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  1. Thanks for replying, but I know for sure that it is not The Magnificent Ambersons.
  2. I have been trying to find the title of a movie without much success; perhaps you can help me. The movie is about a family of three sons, a daughter and a widowed mother. The oldest son runs a failing haberdashery and wants marry his sweetheart. The second son is an aspiring actor who is selfish (and conceited) and view the store as his personal closet (he adds comic relief). The youngest son is a rebel with a cause (Pro-Labor/Union) and anti-establishment. The daughter is away at college, but comes home unexpectedly, with a new (law student) husband. The mother is a wonderful matriarch who will do anything for her children. Somehow, there is a sum of money that the mother can either give to the oldest son to save the store, thus, allowing him to marry his fianc?e or give to the second son, so that he can go to Hollywood and pursue his acting career. There is a lot of comedy intertwined in this story. The sub-plot, the youngest son's radical behavior and speechmaking lands him in trouble with the police. His newfound brother-in-law has to defend him in court. The most touching scene in the entire movie is when the mother has to testify as a character witness for her son. I do not recall any big named stars in the picture and I believe that it was made in the early to mid-30s. I am not sure what city the story takes place, maybe New York. Please help me with the title of this movie; I want to get it on tape. Thank you for your attention. alicepageali@netscape.net
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