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  1. I just finished Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men, and I must say, in my 16 years of life, that is the best American book I ever read. The Anne character was so beautifully written, that, had she been a real person, I could easily have fallen in love with her, and when she "betrayed" the narrater, I felt just as hurt. But that's besides the point. I want to know about the movie. I know that I'll hate it, because it can't compare to the book, but I try to always divide the two, much like I do with remakes. I don't compare, I watch the new one as if the original was never made. But, ho
  2. The fact that I want to see Lolita, but it's on so late, made me wonder, what about a night of Stanley Kubrick?
  3. Uno-Anyone have any information on the restored version of Greed onto DVD. I mean, I'm waiting with bated breath for it to show people. and Dos-Anyone catch Ordet on the 29th? Yikes. What a movie! So depressing, and powerful, and dark. Between that and M, I don't know which one is more powerful for that time period.
  4. Yes! I agree with you! Sideways was my fav. from last year as well. Mad Hot Ballroom was pretty good, although I feel that it went on a bit too long. If you want, I could give you my best/worst of list of 2004. I still have it on my computer, somewhere. . .
  5. Oh, right, I also enjoyed Heights, on the indie front.
  6. I know, I know, this is Turner CLASSIC Movies, but any movie fan has to talk about some of the movies released in theatres right now, every once in a while, so why don't I start that right now. I am 16 years old, and I probably see almost every movie that is released, and I even go for the indie and foreign pics, which are usually my favorite. The best movie in release right now has to be Crash, which was a wonderful and thoughtful piece on race relations in LA. I thought the new Batman movie was really good as well, drifting away from campy humor and focusing more on the darkness that is
  7. Did anybody see Doctor Jack last night? I saw it in the theatres in Manhattan in May, and it was hilarious, and even better on TCM. I think I'd have to say that Harold Lloyd was my favorite out of Chaplin and Keaton, and himself. I especially loved the poker scene. Llyod comediic timing was perfect in all of it. It's def. in my Top 100 or all time. What did any of you guys thing?
  8. Oh, thanks alot, that's exactly what I was looking for, Eric
  9. I need help finding the name of a movie. It was on TCM a few months ago, and it was from Denmark, and one of the characters though he was Jesus, or something like that, and I think it started with the letter O. Any information will help. Thanks alot, Eric
  10. I'm not saying anything about it. I'm just making an observation, because usually TCM is much earlier in movies, so you don't hear as much. I'm 15. . . and I use those words sometimes.
  11. Lots of "f's" on TCM last night with Quiz Show, A Fish Called Wanda, and Jeryr Maguire combined. It surely wasn't a night for the kids. . .
  12. Please replay "The Crowd." I saw parts of the end this morning, and it looked really good.
  13. How about releasing The Temptress on DVD? I'd def. buy it.
  14. Is it just me, or have the Robert Osbourne intros been slipping lately? Out of all four movies I watched on TCM last night(January 24), there was nothing really informative or interesting. It felt like he just picked out random trivia and said it on the air. I don't watch the guy on the weekends, and I only watch The Essentials whenever there is something I want to see on, but I was disappointed when I didn't learn anything interesting before or after the movies I watched.
  15. I watched 4 of the 5 silent films on last night, and I loved The Temptress. Camille was a little dull, and I had already seen Ace of Hearts and Laugh, Clown, Laugh, and their two of my favorites, so I watched them again. How was The Rag Man, I couldn't stay up any longer. . .
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