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  1. My favorite is Spellbound with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. It features a dream sequence with images designed by Salvador Dali. I believe it's worth a watch for any Hitchcock fan!
  2. This is a great topic! One of my many favorites is Hitchcock's cameo in Torn Curtain. Hitch is holding a baby on his lap in a hotel lobby as the Funeral March of a Marionette is playing. He looks down at the baby and swaps the leg he's holding it on. He then wipes his pant leg with his hand and it cuts off at the point where we can assume he wipes his wet hand on the chair he's sitting on (assumption of the audience is that the baby wet its diaper and some of it leaked on Hitchcock's lap). I mainly enjoy this clip because it shows a softer side of Hitchcock. We're used to seeing "the master of
  3. I went through a Hitchcock kick last summer and saw about 30 of his films. I only saw most of them once, so I'm hoping to watch some of them again throughout this course. Here are my favorites as of now: 1. Psycho 2. Rear Window 3. Vertigo 4. North by Northwest 5. Dial M for Murder
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