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  1. I would suggest a made-for-TV movie called "Finnegan Begin Again" (1985). Preston stars in a sweet love story with Sylvia Sidney as his wife and Mary Tyler Moore as his girlfriend. Very enjoyable!
  2. I am with Hibi; the thought Clark Gable, Fred Astaire and Reginald Gardner were discussing Walt Whitman at a Hollywood party? Wow!
  3. I remember reading once that the make-up men in Hollywood unanimously said the toughest job was making up Edward G. Robinson. In a contemporary context, I would think it would be James Remar (The Cotton Club).
  4. Mongo, I just wanted to thank you for such a great thread! My schedule doesn't permit much time for following the posts here but yours is one I always look for. And the artwork is fantastic! Thanks again and please keep up the great work!
  5. While I am not a big fan of horror movies I was delighted to see jahrfive mention The Woman in Black. I saw it about ten years ago and was absolutely riveted. It would be my pick for a modern horror film even though it was a movie for TV. But my first choice isn't one that would be considered a traditional horror movie; it is Night of the Hunter with Robert Mitchum and Lillian Gish. I watched it by myself at home one dark and stormy evening and it scared the pants off me! Seeing Shelley Winters in the water sends chills up and down my spine, not to mention Bob walking outside the house wi
  6. Larry, please continue your postings from Russia. I for one look forward with eager anticipation to your recollections. And now to find you have first-hand knowledge of my two favourite subjects - classic movies and Tsarist Russia - well, it just doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy your trip and please continue with your always entertaining and informative posts!
  7. Thanks again, mongo and others for the info on Orson Welles. Very interesting!
  8. Good morning mongo, I would like to ask a further question in response to your reply to GWTW booklover concerning Rebecca Welles; you refer to her half-siblings Princess Yasmin, Christopher and Beatrice. I know about Yasmin and Beatrice but who is Christopher? Is he a son of Orson Welles? And whatever became of him? Also, whatever became of Beatrice? Thanks in advance for your reply. I just love to read your always interesting and informative posts.
  9. I would really love to see The Shooting Party with James Mason, Edward Fox, John Gielgud, Gordon Jackson, Robert Hardy and many more very talented English actors. It is one of those kind of movies the English do so well, rather like an earlier and better Gosford Park. Anybody know if it is out on DVD or when it might be?
  10. My favourite is always Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman when they are kissing and nuzzling while he answers the phone. WOW!
  11. I'm going to guess Tallulah Bankhead.
  12. I'm dating myself but I saw this movie when it came out at a matinee in Westwood, Ca. and I remember being profoundly moved at the performances by Arkin and McCann. And the way the movie ends made me realize that movies really reflect the way things are in real life; they don't always have a happy ending. I have seen this movie many times since and it never fails to have an effect on me. Definitely worth watching.
  13. I'm with cagney69 and michaeldouglas: it has to be 'It's A Gift'. The scene in the store with "Mr. Muckle, honey!" is absolutely one of the funniest I have ever seen.
  14. I would love to see two of Spencer Tracy's classics- 'Man's Castle' with Loretta Young and 'The Power and the Glory' with Colleen Moore, both from 1933. I am guessing the Fox has these so its possible they may never be on TCM. Does anyone know?
  15. I believe the movie you are looking for is 'Living in a Big Way' with Marie McDonald, Charles Winniger and Phyllis Thaxter. It came out in 1947 and has the great scene where Gene is on a construction site with a bunch of kids and he is flying thru the air on a ladder. You see that scene in the Kelly segment in 'That's Entertainment'. Great stuff!
  16. Didn't Stephen Sondheim write 'Send in the Clowns' for Glynis Johns? I remember something about her not being a trained singer so she had limited ability to sing long phrases so he tailored it specifically for her.
  17. I have noticed in the past year or so TCM has been starting its features on the quarter hour more and more. It used to be if a movie ended at say 10:35 PM then they would show a short and a few announcements until the next move started at 11:00 PM. But now the next movie will start at 10:45 PM and I will miss the 'tweenies as I call them. Sometimes they are more interesting than the features! Has anyone else noticed this? Are they trying to get more movies on the schedule or what?
  18. What great news that the Spencer Tracy Collection is being released! I would love to see Man's Castle, The Power and the Glory and Test Pilot (which is the one Gable/Tracy flick not in the soon-to-be-released Clark Gable Collection). And let's not forget Fritz Lang's Fury! But there are so many great Tracy movies, they should do as TCM did when he was Star of the Month; release one set with comedies, and another with the dramas. That way were can see more of Spence! He is the greatest!
  19. I must say I agree with crispycomment. I was puzzled rather than pleased with the TCM tribute. Each year I look forward to seeing this and remembering those who have passed away. But not only did I feel the music was inappropriate, I thought the hotel/motel montages were somewhat bizarre. TCM has done such a wonderful job of honoring the people who have contributed to the film industry over the years that it was a disappointment to see this year's tribute.
  20. I think I would like to see a month devoted to two of my absolute favourites: Fred MacMurray and Jack Carson. Both of these versatile stars had such long and varied careers that TCM would have to do as they did with Spencer Tracy; show the comedies on one night of the week and the dramas on the next. That would be the only way to showcase the range of both comedic and dramatic ability each of these wonderful actors possessed. Let's hope we see Fred and Jack as the STOM soon!
  21. Hitchcock's Shadow Of A Doubt
  22. I think the movie you are referring to is All Mine To Give with Cameron Mitchell as the father and Glynis Johns as the mother. It was a real four hankie flick!
  23. Yes I have experienced this for about the last two weeks or so. It is a real problem.
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