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  1. 1. How does the opening of Frenzy differ from the opening of The Lodger? Feel free to rewatch the clip from The Lodger (Daily Dose #2) for comparison. Lodger starts with a scream and then body, and ends with the closeness to a crowd and alarms sent out to the City in general; Frenzy begins with an overview of the city , a public city announcement and ends with the revelation of the body with a scream. They are inversions, one of the other. 2. What are some of the common Hitchcock touches that you see in this opening scene? Be specific.Experimental shots: dutch angle and long helicopter shot
  2. 1) Psycho opens with title design by Saul Bass and music by Bernard Herrmann. This is their third collaboration for Hitchcock, including Vertigoand North by Northwest. How does the graphic design and the score introduce the main themes of this film? They compliment each other synchronously and asynchronously, but especially at the end of the intro when the graphics resemble nothing so much as a medical monitor output, facing toward the centerline and the score 'dies down' at the same time. Classical instruments and non-classical music--striking contrast--which is one of the themes of the film
  3. 1 Even at the level of the dialogue, this film is playing with the idea that two Hollywood stars are flirting with each other (e.g. the line, "I look vaguely familiar.") How does our pre-existing knowledge of these stars function to create meaning in this scene. Hitchcock is pranking the audience, openly flirting with them, in a way. It is HIM seducing US by proxy, winking the whole time, pointing to the film itself as a fiction, a construct, a convention. Grant is played ironically and Marie-Saint is played against type. Everything is inverted and toyed with for fun. 2 There is minimal
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