ya know?

  12. me? although i haven't seen THAT many of her films N the ONLY 1 i thought waz a decent movie waz Mata Hari circa (1931) the other's i've seen so far are crap. if i sound like i'm being disrespective i'm sorry about that. i do am M curous about her silents however. there R some oF her's i do want 2 see MAINLY cuz i like Lewis Stone N he did a few films width her.

  13. Emma circa (1932) i've seen b4 N i quite Enjoyed it! :) N actually the REAL Reason i watched it waz cuz it's 1 of Mickey Rooney! he's got a cameo i think in it? but yea that's the ONLY reason i watched it N that waz b4 i discovered her though! :) N as 4 Fu Manchu that's i believe her Last Role as a Villian i believe? also the movie movie that i fell in luv width her waz "THE THIN MAN" circa (1934) it waz a few years ago when TCM had played ALL of the

    "THIN MAN" Movies back 2 back! N the REAL reason i watched those waz 2 reasons 1 waz Curosity N the 2nd waz oN how "James Stewart" waz N the 2nd 1 i believe? 1 MORE thing has anyone heard of the site Silent Era: The Silent Film Website. i found that site actually quite by accident N it says that Myrna Loy has i think it's either 7 oR 8 movise that are considered "LOST" :( used 2 be i think 9 but they found 1 but i 4 get which 1? it waz 1 of her silents i believe? anywys i've ALSO rambled on 2 MUCH i'm sorry about THAT 2. :)

  14. 1 thing i'm glad about though is that TCM doesn't show commercial during their movies! the logo's i can stand that's no biggie cuz The Sci-Fi Channel does the same thing so my point is i'm use 2 it. but AMC ****'s NOW! they show movies THAT AREN'T CLASSIC'S at all! also at least TCM which does make a habit of repeating the SAME movis Over & over depening on which 1 of course! like Rear Window 4 example. but least they ALSO show different movies AMC shows basically the SAME movies EVERY MONTH! true TCM also has a habit of it but NOT as much as AMC! b4 i go i just have 2 say i can't wait till "The Horror Channel" comes in October i think it is?

  15. I 1st got introduced with Mickey Rooney well on 2 occasions actaually the 1st being the movie "The Black Stallion" circa (1979) & i THAN become a BIG fan of his when he did the show of "The Black Stallion" circa (1990-?) sorry habit. hehe but yea some of his movies I DO have that ARE HARD 2 FIND ARE "PULP" Circa (1972) "The Atomic Kid" Circa (1954), i got "THE CLASSIC "BOYS TOWN" circa (1938) which some sources say it's on DVD but no place i see carries it! i also got "The Empereror of Peru". circa (1981) a BAD MOVIE! "Find The Lady" circa (1976) & that's just 2 start width. that last one waz ALSO a turkey. IF i'm rambling on i'm sorry about that. his movies are a **** 2 find though that's the ONLY problem width being a fan of his!

  16. Unfortually i won't be around IN NEW York around that time. i live in stinky lousy OHIO! & i know The Mick has been in clevenland b4 oh even closer 2 where i live Amherst but i NEVER can seem 2 find anyone 2 go width me. simply cuz most peeps 2 day have simply NEVER heard of him! U are lucky though 2 have got 2 see him in Sugar Babies! i think the # is something like #95 or something like that of the amount of movies i've seen of his. how about U?

  17. I'm A BIG Mickey Rooney Fan & although i've been a fan of TCM

    4 many years now. i also try & collect His Movies but like a LOT of films of MANY actors & actress's they are Virtually Unseen 2 day EVEN the bad ones at that. my ? is anyone at TCM working on adding any NEW Mickey Rooney Movies 2 your libary? weather it's some of his silents i know some of Mickey Mcguire are STILL in print & exist cuz they did a VHS box set back in 1999 i think it was? THAT is hard 2 find as well. cuz i haven't seen any NEW movies 2 your libary well that i haven't seen since your Mickey Rooney Tribute back in 2002 i think it was? anywys one i do want 2 see is Plantinum High School Circa (1960) & many more of course but that would be 2 long a list 2 put down. think that's a MGM movie or maybe Universal? i'm NOT totally sure on that though? anywys thanks 4 your help.

  18. The ONLY one i've really seen is THE LAST GANGSTER circa (1937) TCM did show that a couple years ago & that's a John Carradine Movie I believe ALSO! i'm a HUGE Fan of his! & although i don't really recall who he played? i do remember it being a good movie. i haven't seen it since they aired it though, it's a shame really cuz i thought it waz a good movie. but i think they did air it once or twice i could be wrong though?

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