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    3 Stooges

    TCM ran it last month, on March 3. It will be on DVD, June 5.
  2. {font:Times New Roman}[CAUGHT ON THE BOUNCE (1952)|http://threestooges.net/filmography/episode/329]{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Times New Roman}The short, starring Joe Besser, will be released on DVD June 5, 2012 in "The Three Stooges: Rare Treasures From the Columbia Studios Vault," part of the box set "The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection." At some later date (TBA), Sony's indicated that "Rare Treasures" will also be available separately.{font}
  3. DO DETECTIVES THINK? (1927), 4/23 6AM PUTTING PANTS ON PHILIP (1927), 4/23 6:30AM YOU'RE DARN TOOTIN (1928), 4/23 7AM BIG BUSINESS (1929), 4/23 8:30AM DOUBLE WHOOPEE (1929), 4/23 9AM ANGORA LOVE (1929), 4/23 TBA HABEAS CORPUS (1928), 4/23 TBA TWO TARS (1928), 4/23 TBA The 8 newly scored Laurel & Hardy silents, shown a couple months ago, are rescheduled for April 23 6AM - 10AM Eastern. Five are listed with airtimes in the TCM database; the remaining three times are still unknown.
  4. > {quote:title=C.Bogle wrote: > }{quote}Yes, Paul Hartman could really dance... > Paul Hartman and his wife Grace had a dance/comedy act, were headliners in 1920s vaudeville, and on Broadway in the '30s and '40s. They each won the 1948 Tony for Best Performer in a Musical-Comedy. You can catch them in the Frank Sinatra musical HIGHER AND HIGHER (1943), which turns up on TCM once or twice a year; it's on WHV DVD too. There was an episode of MAYBERRY RFD, where Paul and fellow hoofer Ken Berry did a number together.
  5. > {quote:title=voranis wrote:}{quote} > I read that they always did such a good job of arranging scenes that most viewers were unaware of Howard McNear's limited mobility. I have been watching for it since the show began running on TV Land. I believe the first episode in which he returned was the one in which Barney gets the anniversary watch. There was a bit of fuddled dialogue when he says something and Barney says, "What?" and it seems like something went wrong with the dialogue there, but in all the confusion of the party, it fit right in. When they were all leaving, Floyd was alrea
  6. > {quote:title=voranis wrote:}{quote} > > > > supposedly Emmett and Martha had just moved to Mayberry from Mount Pilot after Floyd retired (Howard McNear having passed away right after the last episode of season 7 was filmed). Howard McNear retired for health reasons toward the end of season 7. As that season progressed, he began to suffer a series of minor strokes (on top of the debilitating stroke he suffered in the middle of the 3rd season). He was noticably slower in the episode "Floyd's Barbershop," and in the next episode "Goober's Contest" it was apparent to ever
  7. > {quote:title=Kinokima wrote:}{quote} > 31- ? (not showing up on the schedule) Another glitch in the renovations... May 31 and July 31 do not show up on those respective months either. You can find the 31st's schedules with the daily and weekly options. (As of a few minutes ago, the August info wasn't yet available in those formats.)
  8. THE OLD BULL (1932) Thelma Todd & Zasu Pitts Tuesday 12/28 9:39PM Eastern
  9. [March 2011 schedule|http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/?cid=N&timezone=EST&oid=3/1/2011]
  10. MAID IN HOLLYWOOD (1934) Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly Saturday 11/13 11:38AM Eastern
  11. > {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}{quote} > Van Dyke he was shocked to find out from Stan that neither Stan nor Ollie owned the rights to their characters and subsequently their own likenesses. > {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}{quote} Long, detailed, sad story, short version... In the early 1960s Larry Harmon (of "Bozo" fame) contracted with Stan, and Lucille Hardy, for marketing rights to Laurel & Hardy, specifically for his planned cartoon series and misc. tie-in products. Somewhere along the way, Harmon leveraged the agreement to secure trademark rights to L&
  12. Two that spring to mind right away... - Eddie & Ida Cantor in the opening and closing scenes of THE EDDIE CANTOR STORY (1953), in a Warner Bros. Studio theatre, for a private screening of the title film starring Keefe Brasselle - Mack Sennett in ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS (1954)
  13. PURE FEUD (1934) 10/23 8:48AM Eastern Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 1-reeler, with a cameo appearance by Shemp Howard
  14. *[December 2010|http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/?cid=N&timezone=EST&oid=12/1/2010]* Mickey Rooney - Star of the Month
  15. BEAUTY AND THE BUS (1933) Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly Sunday 7/18 9:39PM Eastern
  16. [OCTOBER 2010 schedule|http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/?cid=N&timezone=EST&oid=10/1/2010] went up today. (The page is a little tempermental; you may have to refresh screen a couple times.)
  17. *[Three Stooges Comicography|http://threestooges.net/comicography.php]* Cover scans and sample [splash] page images from all Three Stooges issues (U.S.), 1949 - current. Also contains images for all comic books starring Abbott & Costello and Laurel & Hardy. Some cover images... *The Three Stooges # 1 (Feb. 1949), Jubilee/St. John* *The Three Stooges # 7 (Oct. 1954), St. John* *Four Color Comics # 1043, The Three Stooges (Oct. 1959), Dell/Western Publ.* *The Three Stooges # 22 (Mar. 1965), Gold Key/Western Publ.* *The Three Stooges # 34 (May 1
  18. MR. BRIDE (1932) Charley Chase June 9 2:09PM BRING 'EM BACK A WIFE (1933) The Taxi Boys June 9 5:33PM
  19. THREE CHUMPS AHEAD (1934) Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly May 4 9:38AM Eastern
  20. MAID IN HOLLYWOOD (1934) Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly April 18 7:40AM Eastern
  21. [June schedule|http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/?cid=N&timezone=EST&oid=6/1/2010] ('Twas earlier... now, it's back to the ads.)
  22. > {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote} > The Three Stooges also used it. In their film they delivered ice. Well, they tried. The Stooges' staircase in AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE (1941) is not the same one. Like L&H's, it is in the Silver Lake section of L.A., but it is 1-1/2 miles away, north of Sunset Blvd., at Fair Oak View Terrace.
  23. *[TIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)|http://threestooges.net/episode.php?id=223]* is on TCM's schedule for April 12. The Three Stooges costar in this feature film... some filmographies (including the one on the DeRitas' "official" C3 website) list it as a cameo, but they in fact costar, appearing onscreen for roughly 1/3 of the film's running time. See the Stooges perform their Maharajah routine (with a healthy Curly), and a hilarious rhumba number with 'Brenda & Cobina' (Elvia Allman and Blanche Stewart). Highly recommended.
  24. > {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote} > Do they show them 7 days a week, or is there a particular day of the week for the Stooges? *[Feb - Apr 2010 TV Stooges|http://threestooges.net/forums/index.php?topic=3355.0]* Updated schedules (rolling 3 mos.) are posted monthly.
  25. > {quote:title=BuccaneerMoe wrote:}{quote} > Since I didn't recognize the title I didn't associate it with a Jack Lemmon comedy and so I missed it. It wasn't until my sister called me (knowing I am a huge Lemmon fan) and asked if I knew that earlier that day this particular film was shown. > > A Jack Lemmon film only appearing one single time on TCM??? > > If anyone out there can provide me with any info. as to when and especially where this movie is going to be shown again, I would be eternally grateful.. With this site you can access Lemmon's information,
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